How Much Makeup Do I Really Need? (Only 6 Products!)

How Much Makeup Do I Really Need

In the makeup market in 2021, there are too many products to choose from. From primers to highlighters to eyeshadow toppers, there are a lot of products that can be added to a simple makeup routine. However, in order to have an everyday makeup routine, people who wear makeup only need six products: powder foundation, blush, eyeshadow, eyeliner, blush, and an eyebrow pencil. These products bring emphasis to the eyebrows, eyes, and cheeks, striking a perfect balance to emphasize your features

How much makeup do I really need?

There are a lot of additional makeup products that can be added to a routine, but their looks can be achieved with the same six everyday products. For example, an eyeshadow topper meant to add sparkles to an eyeshadow look can be replaced with a sparkly eyeshadow that already comes in the palette you own.

Likewise, there are many types of foundations but they need additional products to complement them. Full coverage foundations need to be balanced with a strong makeup look, to balance the amount of makeup used on all the features of the face.

This might include lipstick or false eyelashes, which just add unnecessary products. An alternative lightweight liquid foundation like a BB Cream still needs to be set with powder so it doesn’t look oily or melt on the skin. Another product that is not necessary to complete an everyday makeup look is lipstick or lipgloss.

You can use lip balm to keep the lips moisturized, but lipstick bleeds into your skin and can discolor your face, and also need to be reapplied every time you eat.

How much makeup do girls typically wear?

People who wear makeup wear varying amounts of makeup, depending on the purpose. Some people wear only mascara, while some wear a full face with foundation, lipstick, and fake eyelashes.

However, the type of makeup you wear can be influenced by a lot of factors, including cost and location of wear. The makeup you wear to work can be a six-product everyday look, whereas makeup for nighttime social events are appropriate for makeup looks requiring more products.

How much makeup do I need to put on my face?

While you don’t necessarily need any makeup, people enjoy the process and the look of it. The perfect amount of makeup balances the features and draws attention to the center of the face. For example, mascara, eyeliner, and eyeshadow draw attention to the eyes, blush draws attention to the center of the face, and eyebrow pencils draw attention to the forehead.

This balance is created because the eyes are drawn to different areas across the face without any area being too distracting. For someone who wears more makeup, they may add bronzer to their cheeks and jawline and fake eyelashes to their eyes, which continues that type of balance. However, six or fewer products can achieve this balance.

How much of each product should I use?

In the order that many people apply makeup, eyeshadow can be applied according to the look that the individual is trying to achieve, such as a swipe of one color or a smokey eye. The eyeliner should be minimal, with one line across the lash line that extends slightly after the end of the eye.

Mascara usually requires two coats of mascara, and eyebrow pencils can be applied similar to eyeshadow, as it depends on the look the user is trying to achieve. Powder foundation should be applied evenly to the skin, with one to two layers applied. Lastly, blush should be applied with two light coats to the cheeks, and the nose and temples if the user chooses to achieve a bolder look.

The only 6 makeup products you need

1. Powder foundation

This powder foundation provides even, light coverage to the skin, maintaining a very natural look. It absorbs oil throughout the day, keeping your skin looking matte and not greasy. It comes with a small puff to apply the product, but for a more even coat, a large powder brush may be the better application tool. This product should be applied after the eye makeup is applied, so any runoff of the eyeshadow can be cleaned up and not blended into the foundation.

2. Blush

This blush comes in many colors so there is a match for every skin tone. It has a slight shimmer to brighten the face and bring back some natural shine. It helps bring out the cheekbones as well as bring attention to the center of the face and helps distract and blend in any blemishes with the red or red-adjacent hues.

Use a coral blush for a beachy look, a red blush for a classic look, a pink blush for a natural look, or a purple blush to bring out warm undertones in the skin. Remember to always be careful when applying blush to make sure you don’t put on too much. However, it can be fixed with some powder foundation to lessen the pigmentation.

3. Eyeshadow

There are many eyeshadow palettes on the market, but one large one with neutral and bright colors can cover all the grounds. This palette includes a broad range of brown shades, so there’s both a range to create a smokey eye and fit many skin tones, and also many rainbow colors to mix and match for more creative looks for special occasions. This palette also includes glitter shades, for an extra pop on a plain look or an all-over glitter color for nighttime.

4. Eyeliner

For eyeliner, one is enough to create a small wing that can make an eyeshadow look pop and make the eyes look larger. This one works on the lid and the waterline and comes in many colors. Purple is a great choice for brown eyes, black eyeliner for blue eyes, and for green eyes brown looks best. However, you can wear whatever color makes you the most confident.

5. Eyebrow pencil

If you value all-natural ingredients and environmentally conscious brands, this retractable eyebrow pencil is right for you. Coming in different colors and shaped like a narrow oval, it’s thin enough to look hair-like and thick enough to fill in the brow without wasting product. It’ll bring attention to the forehead, and is ethically produced, so you can’t lose.

6. Mascara

While there are few differences between mascara formulas, the brush really makes the difference. A mascara with hard bristles will keep tangles out of the lashes and globs of product from clumping them. Many people only wear mascara, and it’s a must-have in every person’s makeup bag.

While there are so many makeup products available today, not all of them are necessary for everyday looks or to complete a collection. Between eyeshadow, eyeliner, eyebrow pencils, mascara, powder foundation, and blush, a person can create a well-balanced look that brings attention to all areas of the face and looks complete.

You don’t need to spend hundreds of dollars on numerous products to achieve a perfect look. These six makeup products are a great way to achieve an everyday makeup look for makeup veterans and new makeup users alike.


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