Is airbrush makeup good for oily skin?

is airbrush makeup good for oily skin

Let’s talk makeup for a momentous occasion such as a wedding. Let’s go even further and say you’re standing up in said wedding. You start to calculate the long hours your makeup will need to endure with few if any precious moments for a touch-up. Who wants to stop dancing just to check their face? … Read more

10 Makeup Books for the makeup fanatic

Makeup books for the makeup fanatic

If you’re obsessed with makeup, you may still find yourself craving new techniques or solutions to makeup and skin issues. So what do you do? Well, most of us grab our phone and Google. We scan some articles to obtain information, but how often do we actually slow down and delve into makeup? Truly throw … Read more

What Does Concealer Help With

What does concealer help with

Most likely you’ve been there. Standing in a drugstore, or even a company specializing in cosmetics, and you stare blankly at the brightly lit products offering an array of choices with little to no explanation–not just a few products, but hundreds of products. Whether you’ve been wearing makeup for awhile, or you’re a rookie looking … Read more