What to Do About Severely Matted Hair After Hospital Stay?

Severly matted hair after hospital stay

As a hairstylist, I’ve encountered all types of matting, from mild to how-could-you-let-yourself-go-like-this severe.  Thus far, the worst matting I’ve come across was from individuals who had stayed in the hospital for extended periods of time. I can empathize; though I’m extremely particular about my hair, haircare won’t be on the top of my “to-do” … Read more

Why Is My Hair Becoming Coarse and Wiry?

Hair becoming coarse and wiry

It’s natural for hair texture to change throughout our lives. Many daily aspects affect how the hair feels, from our vitamin levels to the amount of stress we’re experiencing. While changing hair textures usually isn’t something to worry about, a sudden change could indicate something underlying, such as a hormonal imbalance or thyroid issues.  In … Read more

An Honest Review of Wtob Shampoo. Does It Really Work?

Review of Wtob Shampoo

If you’re trying to maintain your youthful appearance, some physical changes are a dead giveaway. White, gray, silver, and “salt and pepper” hair are at the top of the list.  While some people are perfectly happy with whiter and lighter hair colors, others prefer to maintain their darker color. That’s where WtoB Shampoo comes in. … Read more

Is Garnier Whole Blends Good for Your Hair?

Is Garnier Whole Blends Good for Your Hair

Finding the perfect hair care line for your hair type and condition is a challenge, but taking the time to research what is best for you will pay off in the long run. You can consult your professional hair stylist, but unfortunately, they may not recommend brands you can find at your local drug store … Read more

Should You Be Plopping Dry Hair Overnight?

Plopping Dry Hair Overnight

Hair plopping is definitely a weird word. But, it is very effective to do. If you have dry hair, curly hair, or frizzy hair, plopping hair can be a game changer for you. So, what actually is hair plopping? It is a hair technique that entails wrapping wet hair and absorbing water after a hair … Read more