Can You Die From Eating Makeup?

Can You Die From Eating Makeup

Cosmetics and other personal care products are usually not the most dangerous items in people’s homes. Nonetheless, they are not entirely non-toxic, either. It’s highly inadvisable to ingest any kind of makeup or personal care product. Can you die from eating makeup? When children see something foreign or shiny, the odds are good it will … Read more

Can You Wear Eyeshadow Without Eyeliner?

Can You Wear Eyeshadow Without Eyeliner

Want your makeup to give you a fresher, cleaner, more youthful, and innocent appearance? Try wearing eyeshadow without eyeliner. It’s a daring look that innovative, fabulous, fashion-forward stars like Rihanna have embraced and popularized. Wearing eyeshadow and no eyeliner softens smokey eyes and makes you as you have on very little makeup. Add a bold … Read more

Do Guys Think That Makeup Is a Lie?

Makeup Is a Lie

With the increasing popularity of makeup tutorials and social media beauty channels, more and more women are trying their hand at bold and vibrant looks. This trend has also sparked some social controversy in what’s real and what’s a lie when meeting a woman for the first time. Many men believe makeup hides the true … Read more