How to Get Hair Tinsel in Curly Hair?

How to Get Hair Tinsel in Curly Hair

Decorating your hair with different clips, hairstyles and add-ons is an easy way to get ready for a party or show people your fun personality. Hair tinsel specifically is woven into your hair usually in the form of extensions to bring excitement and sparkle to any regular style. While hair tinsel was most popular in the 90s and early 2000s, many women today are bringing tinsel back into fashion at raves, parties, and festivals.

Hair tinsel can react differently to different hairstyles, becoming more difficult to use if you have curlier or thicker hair. Don’t miss out on spicing up your regular hair routine with this fun accessory. Learn everything you need to know about hair tinsel here.

How to get hair tinsel in curly hair?

Hair tinsel, often called unicorn hair, fairy extensions, or sparkly hair, comes in a variety of colors and lengths. You can choose one standard color to incorporate into your hair or rainbow strands for extra glitz and glamour.

Hair tinsel is often much cheaper compared to other types of hair extensions and can be clipped or taped in as well as tied onto your natural hairs for a more realistic and exciting look. For women with curly hair, the extensions will need to be curled with rollers, products, or heat to look natural.

Always confirm beforehand that the brand is safe to be heated and won’t melt or become dangerous to the skin. Women with curly hair should curl or treat the tinsel before attempting to install them.

For tape-on extensions, gentle lift a layer or two of hair and attach the tape directly to the scalp. Press down firmly to create a seal and cover with your hair. Weave your fingers through the area a few times to incorporate the tinsel in with your regular hair, creating a seamless, fashionable look.

Clip-on tinsel hair uses the same routine and can be attached at the roots or slightly lower. Any clip-on hair extension tends to look bulkier than if you use the more modern tape-in alternative.

The more common option, which can last about four to six weeks, requires directly tying the tinsel to your hair. Practice on your friends’ hair before attempting to do your own as it can take a lot of time and effort.

Select a piece of tinsel and fold it in half, creating a loop at the top. Separate a few strands of hair from your head and wrap the tinsel around the hair, pulling the ends of the tinsel through the loop. This creates a knot that you can slide down to the scalp.

Secure the strand in place by repeating the loop process or with a square knot, tying left over right and then right over left to secure the tinsel. If it still slides down, you can repeat this knotting process until it’s secure.

With tinsel tied into your hair, don’t brush too hard near your scalp to ensure the strands stay in place for longer. Hair tinsel doesn’t require a lot of aftercare for many hair types and becomes part of your regular hair for the duration of its use.

Does hair tinsel work with curly hair?

Curly hair types present unique difficulties when using hair tinsel. The tinsel needs to be curled before installation in order to realistically weave into your regular curls. If you’re interested in long-term tinsel that lasts for months, you may occasionally wake up to flat pieces of tinsel hanging down unnaturally around your curls.

Each piece may need to be curled regularly to promote a more natural look during the day. Investing in overnight rollers or bonnets can minimize how often they straighten out.

Women with straight or even wavy hair will not likely have this problem. Standard hair tinsel is sold in straight strands that will match your regular hair texture and curl. If you have straight hair and want to curl it or otherwise use heat treatment, the tinsel will respond the same as your regular hair. High-quality tinsel may cost more but it will look and feel better than the cheapest alternative. It will also be safer to use with heat treatments and products.

You’ll have more freedom in your hairstyles with the more expensive brand that won’t snap prematurely or melt into your hair, causing potential damage and harm. Professional hair stylists can install hair tinsel for long-lasting results that blend in with your regular hair.

They can also recommend brands that curl better for women with wavy or curly hair. Every hair type is compatible with hair tinsel as long as you’re willing to put in the time to make it work for you.

How long does tinsel last in your hair?

The duration of the tinsel depends on the type you use and how it’s being treated. Tinsel extensions can be clipped on and removed at the end of the day before bed, sparing the hair from any long-term irritation or damage. This type is more likely to cause issues with your hairstyle and fall out during the day. It’s also often the cheapest option and usually used for children, Halloween outfits or parties with friends.

Tying in a hair tinsel can last much longer and become a part of your look for more than six weeks. This method relies on your natural shed rate and when the affected hair strands will fall out. You don’t have to worry about pain or discomfort with the tie-in process.

The tinsel is as light as regular hair and shouldn’t make any difference in how your head or hair feels. You’ll be able to reap the benefits of sparkle and shine for more than a month. adding new style and flair to every daily outfit.

Is hair tinsel bad for your hair?

Hair tinsel won’t cause any damage or pain as long as it’s installed correctly. Most brands are heat resistant up to a certain degree, making ironing, curling, and other heat treatments a breeze. You can also easily wash and style your hair like normal, maintaining your regular care schedule and keeping your hair feeling soft and strong. You won’t have to change your routine to specially care for the newly installed tinsel.

However, cheap hair tinsel can cause issues if it’s not equipped to deal with heat. It can melt and burn other hairs or directly damage the skin. It may also damage or break the tool being used to heat it. Clipping in the hair incorrectly or in a rush can pull out your hair when you go to remove it, causing pain, irritation and potential swelling. Tying in the hair is relatively straightforward as long as you don’t tie too many to one hair strand, which can cause breakage, irritation and potential headaches.

You’re unlikely to experience any serious or long-lasting damage when using hair tinsel. There may be an initial struggle when finding the right brand and learning how to install it, but your hair and scalp will still thrive even with a little breakage. Maintain your regular care routine to ensure your hair is still being moisturized, cleansed and protected.

How do you remove hair tinsel?

Clip-on or tape-in hair tinsel can be removed the easiest, by simply finding the seam of the clip or tape and gently pulling it off the scalp. You can apply and remove this form of tinsel daily depending on your needs. Tie-in extensions often last much longer because they’re directly attached to your natural hair. You may have tinsel for a couple of weeks upwards of several months.

You can remove tie-in tinsel by finding the knot toward the top of the hair strand and pulling it all the way down. It can be hard to fully remove all of the tinsel as the knots are very small and can adhere strongly to the natural hair strand. If a few get stuck or can’t be removed, you can pluck the entire strand of hair from your head. This may cause some irritation but it won’t change how your hair looks or cause any lasting negative effects.

If you’re interested in hair tinsel but aren’t sure how long you’ll want it, try the clip-on or tape version before tying in strands. You’ll be able to see if you like the look without paying for professional installation, and you can easily remove it if it isn’t to your taste. Most women who install tie-in hair tinsel have it for several weeks if not months, letting the natural removal process take care of it.


Hair tinsel is a fun and exciting way to spruce up your regular hairstyle with incandescent sparkles. Every hair type can wear tinsel naturally if they’ve researched a quality brand and are willing to curl or maintain the tinsel during its installation. Try out hair tinsel now to add a new shine to your hair that will catch everyone’s attention.

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