How Come Some People’s Hair Grows Faster?

Hair can be one of the most difficult parts of a persons appearance to manage. It is one of the most visible trademarks of a persons appearance but it can also be one of the hardest to manage given that it is far easier to cut it shorter than to make it longer. Understanding how hair grows is an important first step to understanding how to manage that hair and thus making it look just how you want it to look.

Obviously, some people will be forced to rely on wigs and other methods to get the hair that they want, but everyone can benefit from knowing how hair grows, how for some people hair grows faster, and how to make it do what you want.

How come some people’s hair grows faster?

Some people have incredibly luxurious hair while others are nearly bald; there are a number of reasons for this, running from genetics to hormones to stress. In general, hair will grow at the rate it will grow at and there is little one can really do to manipulate that, but there are ways to deal with the situation.

Hair will tend to grow long or short depending on genetics, hormones, age, and stress, but there are other possible reasons as well. By looking at these reasons you can determine how you can grow your own hair as long as you would like.

Genetics and Race

A large part of hair growth is determined by your genetics and, to some degree, your racial background. In general, you can determine how fast your hair is growing by how thick it is; if you can grab some of your hair and it feels like sewing thread, then you have thick hair.

Those with thick hair tend to have the fastest growing hair while those with the thinnest hair have the slowest. This means that black hair, being the thinnest, tends to grow the slowest growing hair while Asians, with the thickest hair, have the fastest growing hair. This places those of European descent in the center.

Hormones and Age

The wide range of hormones that humans deal with also has major effects on how fast hair grows. The most obvious example is that testosterone creates faster growth while estrogen tends to slow it down. This applies to other therapies, such as minoxidil, cyclosporin, and other drugs.

We can see this in women with heightened testosterone, as they tend to grow more facial hair than other women, even as women tend to grow hair faster than men in other locations. This also applies to the age of the person, as the younger the person the faster their hair grows.

Environmental Factors and Stress

In general, most environmental factors will not affect hair growth. While this obviously applies to most factors, exposure to extreme amounts of radiation and various chemical will slow down hair growth and even cause it to fall out. However, those are exceptional cases, and most environmental factors will have no real effect on hair growth.

Stress, however, is one factor that can slow down hair growth; the more stress a person is dealing with, the slower their hair growth is. Thus, if you want longer hair, then you need to deal with the stress in your life.

What actually makes your hair grow faster?

When it comes to making your hair grow faster, there are some ways to help it along. It needs to be noted that some of the more basic ways, such as genetics, age, and general environment, are beyond the control of most people, but you can make the cards you were dealt work for you with a little planning.

Make sure that you talk with your doctor before embarking on any medical treatments, and possibly with your stylist to see what other options may exist. In short, if you want longer hair, it is possible, but you need to work for it.

Limit Stress

It may sound a little obvious, but stress is one of the biggest environmental factors when it comes to hair growth. By limiting the amount of stress that you are dealing with, it can help encourage hair growth, or at least not inhibit it. As such, it can only help to do what you can to limit the amount of stress that you deal with.

This means that you need to find out where your stress is coming from and deal with it, as well as find ways to deal with the stress in your life. This does not mean that you need to sip hot and meditate, but it does mean you need to find something that works for you.

Hormone Treatments

There are various hormone treatments that can help hair grow faster, or at least allow you to keep the hair you o have. There are two problems that hormone treatments help deal with: The first is that certain issues, ranging from stress to genetics, will result in hair loss; some hormones will help a person to keep the hair that they would otherwise lose. Other hormones will help the person to grow hair, sometimes increasing the rate at which it grows.

Eating Correctly

Your hair needs nutrients to grow, and that means that you need to eat well. You also need to keep in mind that hair is a low priority when it comes to receiving nutrients so that you also need to make sure that you are plenty of those nutrients.

Protein should be a priority, as it is required for hair growth, but you should also make sure that you are eating plenty of other nutrients as well. Eating healthy allows your hair to receive the nutrients it needs to grow and will help with other issues as well, such as stress levels and keeping you going.

What can I do to grow my hair faster?

When it comes down to it, if you want to increase how fast your hair grows you may need to think outside the box a little bit. With the exception of hormone treatments, there are few ways to increase the rate of growth dramatically; you need to think in terms of small steps rather than big ones.

This means that the road to hair growth will be a long one requiring a lot of patience; keep that in mind and the process should be bearable. More importantly, with a little patience, you should be able to better guide the process.

Diet is Important

As has been noted several times, diet is extremely important when it comes to growing hair. Hair is not a high-priority system so that if you are not eating enough the hairs needs will be ignored. If you are eating for hair growth, keep in mind that you will need lots of protein, about 50 grams or so a day, to help hair growth.

You should also be looking into vitamin supplements for a wide range of vitamins: biotin, zinc, iron, vitamins C, D, and E, and omega-3 and omega-6 acids. All of these backed by a great diet will help grow hair.

The Other Chemicals

There are a wide variety of vitamins and hormone treatments that can help, but there are other chemicals that can help you grow hair. Caffeine can give you more than just an energy boost; it can also help your hair at the molecular, cellular, and even the organ level, assuming you look at the hair follicles as an organ.

Essential oils have been shown to be as effective as hormone treatments in some cases, as they help increase follicle number and depth, as well as follicle thickness; the thickness is doubly effective considering that thickness also helps increase growth.

Take Care of Your Hair

If you are serious about hair growth, then you need to take care of your hair. Dying your hair can weaken the hair follicles, slowing or even stopping hair growth, due to the use of chemicals. Applying heat to your hair, such as from curlers and even hair dryers, can damage hair and cause breakage; there are some protectants available, however. A good scalp massage, however, is well worth the time; it can not only help you relax and thus help deal with stress but can also help promote hair growth.

Are you healthy if your hair grows fast?

For some, they question the speed of their hair growth. The key is that as long as you are healthy, then your hair should continue to grow. While the hair may not be growing as fast as you would like, that speed is not based on health alone; good health merely allows hair growth in the first place and that should be sufficient for most people.

If your hair happens to be growing fast, then consider yourself lucky and figure out what you are doing right, then continue doing it. Again, there are a lot of variables when it comes to hair growth, and being healthy is just one of those variables.


Different people have different hair growth rates. While those growth rates are based on a wide variety of different criteria, it is possible to increase ones hair growth by manipulating those criteria; it can just be difficult. With that in mind, if your hair is not as long as you would like it, you may want to look at hair extensions and possibly wigs in order to get the hair that you desire. You can grow the kind of hair that you want, but it may take some time, some working with various specialists, and a lot of patience, but it can be done.

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