Can You Wear Eyeshadow Without Eyeliner?

Can You Wear Eyeshadow Without Eyeliner

Want your makeup to give you a fresher, cleaner, more youthful, and innocent appearance? Try wearing eyeshadow without eyeliner. It’s a daring look that innovative, fabulous, fashion-forward stars like Rihanna have embraced and popularized. Wearing eyeshadow and no eyeliner softens smokey eyes and makes you as you have on very little makeup.

Add a bold lipstick and you will create a head-turning look that draws people to you like a moth to a flame with a look of amazement wondering exactly what you did to so dramatically transform your look. It’s addition through subtraction. BY wearing eyeshadow sans eyeliner, you will enhance the beauty of your facial features.

Can You Wear Eyeshadow Without Eyeliner?

Absolutely! There’s no hard and fast makeup rule that says wearing eyeshadow without eyeliner is a makeup no-no. And even if there were such a rule, feel free to break it and experiment with this hot, fresh, new look. Once you understand the reasons for the rules behind the use of makeup, you can feel free to break them.

The reason people wear eyeliner is to make their eyelashes look lush, define, change the shape of, draw attention to and enhance their eyes for sometimes exaggerated aesthetic effects. But the skilled use of eyeshadow with mascara and other types of makeup can create the look you want without using eyeliner. Ultimately, you are the one who must decide if wearing your eyeshadow looks good on you.

Experiment At Home

To decide if you can wear eyeshadow without eyeliner, take some time and experiment at home. It can be lots of fun to try different combinations of eyeshadow, mascara, primer
and concealer without eyeliner to see how it looks on you.

Many women find they prefer the way they look when they wear the eyeshadow without putting on any eyeliner. It can highlight and enhance their eyes and other facial features in unique and better ways.

If you take the time to experiment with using eyeshadow without eyeliner you can end up with a brand new signature look that will attract the people you long wanted to be able to attract.

Do You Really Need Eyeliner?

No. You do not really need eyeliner. Using it has become such a common choice, that many people feel it is a ‘must have’. If you want some type of makeup to frame your eyes you can use eyeshadow. Plus, you can use your mascara to give you seriously full lashes.

Just make sure to get those lashes that are at the outer corners of your eyes. Having your eyebrows well-groomed can also help you to frame your eyes and make your makeup look finished.

People use eyeliner to help make their eyes look bigger and give them the perfect shape. Mascara can replace eyeliner and make your eyes pop and grab people’s attention.

A girl wearing eyeshadow.

How Do You Apply Eyeshadow Without Eyeliner?

Applying eyeshadow without eyeliner is easy. If you follow these five simple steps, you can have gorgeous, flawless-looking eyeshadow without using any eyeliner.

Applying eyeshadow is relatively simple. But you have to learn to do it the right way.
You have to choose the color and shade that’s right for your skin tone and eye color and that will make your eyes pop. All you have to learn is how to handle the different mascaras and eyeshadows.

Step One: Get Good Makeup Brushes

Investing in good makeup brushes allows you to do precise, even, and hygienic eyeshadow applications. Fortunately, buying good makeup brushes does not have to cost you a fortune. Tests show synthetic brushes tend to work better than ones made with natural fibers. Plus, they cost less, are easier to clean and do not cause allergic reactions.

The Sephora firm shadow brush and the Mac 263 synthetic small angled brush are good choices. The Morphe Eye Got This 4-Piece Brush Collection is also a great set to have.

Step Two: Carefully Apply An Eyeshadow Base To Your Eyelid

Dip the eyeshadow brush into your favorite eyeshadow base shade. Sweep the brush over your eyelid. If you want to create a basic everyday look, only put eyeshadow to the crease of the eye with your eyes open and gradually work it down to your lash line. It will stop you from overshooting the crease and ending up having messy lines. To make a dramatic smokey eye look, put the base color up to the brow bone.

