How Do You Keep Your Makeup From Transferring When Kissing?

How do you keep your makeup from transferring when kissing

Sometimes, after I did all my makeup and made my lips look irresistible, my boyfriend comes in the room and I just get the urge to kiss him! Now, normally no problem at all you would think… But my boyfriend hates it when he gets makeup and lipstick on his face. So in desperate need of an answer, I searched the old world wide web for answers on how to stop this and found some helpful tips.

That’s when I thought I should write a blog about how to keep your makeup from transferring when kissing because I know I’m not the only one with this issue! So, below you’ll find all the tips and tricks I found and that I tried. I know you are glad to know that after using these tips, my boyfriend is no longer complaining!

How do you keep your makeup from transferring when kissing? 

The number one tip for keeping your makeup from transferring while kissing is to start preparing your face with a good moisturizer. and let this sink in first. After that, you’ll want to use two foundations. One for your foundation and a separate one for eyeshadow. Then for foundation, you’re best off when using one that is full coverage.

Below I’ll go in a bit deeper about the above points. Read on to find out exactly how to stop makeup transfer.

Use a full coverage foundation

A full-coverage foundation can be essential when trying to prevent makeup transfer. This is because even when it wears off a bit, there’s still some coverage there. There are some great full coverage foundations out there like the Double Wear from Estee Lauder. It almost literally stays on for days!

Make use of a beauty blender

But that is not the only thing that can help with keeping your makeup on your face while kissing. You might be surprised but the beauty blender can help. Now you might say that a makeup brush gives a fuller coverage but hear me out… A makeup brush puts the product on your skin but doesn’t really “massage” your product in the skin. With a beauty blender, you can “massage” the product into your skin and this helps with keeping it on your face while kissing :).

Now the two below are for obvious reasons and not only for when you’re kissing… But here they are:

Less is more

Now another way to go about it is to say that less is more. What I mean by that is the simple fact that when you normally apply lots of foundation, you now use a smaller amount on your face. Why? Because when less makeup is on your face, less of it can be found at your boyfriend’s face after a nice makeout session. With foundation, you should also remember to apply it in thin layers and to really buff it in. 

Use a setting spray to finish off your look

When you have done all of your makeup and you’re done for the great makeout session with your boyfriend, make sure you spray your face with a setting spray. This setting spray will keep your makeup in place for a longer period of time. You can trust me if I say that you will look much better with the setting spray than when you’ve only applied foundation. It just “sits” better on your face :).

Now probably the most important thing to talk about is lipstick!

How to stop lipstick from transferring while kissing?

The first thing you need to know about it is the fact that you need to “prep your lips” before you apply the lipstick. Just like the rest of the makeup on your face… It just adheres better when everything is smooth and ready for some makeup/lipstick. You can imagine that putting lipstick on your dry and chapped lips isn’t going to be helpful. To do this you can make use of lip scrub to slough away dead skin cells. After that, you can apply a lip balm and keep it there for a couple of minutes to do its magic. When you’re ready to apply the lipstick (simply after a couple of minutes with the lip balm on) you can take a tissue and remove the lip balm from your lips.

Then it is time to apply the lipstick but which one and how do you do it?

We already talked about prepping your lips and the next step would be to start with lining your lips.

You do this with a lip pencil and the waxier formula has a longer-lasting power that creates a barrier that keeps the color intact within your lips. By using this step your lipstick will cling better to your lips and that, in turn, will help you when you have a makeup session with your boyfriend!

After that, there’s an important part that not everyone tells you and that is blotting! When you blot your lips you are helping set the pigment into your lips. You do this in a deeper way than when you would just quickly apply it. It soaks up the excess oils and prevents your lipstick from smudging. This helps your color to last longer and stay in place. But how do you do it? You grab a tissue, put it between your lips, and then apply pressure for a couple of seconds. After that take some translucent powder and a brush and put this on your tissue. When you have done this, apply with the tissue another coat of color on your lips and you’re good to go.

After all of this, you are ready to put your lipstick on!

As you might know, you can better use a matte lipstick. These kinds of lipsticks are not as likely to slide as let’s say a creamy lipstick. To get the perfect kissable lips you should apply your lipstick with a lip brush. Apply it carefully and from the corners to the center of the lips. Avoid putting it everywhere. Place it selectively and carefully.

Now that wasn’t as much work as you thought it to be right? Now you have sexy looking lips, your boyfriend wants to kiss you all the time and you do not have to worry about your lipstick coming off!

If you’ve read the entire article you might have found that the article is all about putting your makeup on right and do it in a manner so that it stays on. That is the whole story of it! If you apply lipstick, foundation, concealer, or any other makeup… Apply it in the most effective way and use all the tools you have in your arsenal to keep your makeup there!

Now that you know a lot more about keeping your makeup transfer when you’re kissing… I’ll let you in on one little secret… 

This isn’t a foolproof method and you won’t find any. The chance that some of your makeup gets on the face of your boyfriend is just a risk you have to take. But… You can minimize the chance by using the above methods! And after all… Who doesn’t find it sexy to see a bit of lipstick on their boyfriend? It just means you both are that into kissing! Nice isn’t it?

If you have found this article helpful, you might find the articles below worthy to read! Enjoy and see you next time!

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