How Much BB Cream Should I Use?

Do you use BB cream? If not, you should. BB cream is a fantastic product that can give you flawless skin and make your makeup last all day long. The only question for many people is how much bb cream to use. In this guide, I’ll tell you how much bb cream to use, how to apply bb cream on your face, and if it’s good for beginners!

If you aren’t a beginner but just don’t like to waste products, I hear you! It’s annoying to use too much of a product and waste the excess just to buy a new product sooner than you want to.

Read on to find out how you can stop this from happening.

How much BB cream should I use on my face?

How much BB cream should you use on your face is completely subjective and will depend upon how light or dark your skin tone is and what you want the result to look like. Generally speaking though; if you are using more than 30ml (roughly one fluid ounce) then that’s too much! If you’re only covering up minor blemishes like some redness around the nose area – try starting with much less than that.

Generally speaking, it’s a great idea to start with a small amount and build the product up. This gives you a feeling of how much you really need in the future. Besides that, it’s easier to build on the product than to remove something.

I know this isn’t the clear answer you hoped for, but to give you a set amount to use isn’t right. You have to experiment and find out what the right amount of BB cream to use is for you.

But, now that you know how much BB cream you should use, let’s find out how you should apply the BB cream to your face.

How to use BB cream on your face?

Applying BB cream is a relatively simple process, and can be completed in just a few minutes.

First of all, cleanse your skin thoroughly! Remove any dirt or makeup by using an exfoliant or face wash to get rid of dead cells so that the BB cream will be able to penetrate deeply into the pores.

Next, you’ll want to moisturize – this ensures that microbes don’t reproduce on your skin while building up excessive oil during the day which could lead to acne. Choose an SPF 30+ sunscreen with UVA & UVB protection for best results.

Once cleaned and moisturized, you’ll want about two teaspoonfuls of BB cream per application (use more if you have larger areas like the forehead). Now take your two fingers and apply the cream to your skin in small dots around the face, then blend with clean fingertips.

The last step is arguably one of the most important: allow it fifteen minutes or so before adding additional makeup like blush or powder (this allows for better absorption).

Now, the first time you do this, it might take you a while and you might use too much BB cream. But, I think you know by now that if you do this more often, you learn how to apply it quicker and more efficiently too. The fact that the first few times will be harder to do, begs the question if BB cream is good for beginners…

Is BB cream good for a beginner?

BB cream is a fantastic product and it even is great for beginners. Now I know that some people say that it is not because it can be hard to determine the right amount of BB cream to use, but I don’t think it’s totally fair. Although it can be a bit difficult in the beginning, it is also very easy because of the fact that when you don’t want to or are in a hurry, you don’t need anything else than BB cream to go out and have fun.

So it might be hard (but with a little practice it’s really not!) But, if you stick with using it (and practice applying it), over time this will get easier and make sense to you! So yes, I think that BB Cream is an amazing product for beginners…but only once you’ve learned what’s best for yourself by trying out different things until finding what works well for your skin type.

As I said, BB cream is a great product to use when you’re in a hurry or when you don’t want to do a full face of makeup.

Is it okay to only wear BB cream and nothing else?

Yes, you can wear BB cream alone. It will give your face the right amount of coverage it needs and even out your skin tone to make you look flawless without having to use any other products on top of it. This is a great thing for people who are in a hurry or don’t want to put too much makeup on their faces!

Is it okay if I only apply BB Cream?

You can definitely just apply the product by itself since that’s what its intended purpose was anyways. Not everyone wants full-on glam when they’re running errands around town so using this product as well as others all throughout the day saves them time because they have one less step between getting ready and leaving their house.

I hope that you now know a lot more about “how much BB cream should I use”, how to apply it and what makes it a great product (even for beginners). Now that you know all that, I just know that you want to start experimenting with it. But you can’t do that unless you know the shade you need ;).

How do I know my BB cream shade?

One of the easiest things you can do is simply try to match your skin tone with BB cream. This you can do by visiting your local beauty store and asking someone who works there to help you out in finding the best BB cream for your skin tone. It’s as simple as that!

However, if you are not sure which shade will be perfect for your complexion (or you don’t want to visit a store just yet) – don’t worry! You have another option because finding the right color may take some time (and sometimes practice) . That’s why there is this great thing called “BB Cream Samples”.

These samples allow you to try different colors without spending too much money on something that might not look good on you. The second benefit of using these samples is that they usually come in small packages so they are easy to carry around – it makes it easy to touch up your makeup during the day.

You can easily order a bunch of them online or find the courage to go to your local beauty store ;).

However, if you are not ready for the “trial and error” method yet – I have another solution for you! You can also see BB Cream reviews written by other users who already tried different colors before. It is a great way to make sure that what you buy will look good on you. The best thing you can do is to find someone who has the same (or close to the same) skin complexion as you. This lets you see how that particular brand and shade will look on you.


Now that you know all about how much BB cream you should use, the color of your skin tone, and what makes it a great product for beginners – I hope this article has answered any questions and cleared any confusion you had. If not, don’t hesitate to reach out! I am always happy to help with anything related to beauty products like BB Creams or makeup in general.

If you found the article helpful and started experimenting because of it, also let me know! It’s great to see pictures of people having as much fun with makeup as I do!

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