Can You Use CC and BB Cream Together?

Did you know that you can use cc cream and bb cream together? Read everything there's to know about it in this article!

Can you use CC and BB cream together? There are a lot of various ways to apply different makeup products. There are numerous makeup products that are great for various different reasons. Some makeup products are used by makeup users in a combined way to get better results with their makeup applications. Makeup sometimes requires more than one product to have the best look. Some of the products that you may be interested in knowing if you can use them together are CC and BB Cream. To know if you can use BB and CC Cream, you first have to understand the purpose of both of these different makeup products.

What is the Purpose of CC Cream?

CC Cream is a different kind of product from BB Cream. CC stands for color correcting. CC Cream is a product that is made to be more of a product for someone with skin discoloration, wrinkles, or skin blemishes. CC cream is usually used more often by someone with acne or by older people.

CC cream is not as much of a foundation product as BB Cream is. It’s more of a product that is good to use along with another foundation product for more coverage. If you are happy with just light coverage, then you might be good with only using a CC cream on your face. In some instances, only using a CC cream might be something someone would prefer if they have problematic skin that gets irritated from products that are too heavy. Someone that has wrinkles and uses a CC cream might want to use a foundation product in addition to using their CC cream.

One of the best CC cream products is the Erborian CC cream. It’s usually reviewed quite highly for being extremely lightweight. It also blends smoothly into the skin, while giving yhe skin some hydration and healing ingredients.

What is the Purpose of BB Cream?

BB cream stands for beautifying balm or blemish balm. The product is sheerer with its coverage compared to a foundation product. BB cream is a product that is capable of being a foundation, sunscreen, and hydration to your skin. These products are generally used the most often by younger people that can get away with a lighter coverage foundation instead of a heavier foundation. You can use a BB cream with a foundation though.

BB cream products help to keep skin blurred to hide imperfections and give someone a beautiful complexion. BB cream sometimes works as a shine blotting product if the product also contains salicylic acid. The product is also more of a foundation-like product compared to other beauty products. It’s probably comparable to a tinted moisturizer that doesn’t have heavy coverage. BB cream is definitely a more multipurpose product compared to CC cream.

One of the highest-rated BB creams is Rosilliance BB cream. This product has SPF, natural blend8ng coverage, and rose stem cells in the ingredients.

What is the Difference Between BB and CC Cream?

Despite being double letter named creams, BB and CC creams have significant differences between the two of them. They are both basically made to be skin-correcting products. But they serve different purposes.

BB cream is more of a skin-smoothing product with the ability to be used similarly to a tinted moisturizer. It isn’t a heavy foundation product, but it can do the job for someone looking for light coverage.

However, CC cream is focused on being a color-correcting product for the skin. Since the product is focused on color correcting, it is more suitable for those who need some products to help fix discoloration in their skin.

Can you Use CC and BB Cream Together?

This question is something that is a little difficult to answer. You can quite literally use both of the products together if you want. But it depends on your skin type if using both together is the best option for your skin and makeup needs. The products are made to have specific uses and are aimed at specific people.

If you are using a BB cream and you just need a light coverage and you don’t have a lot of breakouts or wrinkles, then you don’t need a CC cream most likely. If you have a lot of wrinkles or skin discoloration, then you may want to use both a BB and a CC cream. This is completely based on your own preferences though.

If you are using a CC cream, you may want to use a foundation product with a heavier coverage than what a BB cream has to offer. This is because a CC cream is usually for someone that needs heavier foundation coverage or may prefer heavier coverage.

How to Apply Both a BB and CC Cream

Applying both a CC cream and a BB cream is fairly straightforward. You just need to follow the steps so things stay in place. You need to apply everything in the right order to get your application to last a long amount of time.

Before you do anything, you will need to make sure your skin is primed up. You can use a primer if you want. You can also use a moisturizer to prep your skin. Moisturizer acts somewhat like a face primer. BB cream also doesn’t necessarily require a primer, so you can opt to just use your BB cream in an application of both BB and CC Cream.

Next, you can go ahead and apply the CC cream to the problem areas on your skin that need some color correcting or cover-up. You can also apply your CC cream all over your face. Most people just apply their CC cream to their problem areas though. Somewhat like what you do with a concealer. You can either opt to apply CC cream with your fingertips or with a makeup brush or sponge.

A BB cream can be applied after you finish applying your CC cream. Thd BB cream should be applied more like how you would go about applying a foundation product. You can use either a foundation brush, a makeup sponge, or your fingers to apply your BB cream.

If you feel like you need more makeup coverage than what your BB cream is giving you, you can apply a foundation product with more coverage for your face. A foundation over the CC cream and the BB cream will help if you are struggling with more skin discoloration or imperfections that you are trying to cover up.

You can also apply a concealer product on problem areas as well if you feel like the other products aren’t covering them up enough. You can opt to apply the concealer on before or after your foundation. You may want to use a beauty sponge to be sure everything is blended properly so it doesn’t look cakey. You may not need a concealer product though if you feel the CC cream is balancing out your other problem issues.


In Conclusion to whether or not if you can use BB and CC cream together; the answer is yes you can. There may be instances where you might choose not to use both products together. These instances may be based on your skin needs, your age, or how heavy or not you want your makeup coverage to be. The bottom line though, you can use both a BB and a CC cream if your skin needs the benefits of both products. Or quite simply, if you like how the products look together, then you can use both of your choices for your makeup applications.

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