Can You Use BB Cream as Concealer?

Can You Use BB Cream as Concealer

If you visit any drug store or your local beauty provider, you are most likely to find various facial creams. The most used facial cream is BB cream, which is said to have more benefits and is an alternative for regular heavy makeup.

So, do you know what a BB cream is? Are you interested in learning how to use the cream for your skin? If the answer is yes, you are in luck. We will tell you more about BB cream and answer some of the most frequently asked questions about BB Cream. You are going to find the best BB creams in the Market customized for your type of skin.

According to Glamrs, an Indian beauty, fitness, and lifestyle platform for women, BB cream is versatile skincare and makeup hybrid that promises to do the job of 6 other products: moisturizer, sunscreen, primer, skin treatment, concealer, and foundation.

Factors that determine if you can use BB Cream as a concealer

You know that so long as you look snatched, no one will be concerned with the procedure you used to apply your makeup. But would it not help if you lay your makeup in a way all the products work for you? So, can you substitute concealer in your makeup with BB cream?

To answer the question, I have seen people say they use BB cream as a concealer while others say they still use a concealer and a BB cream of their choice. The thing is that it all depends on your skin type and the condition of your skin.

Below are some of the factors that determine if you can use BB cream as a concealer.

The quality of BB cream

Different BB creams offer diverse ranges of coverage. If you are going for a BB cream in place of concealer, go for brands that provide in-depth rather than light coverage. Smashbox is a BB cream brand that comes in 8 different tinted shades for a full range.

Your skin texture

We all have some degree of texture to our skin unless you are a newborn. Well, some of us have more texture than others. If you have a textured face, it would be hard for the BB cream to offer the coverage needed to give a flawless, smooth makeup look. Use BB cream as a foundation and give your makeup a touch of concealer to finish the look.

Condition of the skin

Have you ever met someone on the streets with tons of makeup on and wished that they would give their face a break? If your face has some breakouts, it is normal; we all have flights at some point. So, don’t even worry if you can use a concealer, stop using makeup for a while and take care of your skin. You can find a light coverage concealer to help you look put and still give your face time to breathe.

Your skin tone

Most of the available brands of BB cream offer a light coverage cream. The light cream may not provide the required coverage for those with darker skin tones. If you find a BB cream lighter than your skin tone, you can add some concealer to conceal some darker spots on your face.

The look you are going for

I know not all of us don’t go for the same look. Some makeup enthusiasts, models, actresses, and customer representatives would go for a complete flawless makeup look. You can use BB cream as a foundation, but concealer is a must if you want a full-face beat.

Your taste and preference

It is not unusual that some people do not use concealer in their everyday makeup look. If you are among those who don’t feel concealer, then you are in luck. You can find a BB cream that offers full coverage without the need to add a concealer to your routine.

Skin Hyperpigmentation

Hyperpigmentation on the skin is harmless. If you want to conceal the spots, you can add a concealer to your makeup application. However, if you don’t want to use a concealer, you can use BB cream.
SPF in makeup is far more diluted, so you usually need more of it. However, tinted ones can be a great second layer because of the Iron Oxide, which helps protect against blue light (e.g., from electronics), affecting hyperpigmentation.

Your makeup application expertise

All of us cannot apply makeup the same way. Some are so good at makeup application that you can’t even tell where the face starts. If you are good at makeup application, I don’t think I can tell you what to use. However, if you are using a concealer and a BB cream together, make sure you let the Cream dry up first before applying your concealer.

If you are in the beginner setting in the makeup world, use BB cream only. You don’t want to scare people with the lines formed by the uneven spread of the concealer on your face.

Using BB cream as a concealer depends on different factors. Therefore, you can’t rule out if BB cream is the fitting substitute for a concealer or not.

When using BB cream in your makeup application, you will have to use concealer. After applying sunscreen on top of the BB cream, use a primer to set the makeup. Then you can skip the foundation part and go direct to concealer application.

A BB cream offers complexion enhancement goodness and illuminated quality on an application that benefits the skin over some time. However, it does not provide full coverage like that of the concealer.

How to use BB cream as a Concealer (if you choose that route)

If you have decided to use BB cream instead of a concealer, you have to do it the right way to prevent creasing and get the best coverage.

You have to get the best BB cream that matches your skin. Fenty Beauty offers a range of skin blurring tint creams that have pretty fantastic coverage.

After your usual makeup routine, when you now want to use the cream as a concealer, put some on your chin, under the dark circles of the eyes, forehead jaws, and nose.

Pat the face and avoid dragging the cream to other parts of the face. If you are using a sponge, make sure it is wet. The wet sponge lifts the excess products where you can use it in other parts of your face.
If the cream coverage is light, add another layer of BB cream for the full range. You can leave it there or add the loose powder to set the makeup.

Will BB Cream Clog My Face if I Use it as a Concealer?

Despite all the benefits of BB cream on your skin, it is still a cosmetic product. Most beauty products contain reagents that might react with your face (for sensitive skin) to cause acne.

Some BB creams are heavy on the skin, which blocks the pores inhibiting the skin from breathing. Such heavy creams lead to pimples emerging more than usual.

There are some other avoidable reasons why BB cream might be affecting your skin and how to prevent them.

Using the wrong products for your face

Some people have sensitive skin. If you use a skin product that has reagents, your face will react.
Before rushing into any drug store searching for a BB cream, consult your dermatologist on the products you can’t use and advise accordingly. You can also learn your skin pattern and know when to stop using a product to avoid further damage.

using dirty Brushes and makeup equipment

Makeup has some mild chemicals that might be beneficial to your skin or cause irreversible damage. When you use makeup brushes for a long time without cleaning them, makeup builds up, causing debris. The build-up reacts with oxygen to form some harmful reagents causing pimples on your face.
Make sure you clean your brushes and sponges to get rid of the reagents regularly.

Not washing your hands

Avoid touching your face with dirty hands. The germs carried by your hands could harm your After a long day with makeup on, the one thing we do is wash our face and have our regular skincare routine. If you applied BB cream alone, the one mistake you can make is to assume that it is not makeup and ignore our novel makeup removal process.

BB Cream is a makeup product similar to a foundation. BB creams, like most makeup, contain silicones, oils, and fillers, as well as the chemical components of your sunscreens/SPF, all of which can sink to your skin and into your pores. Cleansing oils are beneficial since they aid in breaking down the crud that has accumulated in your skin and pores.

Because oil attracts oil, a cleansing oil will naturally assist you in removing the heavy debris from your pores. After the Cleansing oil, use a water-based cleanser, which aids in the removal of any remaining filth. Using wet wipes is insufficient.

Using expired products

As a self-proclaimed makeup enthusiast, I am so sure of one thing: Never use expired products on your face. Expired products can harm your skin.

Make sure you check the expiry date of the products before purchasing them. Throw away any expired product.
Using BB creams as an alternative for full makeup is genius. However, you can still use your complete make and the BB cream the way you like. BB creams feel light on the skin giving your skin space to breathe.

Incorporating a perfect BB cream in your everyday skincare routine will work magic for your skin. You will have a natural glow, perfect even tone, and clear happy skin!

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