Why does my hair curl up when wet?

Why does my hair curl up when wet

Because I am obsessed with hair, make-up, skincare, and everything to do with beauty, I love watching people. This was the case last year when I was at the campsite and went to take a shower. Maybe you know it, everyone showering in separate cubicles and one by one back on your slippers too, in … Read more

Secrets for Getting the Perfect Perm

The secrets to getting a perfect perm at home or in a salon are here for you

What is a perm? A perm is a chemical treatment on hair that alters hair’s natural texture. They have been around for over 100 years. Perm is short for permanent because this treatment permanently changes the hair structure.  Compared to perms of the past, today’s perms are softer. Modern hairdressers take straight hair and add curl … Read more