Does Manic Panic Wash Out, and How Long Does It Last?

Does Manic Panic Wash Out

Sometimes we just want to experiment with new hair colors and see what we can make of our hair. It is not only fun when done with friends it can be a great bonding experiment! Just a personal note, don’t get drunk with your friends and then dye your hair. It will lead to some weird photos and messed-up dyed hair!

So, if you want to know if Manic Panic washes out, you’re at the right address. In this article, I’ll tell you everything about if Manic Panic washes out and how long it lasts.

So, does Manic Panic wash out? Yes, like almost all semi-permanent hair dyes, it washes out. So, Manic Panic washes out. But you have to keep in mind that how long it stays in your hair depends on the line of Manic Panic product you use.

So, do your research (or read this article) and find out more about how and when Manic Panic dye washes out.

Does Manic Panic wash out?

As said earlier, Manic Panic washes out but the duration will be determined by the line of product you choose.

When you go for the Classic High Voltage or Amplified lines, it takes about 4 to 6 weeks for the dye to completely wash out. So, it’s not an overnight thing! If you want to experiment for one night and just have fun, you should go with another Manic Panic dye (which I will take about later)!

If you choose something from the Creamstones line, you will see the dye completely fade in about 2 to 4 weeks. Of course, you have to keep in mind your hair routine because this will determine if it’s 2 or 4 weeks for the Manic Panic dye to completely wash out.

What to do if I want to with Manic Panic hair dye?

If you want to experiment with Manic Panic hair dye, and you want the color to disappear completely after a couple of weeks, I encourage you to try the pastel colors of the line. For example, you could use Silver Stiletto, Dreamsicle, or sunshine.

The pastel colors have weaker pigments which makes it easier for the color to leave your hair without leaving traces.

If that doesn’t matter to you and you just want an awesome color, I suggest you go for something like Fuschia Shock, Hot Pink, or After Midnight. These colors are more intense and tend to leave some traces of color in your hair because the pigment used in the hair dye is stronger and therefore more resistant.

Coloring your hair? think it through!

I had a friend (and maybe you have too) who liked to experiment with different colors of hair dye, but she often doesn’t think things through (which leads to lots of fun stories haha!)

Here’s what happened:

She saw a commercial on tv of a celebrity with pink hair and after seeing that commercial, she just wanted that! Not thinking about the consequences, she walked into the store and bought Manic Panic Fuschia Shock.

She went home and started the process of coloring her hair with this color.

After a couple of weeks, I saw her and she seemed down. I asked her what it was and she said that she wanted to get rid of the hot pink color! She didn’t like the pink anymore but hadn’t thought about it being in your hair for a couple of weeks!

How long does it take for Manic Panic hair dye to fade out of your hair?

Now, I know that lots of people claim that Manic Panic semi-permanent hair color fades when you wash it, but I have to be honest with you and tell you that some Manic Panic hair dye colors take longer to fade. Longer than the manufacturer tells you.

I know that the pigments are only deposited on the surface of your hair and therefore don’t alter your natural pigments, but it just takes longer.

So, how long does it take for Manic Panic dye to fade?

This not only depends on what color you choose as you can read above, but it has also something to do with a variety of factors like

  • The porosity of your hair (do you have high porosity or low porosity?)
  • your base/natural color
  • the different pigmentations of the certain color you choose.

So I guess my message to you is that you should think it through before your start putting something in your hair. Think if this is a color that you want to have in your hair for a couple of weeks, and also think about if it is appropriate to wear everywhere (I know that with some jobs you can’t do this).

Which Manic Panic hair dye takes the longest to wash out and which dye comes off easily?

As said earlier, the hair dyes with intense (or darker) colors tend to stick in your hair for longer and take longer to wash out.

This is due to the fact that the pigmentation is stronger in the intense colors than in the lighter tones.

So, if you go with intense color, you should know that it can take longer to fade out than what the manufacturer says. It can be that after 6 weeks you still have some traces of Manic Panic hair dye in your hair.

Did you know that Manic Panic has several coloring lines that all differ in intense or subtle colors? Then read on!

Which color of Manic Panic hair dye is hardest to fade out?

If we look at one of the intense lines of coloring from Manic Panic, we should talk about the Manic Panic Amplified. These colors bring the hair dye levels to insane levels. Levels of bright and strong coloring you can’t imagine. These colors are hardest to fade out:

Pink: Cotton Candy, Cleo Rose, Pretty Flamingo

Blue: Lie Locks, Rockabilly Blue, Celestine Blue, Blue Moon, Shocking Blue, Voodoo Blue

Green: Serpentine Green, Green Envy, Enchanted Forest, Electric Lizard

Orange: Electric Lava, Psychedelic Sunset

Grey: Alíen Grey

Black: Raven. Warning! This color won’t come out of your hair for long.

Violet: Purple Haze, Ultra Violet, Deep Purple Dream, Deadly Nightshade

Red: Vampire Red, Wilde Fire. Just as with the black hair dye, all the red tones will stay in your hair and leave traces in your hair long after the 6 weeks the manufacturer says on the box.

Which color of Manic Panic hair dye is the easiest to fade out?

Now that you’ve seen which colors are not at all easy to fade out of your hair, it is time to look at the colors where this is the case.

As said earlier in the article, Manic Panic also offers pastel colors that are easier to fade out because the pigmentation is less strong than the extreme colors.

The Creamtones line, for example, has a range of colors that will fade off easier. 

I must say this: If you want to use pastel colors, you should bleach your hair to an extra light blonde. 10 or more is what you need to make this work!

The colors in the Creamtones line are:

Dreamsicle, Fleurs Do Mal, Sea Nymph Blue Angel, and Velvet Violet.

What if I want to go lighter with the pastel colors?

If you want to go lighter with the pastel colors and really create a unique look, Manic Panic has the perfect product for you. It’s called the Manix Mixer Pastel-izer.

This is a product that you can mix with any of the pastel colors and create a unique tone.

How to wash off traces of Manic Panic Hair dye after the six-week period?

If you find that after 6 weeks the color leaves traces in your hair and you want it out, there are 2 things that you can do:

1) Use a clarifying shampoo that will wash away the traces of pigmentation in your hair without damaging your hair.

2) If you already know which color you want your hair to be, you can opt for a permanent hair dye. This will entirely cover the Manic Panic traces that are still in your hair. This is because the permanent hair dye will be applied with a 20-volume developer which will remove all of the color traces in your hair.

Final thoughts

So, does Manic Panic wash out? Absolutely! It just takes a long time if you go for the more intense colors. If you go for some pastel color, you will still find that it takes a while for the color to fade, but it does so quite nicely.

If you want to remove the color in your hair, you have to options described above to change your hair back!

At last, I want to remind you of one thing. Think things through before you rush to the shop and buy your hair dye! Think about whether or not this is something you want to have in your hair for a couple of weeks!

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