Step Three: Put Darker Shadow Into The Crease Of The Eye

Dark colors attract light. When you put a darker tone eyeshadow into your eye crease, it adds depth and dimension right where you want it and makes your eyes pop. To create ‘the look’, take a domed blending brush and dip it into a dark eyeshadow. Sweep it along the eye socket. Then put it between the brow bone and the eyelid following your eye’s shape. Use a flattering deep brown eyeshadow.

If your eyes are hooded, the upper lid will cover almost all of your mobile lid if your eyes are open. So play with several different higher placements to make crease shadow. Begin with your eyes open. Use the brush to mark the spot you want the dark color to start. Then, close your eyes. Blend across. Use a ‘V’ shape to focus the pigment on the outer corner of the eye. Keep smoothing out all hard lines as you go.

Step Four: Rim Your Eyelash Lines Using A Super-Dark Color

To make your eyelashes look thicker when not using eyeliner, use super-dark eyeshadow. With a flat, short-bristled eyelash brush, press the dark color eyeshadow on the upper eyelids’ edges, where your eyelashes begin. Also, press it all along your lower lash line.

Step Five: Highlight Using A Pretty Shimmery Eyeshadow

Want to add lift to your brows and make them pop? Use a shimmery pale eyeshadow right under the brow. Then put the pearly light color in the eyes’ inner corners. That will brighten things up, too. Finally, add a few coats of good mascara and you are sure to look spectacular even without eyeliner.

Tips To Wear Eyeshadow Without Eyeliner Effectively

Some people find using Cover Girl Lash Blast gives them long, voluminous lashes and the gorgeous look they want when not using eyeliner. It can make even give near-invisible blonde eyelashes the va-va-voom eye pooping beauty you want.

Properly Groom Your Eyebrows

Properly grooming your eyebrows can make it easier to blend your makeup. This is very important when doing your makeup with no eyeliner. Getting your eyebrows professionally shaped and waxed periodically keeps them from looking unruly and makes them easier for you to maintain and helps to make your eyes look neater more attractive.

Use Primer, Foundation, And Concealer

If there are broken capillaries and discolorations around your eyes, hide them by using a primer on your eyelids and some concealer around your eyes. This helps to give your eyelids a smooth surface and an oil-free neutral base. You can also use some regular foundation around your eyes to enhance their appearance.

Use Eyeshadow

Instead of using eyeliner, you can use neutral eyeshadows to give your eyes highlights and contours while maintaining a much more natural look. You can create a smoky eye look on either the lash line on the top or the bottom of the eyes. You can use a variety of colors to create a beautiful smoky eye look without wearing eyeliner.


Tightlining your eyes can help to fill in any gaps you have between your eyelashes and mimic the look of wearing eyeliner. You can use a flat brush to apply dark eyeshadow to your upper waterline to give your eyes a fuller, more defined, very natural look. You can also wet your eyeshadow and use it to draw along your lash line and create cat eyes or any other look you want.

Add Falsies

Another way to do your makeup without using eyeliner is to get some sexy false lashes. The falsies can instantly open up your eyes and give them a more dramatic look. If you add long, lush, lashes, it will be the perfect way to play up your eyes without the use of eyeliner. Want to be daring? Try using lashes that have designs or feather tips or wear lace lashes.

Use Mascara

Wearing mascara is a great way to give eyes that ‘wow’ factor without any eyeliner. The mascara can make your eyelashes look longer and more defined and frame your eyes and make them look wider, brighter and more alert. Using colored or traditional black or brown mascara can really highlight your eyes.

Jazz Up Your Lips

A good way to draw attention to your face when you are not wearing eyeliner is to play up your lips. Whether you are wearing bare eyes, only eye shadow or minimal eye shadow, putting on bright red or dark, vampy lipstick can make you look smoking hot. Opting to simply wear lip balm or nude lip color can help to bring out your natural beauty and is a quick and easy way to make you look hot and very sexy. That look can even work really well for brides.

Make A Bold Statement

You don’t have to be confined to doing makeup the way the average woman does it every day. You can break out of the mold and make a bold fashion statement and make people see you in a new light. Dare to be different. Go boldly to work or play without wearing eyeliner and look fierce doing you in a brand new way.

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