Is BB Cream Worth It? (Yes Definitely!)

Is BB Cream Worth It

BB cream is known as blemish balm. It is a make-up product with skincare benefits. Dr Christine Schrammek, a dermatologist, developed this balm in the 1950s. The main aim of this product was to help chemical peel patients conceal their mask blemishes. This article will discuss how this product is worth your time and money. … Read more

Can You Use BB Cream on its Own?

Can You Use BB Cream on its Own

Can You Use BB Cream on its Own? BB cream’s been hot in the beauty world for a while now. There are hundreds of different formulas and functions,. There are just as many ideas about how to use it. One question that surfaces a lot is this: can I use BB cream on its own? … Read more

Can You Use BB Cream as Concealer?

Can You Use BB Cream as Concealer

If you visit any drug store or your local beauty provider, you are most likely to find various facial creams. The most used facial cream is BB cream, which is said to have more benefits and is an alternative for regular heavy makeup. So, do you know what a BB cream is? Are you interested … Read more

Do You Need to Set BB Cream With Powder?

Do You Need to Set BB Cream With Powder

The beauty industry knows how to bring difficulty in one’s effort to look good. With so many brands and products all promising to give you the best of this, and the perfect that, it’s sometimes just hard to know what works for you. As an industry, the paradox of choice is probably one of most … Read more

Is BB Cream Waterproof?

Is BB Cream Waterproof

BB Cream is a holy grail beauty item for any health and beauty enthusiast. Formally known as, ‘beauty balm cream’, this lightweight multi-tasking essential is perfect for daily use. Along with several other nourishing ingredients, most beauty balms include some kind of sun protectant factor for daily defense against sun damage. Similar to a moisturizer, … Read more

What Are the Benefits of BB Cream?

Learn what the benefits of BB cream are in this article

What are the benefits of BB cream? There has been a buzz in the Western world about BB Creams within the last ten years, but they have been a well-known beauty staple just across the ocean for longer than that. In South Korea alone BB Creams make up almost 15% of their entire cosmetics industry, … Read more