How Often Should You Use A Hair Mask

You’ve probably wondered what a hair mask can do for your hair. And rightly so because they can help your hair tremendously. While it can help you very much, you need to know why you use a hair mask, why you use them, and how often you use hair masks.

Below I provided you with instructions on how to use a hair mask, why, and how often. How often should you use a hair mask you ask? Read it down below!

how often should you use a hair mask?

How often you should use a hair mask is a great question because not everyone knows it when they start. And there’s no blaming them. Everyone needs to learn :). 

How often you use a hair mask depends a little bit on the condition of your hair. It is advised to use a hydrating hair treatment mask at least once a week. This way you know for sure that your hair is healthy and strong. 

But, if you feel that your hair is a little damaged from using too much heat or something like that, or it feels drier than normal, you can increase the amount of hair mask you use in a week to twice or three times a week. 

Why should you use a hair mask that often?

A hair mask can give you the deep nourishing treatment your hair is longing for. It can make a big difference between your hair looking dull and your hair looking shiny and very strong! 

Using a hair mask is particularly advised (as I said above) when you have dry, damaged, or frizzy long hair. It can really give that boost that your hair needs. 

Another great thing about often using a hair mask is the fact that these hair masks are full of hydrating and restorative ingredients.

Hair masks for dry hair

Did you know that there are hair masks that are specifically designed for your hair type? Yes! If you need a mask for your dry hair, you can choose a hair mask that is formulated with butter and oils. You can think of hair masks that are formulated with shea, coconut oil, argan oil, and avocado oil for example. All great oils to help you with your dry hair.

Hair masks for curly hair

Using a mask with avocado oil for example is also great if you have curly hair and you want it to be stronger and healthier. A great hair mask to use for curly hair is the Smoothing Treat 1 Minute Hair Mask + Avocado Extract (Google it and you’ll find it!)

Hair masks for damaged hair

Do you have trouble with your damaged hair? Then you should best look for and use often the hair masks that are formulated with honey and propolis. These are the best ingredients to find your damaged hair! 

By using the masks specifically for your troubles and also knowing how often you should use a hair mask, can really make a difference when it comes to bringing out the best in your hair!

How long should you wear a hair mask?

As you can imagine, this depends on how damaged or dehydrated your hair is…. But luckily there are some guidelines that you can follow. 

The short answer is that you should leave a hair mask on for about three to five minutes. This should be enough time for your hair to soak up all the great ingredients that you want to feed your hair. 

But, if you have really damaged or hair that is really dehydrated, you can use your hair mask for longer. You can then best let your hair mask be on your hair for about 15 to 20 minutes. 

If you work with really, really dry hair, you can even put on your hair mask and leave it in overnight.

Can you use a hair mask every day

Sure you can, but I think you should not do it. You can imagine that every time you put on a hair mask, you put in lots of benefits into your hair… But benefits can also build up and lead to greasy strands with lots of buildup in it.

This is exactly what you don’t want. You want strong and healthy-looking hair. Getting greasy hair and lots of buildup is the exact opposite of what you want. 

Your hair can only absorb as much as it does, so putting in a hair mask every day is just overdoing it. You also waste money and product… Think about it. If your hair can only absorb so much, why putting on more and wasting product and money (your hair just won’t take it in).

Do you use a hair mask before or after shampooing?

Okay, I just am going to say it: there are some people wearing their hair masks wrong! You should often use a hair mask, but you should also know how to use it.

So, to avoid mistakes being made, here’s how you do it:

First, you wash your hair and then you apply a hair mask! Shampoo opens up your hair cuticles. This in turn allows the moisture from the mask to be absorbed and this is what you want! You want all those great ingredients and benefits in your hair! But do it this way and not the other way around.

Another tip: Do not make the mistake of also doing the roots of your hair. Avoid the roots when you apply a hair mask. Start with the hair mask from midway down your hair and massage the mask into your hair using your fingertips. Just keep going until you reach the ends and then you are good to go!

Can you leave a hair mask on overnight?

Yes, you can but it is not advised for everybody. You should only do this if you have damaged hair that needs to heal for example. And you should only do this on dry hair! You see, dry hair is less porous than wet hair, so there’s less risk of maxing out on moisture. 

As I said, wet hair is more porous than dry hair. If you apply your hair mask on damp hair and let it sit overnight, you can have something that is called hygral fatigue. That simply means that your hair is stretched and contracted with the addition of moisture. This happens to the point where your hair becomes weak and can easily break.

Not something you want so don’t leave in your hair mask for too long! Also, if you want to put in a hair mask and wear it overnight you should really take the above things into account so that you don’t ruin your hair while trying to get it healthy! 

Final thoughts

How often should you use a hair mask you ask? Now you know! You can use them once a week and go upward to twice or three times a week when you deal with damaged and dry hair. Just make sure that you apply it correctly and everything is fine! 

The nice thing about using hair masks often is that you can experiment with different kinds of masks. You now know that there are different hair masks for different hair types and struggles. Know which struggles you have? Go for that hair masks first! But after that, you’re free to experiment with it. Take some more time to read up about all the differences there are between hair masks and start experimenting.

Maybe there’s a mask that works wonders for you but isn’t “listed” as something that would be great for you. You only find out if you start experimenting and if you start using a hair mask often.

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