What Does Concealer Help With

What does concealer help with

Most likely you’ve been there. Standing in a drugstore, or even a company specializing in cosmetics, and you stare blankly at the brightly lit products offering an array of choices with little to no explanation–not just a few products, but hundreds of products. Whether you’ve been wearing makeup for awhile, or you’re a rookie looking … Read more

What Does Concealer Creasing Mean And How To Stop It

What does concealer creasing mean and how to stop it

Makeup can literally transform a face. It’s fun to apply, and highlights already beautiful features; however, it can also be tricky to master, and even trickier to hide flaws. Veteran and rookie makeup wearers alike spend time tediously applying concealer for a variety of reasons: lightening under eye circles, covering blemishes, and concealing scars, wrinkles, … Read more

Can You Use Concealer as Foundation?

Can you use concealer as foundation

An age old question with the power to divide makeup bags the world over- can you use concealer as foundation? An expertly blended line has been drawn, and artists on both sides of the brush are weighing in. Foundation advocates, like reformed concealerist Michelle Villett of the Skin Care Edit suggests, “The right foundation will … Read more