Are You Supposed To Tip Laser Hair Removal Clinics?

Are you supposed to tip laser hair removal?

Tell me honestly, who doesn’t like to have his or her hair removed and once and for all get rid of the hairs where you don’t want them.

Such luxuries are of course fantastic and can make you feel like you can take on the world! Because you feel so good afterward, you can just feel that you should give more than the amount on the bill. You can just ask yourself “should I tip the laser hair removal and how much?”

Now of course there is the 15-20% rule, but does it also apply to this beauty service? The answer to this question is not as black and white as you might think and that is why we are paying attention to it today!

So, for anyone who wants to know how much you should tip the laser hair removal, here is the answer!

Are you supposed to tip for laser hair removal?

As you might have expected, there is a kind of debate going on between different camps. Some say yes and others say no. In the end, it is up to you to decide if you would like to tip and how much it should be.

In the end, everyone can imagine that getting extra money in the form of a tip is fun. These tips are always voluntary but are received with open arms. If the client feels fantastic and walks out with the case that she is worth a million dollars, it could just be that she is giving a tip just because she is so happy with it!

Okay, now that you know this, and you know about yourself that you would like to tip just because you feel fantastic afterward, the next question comes up. How much should you tip? As you probably expected, opinions are divided about this.

How much should you tip for laser hair removal?

Now, this depends on what you want! If you don’t want to tip that is fine. People are saying that it is a medical procedure so they don’t tip. Laser hair removal clinics are okay with this and don’t mind at all

There are also people saying that they do give tips with this service. The most frequently mentioned amounts are $10 to $20. In addition to these amounts, the percentage of 20% is also very common.

It is important to know that it does not matter what you do. If it feels right, you can tip, but if you only leave it at paying for the treatment, it’s no problem at all. Some people do it and some people don’t. A comforting thought might be that the employees of the laser depilation clinic won’t look at you if you decide not to tip.

What if you are not sure if you should tip the laser hair removal clinic?
At such a moment there are actually two things possible. Below I will elaborate on these two options.

#1 – Have a look in the clinic or ask
This possibility is obvious of course. What a lot of people do is, they go inside and study other people there to see what the etiquette is when it comes to tipping the laser depilation clinic.

In my opinion, this is the possibility that causes abdominal pain. Not knowing for sure and seeing what others are doing is not very sure.

Therefore, it is probably better to ask one of the employees what the policy is about tipping after treatment. In most cases, you will be told that this depends on the person. Some people do it and some people do not. It may also be the case that the clinic itself indicates that they do not participate. For you this means clarity and you know where you stand!

#2 – Call the laser depilation clinic
This seems to me to be the best option if you want clarity as soon as possible. This is a method where you can go to the clinic without knowing anything and everything is clear. Call the laser depilation clinic a day (or a number of days) before your appointment and ask them the question. They are not going to find this question really weird and are probably even happy that someone wants to come to the appointment so well prepared.

If they indicate that tipping after the treatment is more often done by people (or maybe even customary) you know where you stand.

If they indicate that they don’t, you also know where you stand and you can go to your appointment without any uncertainty!

In the latter case, they indicate that this depends on the person and that some people do and some people do not. In that case, you have given yourself space to think about it. What exactly do you want. Do you think paying for the treatment is enough (this is also the case in my opinion), or would you like to tip them, if they have helped you very well!

Once you have made a decision, you can go on your way to treatment the next day without being unsure about anything!

What do I find personally?

Personally, I don’t find it necessary to give a tip after a treatment at the laser depilation clinic. You pay them for a medical procedure and they make sure it is done as well as possible and they are paid for it. However, I can imagine that when people feel fantastic after the treatment, they want to give a tip because they are so happy with the result!

Final thoughts

So, now you know the answer to the question: “Are you supposed to tip for laser hair removal”. As you have most likely noticed, there is no black and white answer. It depends on several factors so it is difficult to estimate. I certainly understand than many people would like to know. With this information I hope to have given some clarity.

It mainly depends on what you want as a person. If you know you want it, at least now you have guidelines in terms of amount and you know where you stand. For those people who prefer not to tip the laser hair removal clinic, there is also clarity. They now know that it is not necessary if they don’t want it. The clinics themselves often indicate that it is different per person and that they are open to it, but certainly do not indicate that this should be done.

Everything is voluntary. A small contribution is nice, but certainly not necessary.


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