Do You Need to Set BB Cream With Powder?

Do You Need to Set BB Cream With Powder

The beauty industry knows how to bring difficulty in one’s effort to look good. With so many brands and products all promising to give you the best of this, and the perfect that, it’s sometimes just hard to know what works for you.

As an industry, the paradox of choice is probably one of most products’ most significant selling points. Just flood the market with many products that offer the same service, and their uncertainty will have them always coming back for more.

All hope is not lost, though, occasionally, there comes around that one product that will not only sort out many problems at once but also give you the peace of mind of having what works for you. BB cream is one such product, giving you in one package the benefits you’d have enjoyed from a combination of multiple commodities.

However, BB cream is not immune to its many questions, and we’re here just for that.

What Is BB Cream and What Is It Used For?

BB cream is a cosmetic product designed to be an alternative to foundation when it comes to creating an even skin tone. In place of applying relatively thick layers of foundation to have an even tone, BB cream is a lighter choice for getting that smooth tone.

The BB in BB cream has been given many interpretations, but beauty balm is the most comprehensive of the definitions.

BB cream is gentler on the skin than foundation, with the former being an all-around fix for blurring, smoothing, tinting, and protecting the skin.

What Can BB Cream Do for You?

BB cream is famed by both skincare and beauty industry professionals as being an all-in-one treatment for the skin.

When you use BB cream, it plays the role of both makeup and a skincare product. The versatility of BB cream can be attributed to the fact that it’s a combination of other beauty and skincare products like anti-aging moisturizers and tinted moisturizers.

Compared to the foundation, BB cream is mild to the skin, providing a cover for imperfections and blemishes free of irritation. To add to its gentleness to the skin, BB cream is suitable for all skin types.

Do You Need to Wear BB Cream with Powder?

The short answer to this question is no; you don’t need to wear BB cream with powder. As in all thing’s beauty, whether to set BB cream with powder is a matter of personal preference. Aside from the apparent skincare benefits, using cosmetic products like BB cream should be all about doing what makes you feel most comfortable in your skin.

The opinion as to why it’s not necessary to wear BB cream with powder is based on the fact that most BB creams consist of priming agents as part of their formula.

On the other hand, setting BB cream with powder helps ton down the hydrated look and shine that is a result of wearing plain BB cream. If you’re not about that lively and bright finish that results from wearing BB cream, then you should consider adding a touch of powder on the shinier regions with a beauty sponge.

How to Set BB Cream With Powder

If you’ve decided to go the powdered way with your BB cream, here’s a step-by-step guide on how to set BB cream with powder. You can follow these steps once you’ve identified the shade of BB cream that works for you; otherwise, read along to learn how to find your perfect shade.

  1. Squeeze some BB cream on the back of your hand and spread it a bit to warm it up.
  2. Using a clean index or ring finger of your other hand, apply the BB cream evenly all over your face in a dotted fashion, not forgetting the upper neck and below the chin.
  3. Gently pad the cream on your face using your fingers and avoid dragging your look with the motion. Be sure to pay close attention to the areas under your eyes lest you miss a spot.
  4. Spray some water on a beauty sponge and use it to gently pad through your face to even out the BB cream. The moisture on the sponge will help with ensuring that the creams settle in place and don’t quickly melt off.
  5. If you feel an extra layer of BB cream is necessary, repeat the first three steps and finish off by gently using a stippling brush in a circular motion. The stippling brush will give your makeup a smooth finish, taking away the caked look.
  6. Optionally, if you notice any redness or pigmentation on your skin after applying two layers of BB cream, you can use a concealer of your choice to account for the light finish of the BB cream.
  7. Depending on the product, the BB cream may naturally feel a bit sticky on the skin and, at times, too shiny. To get rid of the stickiness and excess shine, use a stippling brush to gently apply loose powder on your face, with emphasis on the parts that look a bit too shiny.

The Benefits of Setting BB Cream With Powder

Though using powder with BB cream is more of a personal preference, you may need some powder depending on your skin type.

If you have naturally oily skin, then you stand to benefit the most from setting your BB cream with powder. A touch of powder on the BB cream also helps with setting the cream in place for longer, aside from toning down the shine.

Suppose your choice to add the powder to your BB cream setting is all about catering for your oily skin and has nothing to do with the shine, then you should consider using translucent face powder.

When Is BB Cream Most Useful?

BB cream is an all-in-one fix when it comes to makeup, and at times more than others, this may be all that you need. Below are examples of when we may need BB cream to come in handy if it hasn’t already.

  • When you want a makeup-free look

On days when you’re all about going easy with your makeup routine, BB cream should be your go-to due to its feature-rich formulation. BB cream will give you a neat and natural-looking finish, eliminating the need for having heavy makeup alternatives.

  • When you’re having skin breakouts or other skin irritations

Due to the skincare approach taken in its formulation, BB cream is a mild makeup alternative that will help in rejuvenating your skin. Just because you woke up with redness or skin breakouts, BB cream gives you the option to still look good without the fear of further damaging your skin.

  • When you’re out in unfamiliar weather

When you consider the amount of effort you put into getting your makeup done, there’s no worse feeling than watching your makeup melt or wash off due to sudden and extreme weather changes. BB cream is not only easy and fast to apply, but it also can withstand harsh weather a bit longer than other cosmetic products.

  • When you’re in a rush or on the road

Having to leave in a hurry, the correct makeup to bring with you may at times be the least of your worries. Due to its all-in-one makeup formulation, BB cream is an excellent choice to always have in your makeup-go-back or just on standby for when the moment comes.

Here are some other frequently asked questions about BB cream

1. Is It Okay to Just Wear BB Cream Alone?

Yes, it’s okay to wear BB cream and just BB cream alone. Most skincare and beauty professionals recommend that you wear just BB cream when other makeup alternatives are not an option.

The preference and trust of BB cream by professionals and everyday users alike is due to its gentleness to the skin and ability to conceal blemishes cleanly.

2. How Do I Find My Perfect BB Cream Shade?

Understanding your skin type and the shade of your skin is usually the first step to finding the shade of BB cream that works for you. Unfortunately, there’s no easy way to find out the shade, tone, or type of your skin other than paying a visit to a dermatologist.

Once you have a professionally verified description of your skin’s attributes, it is easier to pick up BB cream at the drug store by reading through the manufacturer’s details. However, different manufacturers have different understandings of color shades. Unfortunately, this varied understanding of color descriptions leads to an element of trial and error when picking your right BB cream shade.

Closing Thoughts

BB cream is nothing short of a blessing to the skincare and beauty industry. Having an all-in-one fix for most matters, skincare, and beauty makes life easier for everyday users and industry professionals. Before you decide to add a touch of powder to your BB cream layer, it’d be a good idea first to understand what works for you and what doesn’t. All in all, it’s a matter of personal preference, therefore always go with what makes you happy.

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