How Long to Let Primer Dry Before Putting on Makeup?

You should let primer dry before you put on makeup

With all of the makeup bottles, packets, and powders available today, it’s essential you know how to use them properly. Putting on too much or not enough or putting your makeup on in the wrong order can result in cakey or unpleasant looks that not even makeup wipes can save you from. Primer is especially important because it starts your look and sets the tone for the rest of the products used. Here are some great tips to make sure you’re putting on your primer and the rest of your makeup look correctly.

How long to let primer dry before putting on makeup?

Primer is essential to every makeup look no matter how natural or bold and vibrant. It’s applied directly after moisturizer in a light layer to create a perfectly smooth canvas, all pores gracefully hidden away. Primer can be the difference between an okay look and a fantastic look and should always be utilized to encourage your face to shine its brightest.

The recommended perfect length of time to wait before applying heavier makeup on top of prime varies depending on the source. Some recommend between three to five minutes to wait while most agree the recommended minimum baseline is at least sixty seconds. A primer should not caked on the face and should feel light and effortless on the skin. Too much and your look can slide right off with nothing to stick to, resulting in a complete redo.

Concerning the first step of moisturizing, there are many different brands that can be water-based or silicone-based. Depending on the ingredients, the overall feel and rate of drying can be different. Your primer should be dry to the touch and not tacky or come off on your fingers.

No additional moisturizer should be applied on top of the primer, and you should wait at least a full five minutes before applying the primer on top of the moisturizer.

It may be a little difficult or awkward to add a new step to your already established routine but have no fear. Primer is a quick and easy new trick to pick up and results in a flawless makeup look unlike any you’ve tried before. With a little time and effort, you can dramatically improve your looks by only adding one new step to your routine.

How long should I let primer dry before applying foundation?

Many foundations can weigh down the makeup on the face, especially when applied incorrectly or too quickly. Cream, powder, and liquid foundations are the most commonly used types for the majority of the face with powders used to set the look later. If the primer is set incorrectly, you risk the rest of the look and how the foundation you use lays on the face.

Always be aware of the type of foundation you’re using and that it’s a brand and type compatible with your primer and skin type. Liquid foundation is great for many types of skin and provides a dewy smooth finished look.

Cream foundations work well for those who may have acne scarring or other blemishes that can be filled in with the cream, creating a solid, shiny surface. Cream foundations may need to be paired with an oil-control primer or moisturizer to help with the sheen.

Powder foundations are often the most convenient form of foundation and are best used on those with oiler complexions that can absorb the dry powder. For dryer skin, the powder may not set properly or settle in the fine lines of the face.

For spot or blemish control, stick foundations are the best and shouldn’t affect the primer. All of these foundations can differently affect your face and how your primer works and covers. Overall, no matter your skin or foundation type, a primer will help to smooth the skin into the best possible surface on which to apply makeup.

Giving your primer enough time to properly dry is a great way to open time in your routine to prepare the rest of your brushes or makeup. Multitasking is your best friend, and preparation will allow you to be immediately ready to move on to applying foundation once your primer is ready and dry to the touch.

There are plenty of points in a makeup routine where you’ll be waiting for something to try or set and adding another window of time will only help to streamline your process into its most efficient form.

Why should I let my primer dry before putting on makeup?

The best makeup looks come from time, patience, and loving dedication to the craft. You most likely already have a thorough routine that has served you well for months or years before now and made you look your best day after day at work, in the grocery store, on fabulous dates, and everywhere in between.

Learning about makeup primer and how it should best be applied and left to set is another way to up your makeup game and gain some valuable skills in the process.

For the same reason, you have a specific routine to wash and moisturize your face or eat healthily and exercise, learning the intricacies of new types of makeup is essential to bettering yourself.

Finding a brand that’s compatible with the rest of your look and adding it to your routine is another way to improve your expertise in makeup.

By understanding how to use primer properly on your skin type can only help your future looks be the best they can be.

New makeup looks and styles can be hard to digest and understand, especially due to how fast styles go in and out of fashion. It can be even harder working up the nerve to attempt them for fear of failure or damaging the skin. Utilizing primers shouldn’t be a step you fear in the slightest.

It’s very simple to do some research about what type best serves your preferences and making sure you use it properly so it doesn’t ruin the rest of your look. Have faith in yourself and in your makeup expertise. Incorporating change doesn’t have to be unsettling when you know what you’re doing and you’re willing to try things.

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