Do You Apply BB Cream With a Brush?

Did you know that you can apply BB cream with a brush? Now you know!

Utilizing BB Cream With Different Brushes

BB cream is a makeup product that gained traction with the popularity of K-beauty products with skincare ingredients. According to Grand View Research, the cream market size in the global scene was valued at USD 2.11 billion in the year 2018 and the number is expected to rise at a CAGR of 14.4%. They do not just have the makeup element but also beneficial ingredients that work on the skin to improve it.

The full-name beauty balm creams, sometimes known as blemish balm creams, are skincare creams used as a makeup product to conceal blemishes. They are often likened to a cross between a foundation and a tinted moisturizer.

Do You Apply BB Cream with A Brush?

Yes. There are so many techniques and materials on how to use various skincare and makeup products. Below are some recommendations on how to use them and when to apply this kind of cream. BB Cream is a makeup product, and there are several ways to apply it for the best effect.

  • Preparing The Skin

It is important to have clean skin to get the best results when using BB cream. After cleansing the skin, apply a moisturizer that is suitable for your skin type. For dry skin, an oil-based moisturizer is preferable to keep the skin hydrated. If I am outdoors most of the day, I add a light layer of sunscreen to add UV rays’ protection.

This is especially important during the summer season. If I am using a moisturizer with some SPF protection, I will skip that step because the SPF protection in the moisturizer and the beauty balm cream will be sufficient to provide all the protection I need.

  • Using the Right BB Cream on The Face

It is essential to use the right kind of BB cream for my skin type to get the best results. I use a cream with an oil base to provide the moisture that my skin needs. For people with oily skin, experts recommend using a mattifying beauty balm cream that will reduce the shine on the face when the beauty balm cream has dried and set.

It is vital to choose a cream that is suitable for my skin tone to ensure that it looks as natural as possible when I apply and blend it in.

  • Using A Brush for Application

I put small dabs of BB cream directly onto my face, then use my brush to lightly blend it into my skin. I have learned to use brushes over time as it is much easier to use fingers or a blending sponge since they help with better application and a more even finish. Using a brush needs a bit more skill for perfect application, but I got better at it with practice.

A brush will produce a more refined finish and a smoother appearance when blending the BB cream. Brushes will lightly spread the cream over the skin for even coverage and excellent blending. However, this technique to flawlessly apply and blend the cream for consistent results is refined with practice.

The Best Brushes to Use BB Cream

There are different types of brushes that are used to apply BB cream with the best results.

  1. Dense Makeup Brush

A dense brush is one where the bristles are arranged close together, so it is thick, which leads to a firm brush. This kind of brush is better used for liquid-based makeup products such as beauty balm cream.

The dense bristles will spread the cream evenly on the skin instead of a loose brush which will leave uneven patches in some areas of the skin. The tight bristles cover every area of the skin that the brush comes into contact with for even coverage.

The High-Density Seamless Foundation Brush BB Cream Makeup Brushes Loose Powder is a great option that will work perfectly.

  1. Duo Fibre Brush

This kind of brush is made of two different types of fibers for the bristles. The bottom part of the brush is made of densely placed bristles, while the top part has loose bristles. The fibers can be a mix of natural and synthetic fibers.

Different colors characterize the other elements to show where the difference is. The Duo Fiber brush is excellent for layering cream-based makeup products and blurring and blending them.

The lower part of the brush is responsible for the even layering of the cream on the face, while the loose top part is great for blending the cream to look natural. It also does a great job blurring along the jawline, neck area, and forehead.

  1. Buffing Brush

This type of brush works well for applying beauty balm cream because it applies makeup on the entire face easily and fast. There is a smaller size brush for applying the cream on smaller areas. For instance, for a fresh look, apply the cream on the forehead, chin, and upper cheeks only and not the whole face. Then use the concealer in other areas to get full coverage.

In this case, a small buffer brush will cover smaller areas to apply the cream in light strokes. For a heavier look, use the full-face buffer brush that applies the cream evenly throughout the whole face as it is larger. This brush is incredibly convenient for quick and even cream applications.

There are two types of buffer brushes that will give good results when applying the cream. The flat-top buffer brush has bristles that are the same length creating a flat top. They are best for the opaque kind of creams that provide more coverage.

This is for better coverage creams that work more as a foundation with a lighter consistency than the foundation. It is also a great option to use this kind of BB cream to avoid using a concealer as it covers blemishes better.

