Do You Put BB Cream on Before or After Foundation?

Can you mix BB cream and foundation together

Everyone wants to look good either for an event or a day out or just going on with your endeavors. The BB Cream is essential to have when preparing yourself, especially in applying makeup and I am sure you have a lot of questions regarding its use with foundation. I did a little research and I have found useful information I’d like to share with you.

Do You Put BB Cream on Before or After Foundation?

So, do you put BB Cream on before or after foundation? The answer is different depending on what you would like and the type of BB Cream you are using. Putting BB Cream on before foundation makes sure you enjoy all the benefits of having BB Cream on your skin. BB Creams such as Covergirl and Olay Simply Ageless 3-in-1 are good examples of creams that must be applied before the foundation.

Having BB Cream after applying your foundation will only destroy the foundation that you have applied, which will look weird on your skin. However, it should be noted that these are mainly BB Creams that are advisable to do this. So, you should know the type of BB Cream that is more suitable for you and your method.

So, how do you choose the right BB Cream? Here are the essential tips for choosing the right BB Cream for you:

  • You should ensure you know the properties of the BB Cream you want and the manufacturer’s details. Different creams offer different functions to suit their different clientele. Ensure the manufacturer is reputable to get the best experience.
  • Research in detail about the type of BB Cream you want by looking out online for reviews, both positive and negative, while noting them especially for your type of skin
  • Select the best BB Cream for your skin which will cutter for the needs that you require of it. For example, oily skin should have a matte finish and natural plant extracts BB Creams. Moisturizing BB creams should be used with normal skin and BB Creams with water constituents should be used on dry skin. Using a different type may irritate your skin as you may not necessarily be catering to its needs.
  • An essential aspect of choosing your BB Cream is whether it matches your skin tone. The cream that comes close to your face and neck skin is the one most suitable for you.
  • Make sure you get to sample the cream of your choice in both artificial and natural light since it makes a big difference. Lighting always has a bearing on how the cream will look on your face.

What is Foundation?

Foundation is an integral part of the makeup process as it sets the base for applying all the other makeup. Its main purpose is to even the skin’s texture while evening the skin tone. This means that it comes in a wide range of skin tones to ensure it suits its different users. It also comes in three forms, liquid, cream, or powder. Foundation has many similarities with BB Cream; however, it has other differences that make them be used together possible.

For example, Foundation gives more coverage than BB Cream since it is heavier on the skin while BB Creams are light. Also, foundations only cover the skin, while BB Creams have different qualities such as protection and anti-aging. Foundations also come in different colors for all the shades, while BB Cream only comes in fair, medium and black.

How to Apply BB Cream

BB Cream can be applied using three different methods depending on the one you are most comfortable with. I will cover all of them to ensure you choose which is best for you.

Applying BB Cream using fingers is the easiest method and most preferred. It is also the best since the cream melts well into your fingers, easing the process. However, the results will not be as smooth as using a brush or a sponge. So, here’s how to use your fingers:

  • Place a small amount at the back of the hand
  • Apply the cream on your forehead, nose, two cheeks and chin equally using your middle finger. Make sure you apply thin layers to avoid making it too heavy
  • While still using your middle finger, rub the cream into your skin in a circular motion in a gentle way. Make sure the cream is spread evenly. Always start with the forehead.
  • You can also use your middle and index finger, making sure you pat around the eyes gently and do a quick pat again to ensure the face is evenly covered

People with oily skin are advised to use the sponge as using your fingers could add even more oil. Here’s how to use a sponge effectively:

  • Spray a little spritz on the makeup sponge to assist in the thorough spreading of the cream and maintaining the moisture level in your skin
  • Place a small amount at the back of your hand
  • Using your middle finger, dab five dots of the cream on your hand on your forehead, nose, chin, and cheeks equally
  • Use outward strokes to evenly rub the cream into your skin
  • Finish on your eyes, making sure you dab gently since the area around your eyes is more sensitive

A makeup brush works best on dry skin and liquid BB Creams. Using a brush can be done in the following ways:

  • Place a small amount of BB Cream into the palm of your hands
  • Dab small dots onto your forehead, nose, cheeks, and chin equally using your middle finger
  • Smoothly stroke the BB Cream into your skin using the brush and finally finish smoothly on the eyes

If you follow the above steps carefully, you will get the best results on your skin.

What Are the Benefits of Using BB Cream?

BB Cream is an essential part of makeup and comes with a whole tone of benefits to you and your skin. Here are some of the benefits of using BB Cream:

  • BB cream has different ingredients which work together for different functions to ensure different benefits in one product. These qualities may include moisturizing, anti-aging, SPF, vitamins, skin whitening and tinting the skin.
  • BB creams give a natural feel to the face without overshadowing or changing the skin color. Its easy application allows it to blend well into the skin hence making it suitable.
  • BB Creams cover skin imperfections and blemishes perfectly without irritating them while also treating them due to the ingredients available.

Does BB Cream Have Any Side Effects?

Yes, just like any other chemical when used on our bodies, BB Cream does have side effects
. For example, some BB Creams may cause skin lightening. Therefore, you should read the ingredients; otherwise, you will leave your skin looking ashy or pale.

Sometimes, BB Creams may lack enough amounts of SPF to protect the skin from sunlight. This happens especially if you do not apply enough cream to your skin. A remedy to this may be applying additional SPF, especially when going outdoors.

Some BB Creams might lack enough moisturizer, especially for users with dry skin. This may not protect their skin as they may want and cause irritation. It is advisable to use an additional moisturizer before the BB Cream.

How Do You Use BB Cream with Foundation?

We have already established that using BB Cream with Foundation is safe and doable. It, however, is advisable to use BB Cream and Foundation together as a mixture. Here are some tips for using BB Cream with Foundation as a mixture:

  • Make sure the BB Cream and Foundation both fit your skin tone
  • Mix the BB Cream and Foundation, making sure there is more of the BB Cream than the Foundation
  • Apply the mixture using your middle finger on your face starting from your forehead, cheeks, chin, and nose by dabbing a little
  • Make sure you spread it towards your neck and ears
  • Then spread it out evenly using your most preferred tool that is your fingers, brush, or sponge, depending on your skin type

The trick is to make sure you get the ratios right. This may take some practicing, but you will get used to it.

Do I Use BB Cream Instead of a Primer?

So, do I Use BB Cream instead of a Primer? Yes, a BB Cream can be used as a primer as it has all the properties of a primer intact, making sure to leave your skin smooth. It will also make sure your face is ready for the application of the foundation. A BB Cream can also be used alone as it can take the place of both products. Just make sure it is of your skin type.


As we have seen, BB Creams can be used before and together with Foundations as a mixture, given that they mix well with your skin type. Be sure to research the best method for you. I have also ensured to leave you tips on using different methods to successfully apply your BB Cream and foundation to make sure you look the best as you head out to face the world.

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