Do Guys Like Girls with or Without Makeup Better?

Do Guys Like Girls with or Without Makeup Better

I’m sure you’ve heard the phrase “don’t judge a book by its cover,” or maybe even heard someone say that a person is more than just their looks, and they are right.

Is it true that guys like girls with or without makeup? Well, the answer isn’t black and white. In fact, there are a lot of factors that impact the answer to this question.

When it comes to dating, we often ask ourselves what our partner wants. Everyone has tastes and preferences unique to them. How do you know what he likes? Without further ado, let’s dive in.

Do Guys Prefer Girls With or Without Makeup?

Let’s think about it!

Different Factors to Consider

1. First impressions are everything. How are you going to make your first impression? If you love to go bold, there are so many sleek looks that will capture your man’s eye.
Winged eyeliner is a classic look that makes a huge difference by lifting your eyes and making them appear larger and more feminine. If you’re not quite to the level of being able to make that delicate line on your eye, try using a makeup stamp. It’s the same look, just a bit easier to apply.

2. Your relationship with them. Do you already know him well? Has he seen you with and without makeup? And most importantly, have you asked him?

A lot of the time, if you just ask, they’ll give you a straight answer. Of course, it’s very important that you don’t change yourself for others, so no matter his answer just be aware that you’re worthy of love no matter how you look.

3. His personality. This one is a tad obvious, but you might be able to discern his tastes from his interests and hobbies. If he likes punk music, he probably would think you look pretty cute in thick eyeliner. If he likes theater, maybe he’d think you look cute in bright-colored makeup, and so on.

Why Do Some Guys Prefer Girls With Makeup?

Well, the truth is actually that some guys do prefer girls with makeup. Some guys like girls how they look when they’re at home, and some guys like girls how they look when they’re at work, or when they’re going to a party.

It has to do with attraction and effort. Men love to see that you’re interested in them, so when you’re putting in the effort to try to look your best around him, he might be flattered. Additionally, men can be very visual, and the makeup can accentuate your features, and make them appear more feminine.

Why Do Some Guys Prefer Girls Without Makeup?

Some men might like girls who don’t wear makeup because they look natural. Some guys might also think that girls who wear makeup are just trying to impress other people and that if you’re confident, you don’t need to wear it.

Additionally, some guys may prefer girls without makeup because they think that girls with makeup are less authentic. These types of guys likely want a girl who is happy showing off her natural beauty, and they want her to be herself. These guys don’t want a girl who is trying to impress them, and they aren’t interested in a girl who feels that she needs to put on makeup.

Is One Better Than The Other?

The better option is the one you personally are more comfortable with! It’s your body, and it’s your life. If you’re looking to create a lasting relationship with someone, you’re going to want them to care more about you than what you do or don’t put on your face.

What If You Don’t Want to Wear Makeup, but He Likes It?

The absolute most important thing you can do is be true to yourself. If you’re willing to learn to make up, that is more power to you. But if his wants make you uncomfortable, you should probably just move on to someone else who you’re better suited for.

There is no shame in not wanting to wear makeup. There are plenty of guys out there who won’t care if you wear makeup, or if you don’t wear makeup! Lasting relationships are built on mutual respect and understanding.

What If You Want to Wear Makeup, but He Doesn’t Like It?

It’s absolutely okay if you’re willing to learn to wear makeup, and he’s not. No one’s saying you have to wear makeup or that you shouldn’t wear makeup. It’s your life and your body that he’s dating. If he’s being a jerk about it, you should probably just move on.

What a lot of people are coming to realize is that makeup is less about making yourself change for others and more about making the wearer confident in themselves. Makeup is self-empowerment and builds confidence. There is nothing wrong with that!

A lot of the time, makeup is self-expression. The same applies to clothing. If wearing your makeup makes you feel good about yourself, then if he were a good match for you, he’d understand.

So if your man is unhappy with the makeup you wear, remind him that the makeup you wear is for you and that your body is yours.

You Need to Know

You want that special someone to love you, not the image you create of yourself. If who you are is someone who loves makeup, then wear it. If you’re not interested in makeup, don’t wear it. It’s that simple.

If you’re not sure what you feel like, just do what feels right. If you feel like putting on lipstick, do it. If you feel like going without it, do that. Go with whatever makes you feel the most comfortable. Just be yourself, because confidence is what is the most attractive.

When you dress how you want, do your makeup as you wish, and follow your own path, you’ll meet someone along the way who shares the same views as you, and loves you no matter what’s on your face.

When you’re confident in who you are, you’ll attract people who share that confidence with you. You’re more than your looks.

Makeup Recommendations

Everyone fits into a certain style that they identify with. Makeup is one of the ways you can express that style!

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Matte is in! Lip gloss is out. Matte liquid lipstick makeup sets are a must-have and every girl needs in their cosmetic kit. You can create your own unique, trendy look with this set of seven matte colors that come in a variety of flattering shades. The colors range from light shades to dark purple hues, while the gloss is packed with hyaluronic acid to ensure smooth application and plump your lips while also making them appear fuller.

Love the look of long eyelashes, but hate the glue? Everyone is using magnetic lashes now. They are much easier to apply and last longer. This cosmetic set includes five pairs of magnetic false eyelashes and eyeliner.

Each lash has a latex band and a magnet on the end of each lash hair. Peel off the magnetic bands, position them onto your real lashes, and you’re ready to put on your false eyelashes in no time. You can also change up the styles you wear for any occasion by using different colors on your lashes and eyes!

The Real Answer

Do Guys Like Girls with or Without Makeup Better?
The truth is exactly what everyone says, it depends! Men have different preferences; some guys love makeup on a girl while others prefer to see your natural beauty. Some people like a mix!

What actually matters is how you feel about yourself. Does makeup feel empowering? Do you love the way you look when you wear it? Or, do you like to go natural and embrace how you organically look?

Makeup isn’t necessary for a beautiful appearance, but it can boost confidence, and if there’s one thing both men and women find attractive, it’s confidence. So you’re going to want to do what you like.

Besides, do you really want to change yourself for someone else, or do you want to change yourself for your confidence?


The absolute most important thing is that you’re happy with yourself. Men vary in their opinions regarding makeup, some love it, some don’t. Communication with your partner is important! Simply asking what they prefer is a good way to satisfy your curiosity. Just be sure that you’re not changing yourself for others, and that if you’re learning to do your makeup … you’re doing it for yourself.

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