The flat and tapered buffer brush has shorter bristles on one side of the brush, resulting in a tapered edge brush used for precise application. This kind of brush works to apply the cream around the eyes and nose since the bristles will naturally skim over the angles of the face. The Angled Flat Foundation Brush High Density Face Body Kabuki Makeup Brush for Liquid Foundation Powder Cream Contour Buffing Stippling Blending brush is a great option.

  1. Stippling Brush

This brush is used by applying the BB cream directly onto the skin with the brush. The brush is dipped into the cream then applied in small dots using circular motions until the cream is thoroughly blended and absorbed into the skin.

This is repeated until the whole face is covered. These brushes are flat at the top and similar to duo-fiber brushes because the lower part is dense while the top part of the bristles is loose. It is perfect for stippling, which is described as using small circles of the cream spread evenly by the brush. It is essential that the brush is used lightly to create even coverage and not leave visible brush lines.

  1. Kabuki Brush

This kind of brush is similar to the stippling brush, but the handle is short. This design allows a more precise application of the cream because it is held closely to the face. It is popular for powder-based makeup products. It is very efficient for applying the cream for a more controlled finish because of the short handle.

Kabuki brushes with natural fibers will work better for the application of the cream. They are an excellent option for travel since they fit in makeup bags easily because of the smaller size.

  1. Makeup Sponge

Even though this is not a brush, it is excellent for applying and blending BB creams. They are a more precise option for beginners as they offer better control. This is because they are held close to the skin. Without makeup brushes to apply BB cream, this is the next best option. They can also be used with brushes so that the cream application is done with brushes and blending is done with the sponges.

How To Choose the Best Brush to Apply BB Cream

A dense brush is better because it works to apply and blend the cream on the face by evening out the cream over the face. Brushes meant for powder-based makeup products are suitable. However, they need better techniques when applying or blending because they are designed to work with loose particles rather than the denser particles that cream contains.

Natural fiber brushes are preferred because they are softer, finishing off with fewer lines. However, light strokes with natural or synthetic bristled brushes will produce the desired even application of the cream for a natural finish. If the brushes do not give the desired finish, smoothen the cream with sponges to remove any streaks that a brush may leave.

How To Use A Brush To Apply BB Cream

It is not imperative to use a damp brush, and a dry brush will work well when applying the BB cream. However, if using a sponge to blend, it will need to be damp for best results. A damp brush will make the bristle marks more noticeable.

The type of brush will determine the application technique. However, a general rule when using brushes is to apply the BB cream using soft light strokes and dab small amounts on the skin and apply in small circular motions, area by area, until the whole face is covered.

Instances When BB Cream Is Used

BB cream is used for light blemish coverage or a natural appearance, but a finished look nonetheless. Some instances when BB cream is used are:

  • When One Has Little Time for Full Makeup

BB cream is a time saver in the makeup routine. When used with brushes, it will cut down the time for makeup by more than half. The cream has concealer properties, primer elements, and foundation components so that the face looks made up without using multiple products.

  • When Travelling

Because it is a multipurpose product offering skincare benefits and makeup elements, it is excellent for traveling as it occupies little space.

When traveling, light makeup is preferable to heavier makeup, especially for extended travel and climate changes. For example, beauty balm cream will be easier on the skin with fewer breakouts than a foundation that provides full coverage if traveling from a cold area to a hot one.

  • To Give the Skin A Break

Heavy makeup use can cause breakouts because the skin pores become clogged and exhausted by using multiple products. Even with diligent cleaning, breakouts may still occur. BB cream is a light alternative for a more finished look than a no-makeup look and allows the skin to ‘breathe’ better and recover from breakouts and other skin irritations.

Can I Use BB Cream Alone?

Yes, to have a fresh-faced look. One can use the cream without any other makeup product such as concealer or bronzer. However, it is best to use it with a moisturizer and sunscreen to provide adequate moisture and protection for the skin. For areas with blemishes that are not fully covered by the cream, add smaller amounts of the cream and blend until adequate coverage is achieved.

Final Thoughts

BB creams are a fast and easy product to use with skincare properties that provide coverage. Using brushes will ensure fast and even coverage, but good technique is required for your desired results. Many different brushes can provide the best and most even coverage based on the bristles’ shape, size, and structure.

Properly used brushes will produce beautiful results with a natural and fresh, dewy look. Clean the brushes often to have a nice, even finish. Dirty brushes may leave clumps of cream on the skin and obvious bristle strokes overemphasized by-product caked on the brush.

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