How Do Makeup Artists Apply Lipstick? (Tips & Tricks Inside)

How Do Makeup Artists Apply Lipstick

Lipstick is one of the things that helps bring together a makeup look. While it’s important to find yourself the right type and shade of lipstick, how you apply determines how good it will look on you.

Many people prefer doing their makeup, but some love having it done by a professional, especially for an event or a day out.

For those who do their makeup, it’s important to understand how makeup artists do their makeup, to always ensure that you do it uniformly and perfectly.

How Do Makeup Artists Apply Lipstick To Other People?

All makeup artists are different, but they use almost the same steps and methods when applying lipsticks to their clients. Some of the steps they use include:

Exfoliate and hydrate the lips
Exfoliating helps remove any flaky and dead skin on the lips that could make it look patchy and uneven. They use a soft exfoliator to avoid damaging the skin of your lips which could make the lipstick worse.

After exfoliating, they use a balm or a primer to moisturize the lips. They let the moisturizer sit on the lips for a few minutes before proceeding. That ensures that the lips do not dry during the day, leaving the lipstick flaky in some areas.

Prepping the lips helps the lipstick not only look good but also stay on for a long time.

Apply lip liner
Lip liner helps define the shape of the lips so that the makeup artist cannot apply it to the skin. Depending on what the client wants, they could use the lip liner only on the edges or apply it over the whole lip.

Using a lip liner on the whole lip helps make the lipstick last longer and also reduces the times the client needs to reapply their lipstick.

Apply lipstick
After lining and filling the lip, the makeup artist then finally applies the lipstick. The color and type of lipstick depending on the individual needs of their clients. They also choose color depending on the client’s natural lip color or colors that would make certain features pop like their eyes.

To help the lipstick look better and last longer, they apply it in layers.

Set and blot
Just like people set their makeup using a powder, it is important to do the same to lipstick. To blot the lipstick, makeup artists sprinkle some powder on a paper, then place it between the client’s lips. They then ask the client to press their lips against the paper.

Blotting helps remove any excess oils from the lipstick and also helps prevent lipstick from transferring to the teeth when the clients laugh or talk.

Clean up the edges
Makeup artists use concealer to clean out any lipstick that goes outside the edges of the lips. They can also use a lip liner to help redefine the edges.

Different clients need different lipstick results, which calls for the makeup artists to use different techniques in the application.

One of the most common techniques is over lining. This applies mostly to people who have thin lips and want to make them look fuller. The makeup artist uses the lip liner outside the clients’ lips and creates a natural lip shape.

Soft edges are also another technique for clients who want their lip edges to be clean and polished. For that, the makeup artist uses a lip brush instead of lip liners to define the edges.

Another technique makeup artists use is when they make the center of the lip lighter than the outside. For that, they apply lip liner to the whole lip but apply a lighter lipstick to the center of the lip.

What Kind Of Lipsticks Do Makeup Artists Use?

Depending on the look that the client wants, makeup artists use different types of lipsticks. Some of the most common types of lipsticks include:

Matte lipsticks are one of the fashion trends that many people took to very fast. They are pigmented lipsticks yet have a flat and powdery finish because of the little oil they have.

They are perfect for people who are looking for a lipstick to last them all day without transferring it to their clothes. However, they are not the best for people who have dry lips because of their dry nature. Nykaa Matte To Last is one matte lipstick you can try that will last all day.

On the extreme end of matte lipsticks are glossy lipsticks. These have a very wet, shiny, and sticky finish to them. Gloss lipsticks are perfect for people with thin lips because they make the lips look fuller from the shine.

They are also perfect for people with dry lips because they keep the lips hydrated all day long. People can achieve a glossy lipstick look either by using a lip gloss over a normal lipstick or buying a glossy lipstick.

Satin or sheer
These are other perfect types of lipstick for people who want to achieve a shiny finish to their lips. While they are not as shiny as glossy lipstick, they give the lips a subtle shine and also keep them soft and hydrated throughout the day.

They have light wash colors, but you can build the color up by layering the lipstick. However, satin or sheer lipsticks are not long-lasting, and you need to reapply them regularly throughout the day.

These are perfect lipsticks for people who want a combined effect of both matte and satin lipsticks. They give the hydration that satin lipsticks give but have a matte finish to them. They also have more coverage than the satin ones have.

An example of a perfect creamy lipstick is Maybelline Color Sensational Creamy matte lipstick. It keeps your lips moisturized all day and also gives vibrant color.

Lip tints or stains
These are perfect for people who want to add color to their lips without the heaviness of having layers of lipstick. They come in different colors and pigmentations, and you can have them on all day.

Unlike other lipsticks, you do not need many layers to get the desired color, and they are also easy to apply. They can, however, make your lips dry, and you may need to have a balm or gloss over them. One lip stain you can try is M.A.C Versicolor Varnish Cream Lip Stain.

Metallic or frosted
These lipsticks make the lips sparkle and glisten, and they also reflect light. They go way back to the 90s, and they also help make your lips look fuller. Some metallic lipsticks have small glitter or shimmer flecks that give your lips an extra shine.

Before applying this lipstick, makeup artists use lip balm because they tend to dry out and may crack the lips.

Liquid lipstick
These come in tubes, and they have sponge-like applicators to make it easier. Some come in tubes that enable you directly squeeze the lipstick onto the lips. These contain moisture and will not dry out your lips during the day.

Lipstick Application Tips And Tricks From Makeup Artists

Makeup artists have some tricks they use to ensure that their lipstick applications are not only perfect but also flawless. They include:

• Use a sharp lip liner- Using a sharp lip liner allows the makeup artist to make precise lines along the edges of the lips to make it have a smooth finish.
• Start from the middle of the lips moving outwards to help control application and avoid messing up.
• Use the right shade- Using the right shade helps bring together the makeup look and makes some features pop, like the hair and eyes.
• Color correcting and personalizing the color- Makeup artists use a foundation to color correct for dark lips that want a light color finish. They can also mix up a few colors to make the perfect shade the client wants.

Whenever you want to visit a makeup artist for your makeup, look for the best in town to ensure that you not only get good results but also have the best quality products.

If you want to do your makeup, consider asking for advice about the best products and application techniques from an experienced makeup artist.

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