How Come My Hair Doesn’t Stay Straight?

How Come My Hair Doesn’t Stay Straight

Actresses, influencers, and other affluent fashionistas are often seen on the cover of glossy magazines with gorgeous flat hair that falls in sheets past their shoulders. You may also want to revitalize your hair or style from its normal bouncy curls to a form with more elegance and personality. However, there are many reasons why your hair can struggle to stay straight for any substantial amount of time.

Many women want to keep their hair straight but often break out in frizz, curly or wavy locks that never seem to go away. Don’t be disheartened or give up. There are many healthy ways to straighten your hair that will keep it straight for days or even months at a time. To fully understand how to take care of your hair, you need to understand why it curls and what can be done to keep it straight without harming your scalp and hair follicles.

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How come my hair doesn’t stay straight?

Many women want a hair type or color that’s different from their own. Actresses always have a glossy look that’s impossible to maintain without professional beauticians constantly making adjustments and reapplying products. Your hair may struggle to stay straight because your genetics give you strongly curled hair. This type of hair will constantly curl in on itself in high humidity climates, when it rains or when you exercise. Frizz will start to break through the hard-earned straightened look and then your natural overwhelming curliness will return.

Genetics can be a strong force to deal with when trying to maintain a straightened hairstyle. You may also be working with the wrong professional beautician. If you have your hair professionally straightened and it begins to curl immediately afterward, they may be incorrectly treating your hair and potentially even damaging it. You should know how to treat your hair best and what products should and shouldn’t be used. Many professionals are trained in how to safely handle hair, but everyone is different and it’s up to you to know what works best for your hair.

Straightening naturally curly hair requires quality products made for your hair type. To maintain the hairstyle, you need to protect the look during your regular daily activities. Cover your hair when you swim, don’t overwash and cover your hair with a bonnet or other head covering to ensure it isn’t disturbed while you’re sleeping. Maintaining a straightened look can be difficult and add several more steps to your regular beauty routine in the morning and at night. However, if you want to maintain your sleek hair for as long as possible, it’s important to know how best to treat and maintain it.

Why won’t my hair stay straight after I straighten it?

Hair often reverts back to its regular curliness due to protective carelessness, improper straightening or by using the wrong products for your hair type. Straightening your hair is essentially changing it from its regular look and feel into a different style that can’t be naturally maintained forever. You may want a new and exciting look to last longer than it can and may be broken-hearted when it returns to its normal state.

There are many steps in the straightening process that can go wrong and affect how long the look lasts. If your hair isn’t prepared correctly with the right shampoo and conditioner, your hair can actually get bigger or not react at all to the treatment. It’s essential to always follow a professional’s instructions and to use the right products when straightening your hair. With the proper care and follow-up, a straightened hairstyle can last for months.

Your hair might not stay straight for many reasons, and there’s no harm in making mistakes and perfecting a routine. With enough practice, experience and professional guidance, any hairstyle can be changed and maintained to fit a certain look or preference. Each time you attempt a new straightening technique, always put the health of your hair first in your care and preparation. Your hair is a way to express yourself and try new looks and colors. As long as you’re being safe and putting hair and scalp care first, you’ll always be able to attempt a new technique in the future.

How do you get your hair straight?

You have probably seen quite a few ways to straighten your hair on social media. New techniques are always coming out that help to minimize damage while only taking a few minutes a day or requiring a nighttime routine. You have several options depending on your hair type, the curls you want and how much time and resources you want to put into it. Here are three great ways to get curls that can be added to your regular bathroom routine.

Blow-dry and flat iron

Many modern women straighten their hair as they get ready for work in the morning. This technique is easy and convenient and can be accomplished at home. The best results come from newly washed hair. Make sure your hair is detangled and protected from heat damage. Blow-dry your hair upwards, encouraging more volume at the roots. Try to use as little heat as possible to avoid hair damage and discomfort.

After your hair is dry, flat iron it on a low to medium setting depending on what works for your hair type. Work through your hair in small sections, making sure every strand is able to be straightened. This can be a slow process that takes time depending on the volume and length of your hair. Plan ahead or practice before straightening on important days so you don’t accidentally run late for work. You don’t have to apply too many products before straightening your hair as you could be left with a greasy, unpleasant look. When wet, prepare your hair with only your basic strengthening oil and heat protectant. This is a great method for those of every experience level who want to try a new and exciting hairstyle.

Overnight hairbands and product

You may not have the time or energy to add a new step to your morning routine. Fortunately, you also have the option to use hairbands and products that can help to produce a straighter hair look overnight. Different hair straightening methods will produce a variety of results based on your hair’s curliness. When trying an overnight method, dampen your hair and separate it into small sections or low pigtails. Lightly apply straightening products and use hairbands and clips to keep the hair in place. This is a gentle way to encourage straightness in your hair and can help to minimize natural waviness and curliness.

Professional perm

You may straighten your hair every day with a flat iron or overnight clips and want to try a technique that will last longer. A perm refers to chemically changing hair follicles to create lasting hairstyles. Many women often think a perm only refers to curling hair, but it can also mean straightening. A professional beautician can give you great product and care recommendations that will help you maintain the look for longer. While at-home straightening techniques will often only last a few days at most, a professional perm can last months with the right care. You can feel comfortable and confident that your hair is safely cared for and maintained by relying on professional experts in the field.

How do you keep your hair straight throughout the day?

No matter how you straighten your hair, you’ll want to keep it straight for as long as possible. Over the decades, methods and tips have been learned, refined and passed down to ensure every woman can keep the hairstyle she wants. Straightened hair won’t react well to water and high humidity outside. You most likely won’t want to risk swimming or hot tubs with straightened hair. Always carry and use an umbrella if it looks like it could rain. Consider asking a professional for the best products that can help protect your hairstyle for as long as possible.

Use strengthening shampoos and conditioners that will keep your hair healthy and strong in-between treatments. If you get a perm, you shouldn’t shower for a few days afterward or tie your hair up as this can affect the length of the look. When sleeping at night, consider using a bonnet or scarf to keep your pillow from disturbing your hair. A soft silk pillowcase is a great option for those who want to give their hair its best chance at maintaining its straight sleekness.


With the proper products and care, your hair can remain straight and perfect for up to months at a time depending on your preferred technique. Straight hair is a gorgeous look on many women and often matches well with exciting outfit choices. Don’t be afraid to step outside your comfort zone when trying new in-style looks and fashions. Every hairstyle can be straightened with the right technique, products, and care.

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