Is BB Cream Waterproof?

Is BB Cream Waterproof

BB Cream is a holy grail beauty item for any health and beauty enthusiast. Formally known as, ‘beauty balm cream’, this lightweight multi-tasking essential is perfect for daily use. Along with several other nourishing ingredients, most beauty balms include some kind of sun protectant factor for daily defense against sun damage. Similar to a moisturizer, … Read more

What Are the Benefits of BB Cream?

Learn what the benefits of BB cream are in this article

What are the benefits of BB cream? There has been a buzz in the Western world about BB Creams within the last ten years, but they have been a well-known beauty staple just across the ocean for longer than that. In South Korea alone BB Creams make up almost 15% of their entire cosmetics industry, … Read more

Do You Apply BB Cream With a Brush?

Did you know that you can apply BB cream with a brush? Now you know!

Utilizing BB Cream With Different Brushes BB cream is a makeup product that gained traction with the popularity of K-beauty products with skincare ingredients. According to Grand View Research, the cream market size in the global scene was valued at USD 2.11 billion in the year 2018 and the number is expected to rise at … Read more

Can You Use Primer Under Your BB Cream?

Learn about whether or not you can use primer under your favorite BB cream

Makeup is a fun way to express your creativity and feel confident in yourself, but sometimes it can be overwhelming. From experience, I know how many different kinds of makeup products there are to figure out, and sometimes it can feel nearly impossible to learn the order and use of each product. Short Answer So, … Read more

Do You Apply BB Cream With Your Fingers?

Do You Apply BB Cream With Your Fingers

Do you apply BB cream with your fingers? Have you been applying your BB cream the right way? Ideally, you can apply your bb cream in three ways, including with your fingers. Which method you choose depends on factors like your skill level and the consistency of your bb cream. Read on for a step-by-step … Read more

Do You Use Concealer With BB Cream?

Learn how and if you can use BB cream together with concealer

While BB cream has gained plenty of interest in the recent past, people often ask the difference between the cream and concealer because they seem to have the same function. Many people are also curious to know if it is overkill to use the two products together or whether one can work in the place … Read more

Can I Use BB Cream With Sunscreen?

Can you use sunscreen with BB cream?

Have you ever been asked which beauty product you’d take if you were stuck on a desert island and could only bring one thing? While lots of people give the most basic reply of wanting their lipstick or mascara, the truth is that the best thing you could bring is a quality BB cream. BB … Read more