Do You Use Concealer With BB Cream?

While BB cream has gained plenty of interest in the recent past, people often ask the difference between the cream and concealer because they seem to have the same function.

Many people are also curious to know if it is overkill to use the two products together or whether one can work in the place of the other. If they are interchangeable, then what is the point of the two products? Read on to find the answer to the question: Do you use concealer with BB cream?.

Using Concealer And BB Cream Together

BB cream, known as a beauty balm cream or a blemish balm cream, is a skincare product designed to work as a skin brightener. It also protects the skin from environmental toxins like dust. It has plenty of skin-beneficial ingredients such as Vitamin E and C, which plump the skin, thus reducing the appearance of fine lines and offering protection from the suns rays.

It also contains hyaluronic acid, which keeps the skin hydrated so that it looks more radiant. This is what makes the skin look dewy and fresh.

BB cream provides a satin finish. Because it allows for an already finished look, many people wonder if there is a need for a concealer. When used without a concealer, there may be blemishes that show, such as dark eye circles and freckles. This is because the cream does not provide full coverage similar to a foundation.

BB cream is designed to hydrate the skin and protect the skin from harmful UV rays from the sun because it has an element of sunscreen and anti-aging properties. Concealer covers up the skin and is primarily used to cover up blemishes and uneven spots on the face.

Concealer is used with BB cream to provide better coverage for blemishes that the cream cannot adequately conceal. BB cream used alone will give a more natural look, hiding imperfections with a more polished finish. For a glam look, concealer is used with the cream to provide a more even finish.

The advantage of BB cream over concealer is that it will provide coverage while nourishing the skin. It is also lighter than a concealer, which allows the skin to breathe better. It is a great option when suffering breakouts and the skin needs a break from heavy makeup but still needs some coverage.

The cream forms a perfect canvas, similar to foundation, for highlighters and blush to fasten onto the skin. This is because it has a primer element to it, which anchors other makeup on the skin. Primer is essential for an even look and for the makeup to last longer.

How To Wear Concealer With BB Cream

The first thing is to find a suitable BB cream. There are different consistencies of the cream based on the kind of coverage desired. Opaque cream options provide better coverage, while light consistency BB creams will work similarly to a tinted moisturizer. However, unlike the tinted moisturizer, they offer more coverage.

For a more natural-looking finish, go for the light consistency BB cream. The first step after cleansing the skin is to apply moisturizer so that it is a well-moisturized base. Mixing the BB cream with a daily moisturizer increases the fresh-faced dewy look. This occurs after applying moisturizer on the skin after cleansing it.

For dry skin, a BB cream with a moisturizing formula is a better option. This is because it will moisturize the skin throughout the day. For people with oily skin, use a BB cream that has an oil-free formula and produces a matte finish.

When the moisturizer is dry, apply a small portion of BB cream - a small amount provides good coverage. Apply the cream in small dots on the face, and then use a damp beauty sponge to blend the cream evenly into the skin. Fingers are a great applicator as they incorporate the cream evenly into the skin. Apply the cream in circular motions until it fully absorbs into the skin.

After this, apply the concealer and blend it in. Because the BB cream has a concealer element, a lot of concealer may not be necessary because it is used for touching up areas where blemishes are still visible. These are areas such as dark under-eye circles, hyperpigmentation around the jawline, or acne blemishes that the BB cream does not cover completely.

Use a sponge to apply the concealer by lightly tapping it in the blemished areas to blend with the cream already set.

If using blush and highlighter or any other makeup products, this is the point to apply them. A setting powder is an option to tone down a shiny or oily look. However, BB cream has some priming element that works to keep the makeup in place, eliminating the need to use a setting powder.

Technique When Using BB Cream

It is important to use soft strokes to apply the cream and concealer and blend with a makeup sponge to get the best results. Apply the cream in light layers until adequate coverage is achieved.

It is easier to add the cream in areas with insufficient coverage than work to reduce the amount already applied. It is also better to apply concealer after applying BB cream to cover up blemishes still showing.

A brush can also apply the BB cream; however, this may be for experienced users because the cream is light and will require blending, which is why the sponge is preferable.

Can I Use Sunscreen With BB Cream?

It is good to use sunscreen with BB cream, especially when there is a need for extra protection from the sun rays during summer or when outdoors for long periods. After applying moisturizer, apply sunscreen then the BB cream. Use light layers to prevent a heavy makeup finish.

If the moisturizer has sunscreen, then there is no need to use sunscreen as the moisturizer and BB cream protection will be sufficient.

Does BB Cream Last The Whole Day?

It does not last a whole day because it is not a foundation. The effect of BB cream reduces as the day goes on because it is continually absorbed into the skin. To make it last longer, use a setting powder after applying the cream and concealer.

To reapply fading cream, dab only on the areas that need the cream. A full-face reapplication is not necessary, especially for a natural look. After reapplying the cream, blend into the rest of the face to ensure an even finish and that no lines are demarcating the new application and older makeup.

Final Thoughts

BB cream is not a foundation but offers a lighter consistency option with some of the coverage effects. It can be used in place of foundation when going for a more natural look or with little time to put on a full face of makeup. Makeup artists commend it as an easy-to-use product that instantly creates a dewy and fresh look while benefiting the skin through its ingredients.

Applying it right is also essential to create the desired look. The best application tools are fingers and sponges for new users. For more experienced users, brushes will provide fast and even coverage.

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