How Does Shampoo Kill Bacteria

How does shampoo kill bacteria

You wash your hands, you sanitize surfaces, and you take regular showers using soap. All of these things keep you clean and hopefully free of harmful germs and bacteria, right? We all go to extremes to remain clean and hygienic and many products are tailored for this specific purpose, but are you covering all your … Read more

how Does Dandruff Shampoo Work

How does dandruff shampoo work

The frustration is unbearable. You itch, you scratch, but the telltale signs are there: flaky skin that you strive to hide no matter how often it lands on your shirt or accumulates around your hairline. It’s awful, but 50% of Americans are afflicted with it so it’s also common. Dandruff. It’s embarrassing and your regular … Read more

How Does Shampoo Clean Hair

How does shampoo clean hair

You may take it for granted despite using it all the time, but shampoo is actually a rather new product. In fact, at one point it was advised to clean your hair with bar soap–consider the frizzy mess! We use it all the time, but how does shampoo clean hair? The first shampoo wasn’t introduced … Read more