How to Get Rid of the Middle Part in Curly Hair?

How to Get Rid of the Middle Part in Curly Hair

Curly-haired friends, unite! If you have a little extra wave in your hair, if you were born with those curly-haired locks, or if you simply cannot get a hold of your curly hair, then this one is for you. We’ve been rocking the middle for decades now, and while middle parts are good at times, it’s always fun to change your hairstyle now and again. With all of the tools and products and top new trends in the market, you deserve to change it up.

How to get rid of the middle part in curly hair?

So, you’re probably asking yourself… how do I get rid of it? If it’s driving you insane and you feel like you just can’t wait any longer, we’ve curated a special list just for you to help your hairstyle look the best that it can be. From tips to products, never worry about the style of your hair again.

Let’s Go With These Top Tips:

1. Comb through your curls and use a pintail comb to move your hair parts to either side.

A pintail comb is a great tool to have in general. It’s primarily used for sectioning and parting the hair, which makes it a great style to change your middle part. You mainly see these tools when you get your hair colored at the salon, but you can order one for yourself online on Amazon.

2. Blow your curls upright.

Although you shouldn’t blow dry your hair often because it ruins the texture of your hair, every now and then you can use a blow dryer to help you style those curls. Use a round brush comb and blow dry your hair after you moisturize and condition it in the shower. The moisture will help keep your hair from drying out and it will help it look silky smooth after a blowout.

3. Part your hair when it’s wet.

Of course, styling your hair when it’s wet is one of the best ways to get rid of that middle part. When your hair is wet, it isn’t so stubborn and is pretty maneuverable. Hop out of the shower and part your hair in a zig-zag style or part it to the side. After you repetitively do this for some time, your hair should get used to a different part other than the middle.

4. Style your hair upright.

No need to style your hair upside down or in some awkward direction. Simply stand up right and give your hair some styling. We know… upside down styling is a huge trend for curly-haired folk, but upright hair styling can get rid of unnecessary frizz and can help you get rid of that middle part.

5. Use a hair paste.

Using light, water paste products or paste can help retain your hairstyle after you part it the way you want. Styling paste and creams can also get rid of that extra frizz that you don’t want. If you’re also interested in a little more volume to those curls, hair clay is a wonderful product that volumizes hair.

What Are Good Products to Use?

When it comes to hair paste and gels, which are the best to use for those styling trends and parts that you’re aiming for? Here are a few favorites that you can find easily online at Amazon:

– Moroccanoil Curl Defining Cream: This curl-defining cream defines and separates your curls to create a frizz-free look. For only $16, you don’t have to spend much to add a little bounce and define your style. 

– Royal Locks Curl Cream Gel: Lightweight curl care that leaves your hair feeling wavy and coiled, holding a perfect shape with moisturizer. This will hold that part so that your curly hair doesn’t fall back into the middle part.

– Carol’s Daughter Coco Creme Curl Shaping Cream: Silicone free and paraben-free, this coco cream smells incredible and is the perfect moisturizer for dry curly hair. This soft and natural hold will help your curly hairstyle fall naturally, with mango butter adding the perfect scents to your curls.

– DevaCurl Ultra Defining Gel Strong No-Crunch Styler: Definition and volume will be added to your curls with this gluten-free, paraben-free no-crunch styler. This ultra-defining gel is just what you need to strongly hold your part as you style it daily.

Are Middle Parts in curly hair Popular?

Middle parts are definitely on the rise, but that doesn’t mean it’s for everyone. Middle parts have been on and off trends for years, curly hair flourishes in other trends more so than middle parts. In fact, curly hair is extremely popular lately with the most extravagant and unique hair trends.

What Are the Top Trends for Curly Hair?

If you’re looking for the top hair trends for curly hair, we have got you covered. Here are some of the top hair trends that you can rock with curly hair that doesn’t involve middle parts. Be sure to use recommended pastes and gels to help you hold these hairstyles.

Here Are Some of the Top Trends for Our Curly Haired Friends:

1. The Zig Zag or Side Part.

If you’re looking for the best part, a zig-zag part will leave your curly hair looking full, while a side part will add the volume you’ve always craved. Start with damp hair and use that pintail comb to help you sort through your curls in order to perfectly get that zig-zag part that you want. This is a great look that adds volume to your curls as well as adds that extra volume looks that you want.

2. The Frohawk.

If you’re up for a little rocker chic style, the frohawk is a definite must. Feel powerful with this Mohawk-themed style as you walk into the room. Frohawks are always in style, for those who dare to go with something truly unique and different. Definitely use a gel or paste for this look, as it might be hard to get your hair to shape correctly.

3. The Fro.

Fros are always a must when reppin’ curly hair. Fros are voluptuous and work extremely well with curly hair. This is for that coil and curled hairstyles mixed with the correct hair products. A defining cream works best for fros, keeping that extra moisturizer in for styling opportunities. 

4. Long Layers.

Long layers show up the thickness of the hair, working well with the frame of the face. Best for medium to long hair, long layers are great in order to add a fuller look to curly hair. These layers will give movement to your hair and offer a truly unique look to long layers.

5. A Lob.

If you’ve never heard of a lob, don’t fret. Lobs are just slang for long, curly-haired bobs! This is for an edgier look, with curly-haired strands and a grown-up look. This is the ultimate IT look for anyone that wants a little something different with their wavy and curly hair.

What Now?! Well, Go On And Rock That New Hairstyle!

Now that you’ve gotten what you needed, feel free to try the different hairstyles! The top trends and products will be the perfect addition to your list to feel good when you walk outside with your styled hair.

Never worry about leaving the house. Grab your pintail comb and your paste and get to work. You’ll feel rejuvenated and brand new when you leave that middle part behind and grab a full, new hairdo.

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