Can Birth Control Change Your Hair Texture?

While it’s great that birth control is available to those who want it, it’s important to understand everything there is to know.

Some birth control options alter hormones within the body, tricking your body into thinking its pregnant, which is bound to affect you in various ways.

Of course, you’re worried about your hair and its texture. The following will shed some light on that. The truth is that the answer isn’t so clear.

Why Would Birth Control Affect Your Hair?

I wondered how something like this was possible, but I started studying the relationship between hair and hormones.

It’s essential to understand how hair grows to answer this question. An important part of the hair growth cycle lasts two to seven years, and it’s called the anagen phase. This is the most active phase.

After this phase, there’s a transitional phase where the hair does nothing for about 20 days. After those 20 days pass, the hair enters the telogen phase. This is a period of hair loss.

A person can lose up to 100 strands of hair every day. Birth control might change things around a bit because of the way your hormones are affected. The potential effect of taking birth control is called telogen effluvium.

In essence, the growing phase might get cut short, causing you to lose a larger amount of hair than you would otherwise. You can call this a texture change, but the truth is that it’s not.

What’s happening is that your hair is thinning out. The texture remains the same. Keep in mind that this effect won’t happen to every person using birth control. It may just happen to folks who are sensitive to hormonal changes.

How Do Hormones Affect Your Hair?

You probably know that birth control messes with your hormones. I knew that, so I decided to do a little more research. I found out that birth control pills could do nothing to you, which is great.

While a few folks are affected by these pills, the effect isn’t always negative. The way birth control pills affect you depends on your body and also how the pills were constructed.

If the synthetic hormones were more oestrogenic, then you might experience more hair growth. If the pills contained more androgenic hormones, then you might lose a lot of hair.

Still, if you have a genetic predisposition to be particularly sensitive to androgens, then you’ll be more sensitive to these hormones. The same thing goes for folks who have a sensitivity to estrogenic hormones. It’s kind of wild that the type of birth control you get could have such a big effect on you.

Starting any kind of birth control could lead to these changes, but that’s not the only thing to consider.

I found out that abruptly changing your birth control pills could also lead to dramatic changes you may not want. Stopping them altogether could also cause changes you don’t want.

Maybe I should have read all of this before I started taking birth control pills to make sure I knew what I was getting into. It seems that shedding will last about three months.

Can Birth Control Make Your Hair Shinier?

While I was doing all this studying, I found a question I didn’t know some were asking, and it had to do with the shine of one’s hair.

Some folks get more positives than just hair growth. On top of your hair becoming fuller, some people experience shinier hair.

I have to go through a lot to get shiny, beautiful hair, and some people are saying I could get that by taking a few birth control pills. Of course, that isn’t the goal, but who wouldn’t want that perk? I know I was tempted.

Still, the risk is kind of high. The results are too unpredictable for me. Sure, my hair could become fuller and shinier, but it could also fall out at a rate I haven’t experienced before, and no one wants that either.

If your hair becomes shinier, that’s wonderful, but this has nothing to do with your texture.

Why Do People Say Birth Control Changes Your Hair Texture?

The idea that your hair texture could change because of the birth control you’re taking came from somewhere. It’s something you read about on Reddit or a hair forum.

You can find people sharing stories about how birth control changed their hair, and I read many of those stories.

I assume they are referring to a hair volume change. It could either shrink or grow, but volume changes have nothing to do with the overall texture of your hair.

Another reason some folks think birth control can change the texture of your hair is because it can change the diameter of your hair strands. If you’re surprised about that, I understand because that was my reaction.

This means your hair may not fall out, but it’ll feel a little thinner. Your hair strands might feel weaker than before because of this deterioration.

The thinning of your hair doesn’t happen quickly, so you have time to see how you react.

Does Your Hair Get Greasier Using Birth Control?

I found out about the production of oil or sebum on the scalp.

Some birth control pills can increase or decrease the production of this oil. Again, this depends on the type of hormones used by the pills and your genetic makeup.

If the oil production is increased, then your hair strands are going to be greasier than normal. This isn’t a great feeling. Your hair feels a little sticky when this happens.

Washing your hair is going to be a bit more challenging, which you’ll need to do more because oily hair traps dirt and grime a little easier. If all that isn’t enough, more oil also means you might experience more pimples on your scalp and elsewhere.

The birth control pills that may cause an increase in oil production are androgenic birth control pills. Oestrogenic birth control pills might reduce oil production, which isn’t great either. A lack of oil could make your hair brittle and not shiny.

Can Anything Else Happen to You?

Naturally, after exploring the way birth control pills could affect your hair, I was curious if other things could happen.

I was stressed about the possibility of dealing with pimples because of birth control. Well, I found out that other things could happen. It seems that androgenic birth control pills could mess with body hair.

People spend a lot of money getting rid of body hair and facial hair. This makes sense though. I spend a lot of money on body hair care as well.

It seems that androgenic birth control can make your facial hair and body hair a little thicker. It could also make your hair darker.

What Can You Do If You’re Dealing With This?

The best thing to do is to just talk to your doctor. They’ll help you figure out why you’re losing hair or why the diameter of your hair strands is getting smaller.

It could be associated with your birth control, but this will give you a chance to confirm that. The issue could be linked to something else. If you check, you’ll know for sure.

You should also consider doing a little work; maybe you should wash less often, like once every few days or wait as long as you can. Use nourishing, natural shampoos and conditioners instead of products filled with harsh chemicals.

Pat dry your hair instead of wringing it out all the time, which can be too hard on your hair. In essence, you want to be careful with your hair to help it grow thick and healthy once again.

Hopefully, all the things I learned helps you deal with the effects of birth control on your hair.

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