Can Shampoo And Conditioner Freeze?

Can shampoo and conditioner freeze

Now here’s a question that I never thought I would ask myself! But after surfing mindlessly on the web for about 3 hours, I landed on a beauty forum where someone asked if shampoo and conditioner could freeze. Now no one could answer the question without a single doubt so I thought… Why not do some digging on the web and see if I can find the answers to this question and other related questions. So, without further ado, here are the things I found!

So, can shampoo and conditioner freeze? The simple answer to this is: Yes. Shampoo and conditioner can freeze. The freezing point of shampoo lays around minus 40 degrees celsius. It is safe to use the products when they are unfrozen. The only thing you need to look out for are breaking bottles.

Can shampoo and conditioner freeze?

The section above already said it, but I will try and elaborate on it a bit further. The things I read on the different forums and articles stated that shampoo and conditioner can freeze. One woman was living in a country that got hit with seriously cold weather and had some shampoo and conditioner in her garage. Now she knew it and found it a fun experiment. She found that both the shampoo and the conditioners froze when it became around minus 40 degrees Celsius. 

Can it compromise the shampoo or conditioner?

Many women on different forums (and the woman I spoke about above) had something to say about this.

Now there was a small group of women who found that their product smelled a bit funny after defrosting and were a bit scared to use the product after that. I can understand them. The last thing you want is to use a compromised product that causes your hair to fall out or something like that.

But most women (I would say 99& of the women) reported that they found nothing wrong with the products after they defrosted the shampoo or conditioner. They said the product still smelled the same, worked the same, and that there was nothing to worry about.

The only thing they said you have to do is giving it a good shake before you use it. The components in the shampoo and/or conditioner could separate and you would need to remix. Just give it a good whirl and you should be fine. 

But in all cases it is important to know this: If you find yourself being hesitant or you are not sure if you can use the product, then don’t. It is always better to go for your own peace of mind!

When these products freeze, can the bottle break?

Say you leave your shampoo or conditioner in the freezer… Can the bottle break? The short answer to this is yes and I’ll tell you why. When you put your product in the freezer, the bottle reaches 32 degrees Fahrenheit. This normally is the temperature where liquids (just like your shampoo and conditioner) will start to freeze into solids. Now the temperature in the freezer won’t change much, but the plastic bottle will. The bottle can start to get brittle and chilled. This happens when the temperature starts to go down. When that happens, the liquids in the bottle start to freeze and start to expand more and more and therefore pushing the boundaries of what the bottle can handle. In short… The bottle will explode.

I can simply say that you should never leave your products in an environment where it can become 32 degrees Fahrenheit or lower because then you take the risk of breaking the bottle!

Can shampoo and conditioner overcome heat?

The shampoo and conditioner can “overcome” heat and will not become dangerous. However, you have to understand that there’s a chance that the ingredients in the shampoo and/or conditioner might no longer be usable. The ingredients in the products can start to separate into liquids and solids.

But besides that, there’s the chance that the ingredients no longer are effective for what you’re using them for. 

I personally think that the biggest issue with exposing your shampoo or conditioner to heat is that the bottle can start the swell up which can cause leakage. This in turn can ruin anything that the product comes on (think of electric razors or other electronic appliances). Because of that, it is a good idea to keep your shampoo and conditioner away from heat and also away from electric appliances ;).

Now, As I said earlier I did some digging and this is what I found out! I never knew so much about the heat and cold and if shampoo and conditioner could freeze. I hope you also learned something! If you did and you want more information on other topics, you should browse around the site! Lots of interesting articles here. To help you out I have put together some articles that you might find interesting.

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