How To Get Short Hair To Lay Down (Also For Pixie Cuts)

how to get short hair to lay down

Short hair problems! People all over the world with short hair know how annoying it can be if your hair won’t stay flat!

If you have a pixie short haircut it can be challenging to get your sides down and to let them stay down. To help you with this problem, I made a post of things you can do to get your short hair to lay down! In this post, you’ll find out how you can make your short hair to lay flat, how long your hair needs to be to lay down (I’ll tell you what to do at which length), and also how to get your pixie cut to lay flat!

I know you’re excited so without further ado… Let’s jump right in!

How can I make my short hair lay flat?

There are a couple of ways to making your short hair flat that I’m going to discuss here. For some of the methods you only need hairspray or molding spray and your hands, for the others you need more. I listed the different methods below.

Getting your short hair flat with foaming pomade
When you wake up after a wonderful nap and your hair is all over the place, it can be difficult to get your hair flat again. I think that most people can imagine that having a flock of hair go the other way than flat is just annoying. So we’re going to tame your hair!

What you need
A foaming pomade
Wrapping paper
A comb
A hairbrush

How do get your short hair flat with this method?
You start by walking to a mirror so that you can actually see what you’re doing.

After you’ve done the difficult step above, you go and grab your comb. With your comb, you go over your sides and make sure that most of the sides are combed down. You do this for the left and right side and for the back of your head.

When you have combed your hair down, it is time to start with the foaming gel. Get the foaming pomade on your comb and start combing it into your hair from the sides on the front of your head, all the way to the back. Comb it so that every hair is down. Take your time with this and do not hurry. You want good results and good results take time. 

Now that you’ve put the foaming gel all around your sides and your short hair sides are laying flat, it is time to really put the foaming pomade into your hair and comb everything down with your hairbrush. This helps to let everything from the edges to the back of your head laying flat. 

This wasn’t too bad, was it? We are almost there already! Now it is time to wrap your short hair that is laying down. You can do this by grabbing wrapping paper (you need enough of it to cover your hair and tie a bow) and wrapping it around the sides. Go from the back of your hair to your forehead and tie a bow that rests on your forehead.

To be sure that everything is tight you can grab another one of those wrapping papers and do the same. Layering them can help to give a little more push and to get everything down.

Now you’re done! Let the air dry everything or use a blow dryer. If you’re going to let the air dry your hair, you should let it dry for about 15 to 20 minutes (depending on the length of your hair). Don’t have that time? Use a dryer to make everything dry faster.

The last steps are here! After everything is dry you can remove everything. Then it is time to style the hair the way you want to!

Found it difficult to follow these steps? Do not worry! Below is a youtube video that explains this method!

Getting your short hair flat with hairspray and your hands
This I think is the one method that is the easiest, but not always applicable. If you just woke up, you need a method that is more “aggressive” just like the one above this one. But, if you need to do some retouching, or have hair that is a little longer than really short, this can be a good method for you. Here goes:

What do you need?

How do you make your short hair lay down with hairspray?
Make your sides flat with your hands or a comb. Just go through it so that you already have the most hairs down.

Then, grab your hairspray and spray over the place where you want to keep your hair flat. Do not use too much, but just enough to cover the whole area that needs to lay down.

After you’ve sprayed on the hairspray, you go in with your hands and actively go over your hair and rub it down so that it lays flat.

If you have short hair than the woman in the video below, you can also use a wax, pomade, or molding gel to get your hair down. This works the same as I described above. Go in with a comb, put in the product you want, and really rub your sides down!

If you’re more of a visual person and need a video you’re in luck! Below I put a video of someone demonstrating it for you!

How to get your short hair down with a blow dryer and a rounded brush
If you have longer hair than really short (about ear length), and a pixie cut, you might run into the fact that the hair on the back of your head can do a so-called “ducktail”. It can swoop up at its ends and it can be difficult to tame it.

But what you should do is the following:

Get a rounded brush and a blow dryer with a concentrator. You then start at the back of your head with the blow dryer on one side and the rounded hairbrush on the other side. 

And the only thing you need to do is to start and brush your hair with the flow of your blow dryer. After that, you do it the other way around so not with the flow of your hairdryer but against it. After that, you start doing it from top to bottom. Just get all sides until that so-called “ducktail” is gone!

Hard to explain, isn’t it? That’s why I have another video for you! Watch the segment on how she handles her ducktail!

Now you have 3 methods of laying your short hair down. I hope that one of the methods works great for you! Do you have another method that works really well for you? Just let me know by sending me an email.

How long does your hair need to be to lay down?

Giving an exact answer here is difficult and probably not necessary. As you could see in the section above, there are techniques for laying your hair down for multiply lengths.

Short hair
If you have very short hair, method one could be working well for you. It is a method that is designed that gets all the hair down even if they are very short.

Short to medium hair
Depending on the haircut you have, method 2 would be great. If your hair is a little longer than I describe in method 1, method 2 can help you tame your hair. But, if you have difficulties because it still won’t stay down, I suggest you go to method 1.

Longer hair with a pixie cut
If you have longer hair. Say a length where your hair is just going over your ears, method 3 can be really effective. I know that it only talks about the back of your head right now, but this method can help anywhere. Doesn’t matter where the hair stays up, try method 3, and see for yourself if it works. If it isn’t working you can always resort to other methods described above.

How to train short hair to lay flat?

There’s a myth at play here that says that you can “train” your hair. Unfortunately, I have to wake you up out of that dream and tell you that you cannot effectively do that. 

There is nothing left for you to do than styling your hair the way you want it to be. Of course, when you do it daily, your hair will fall more naturally in that place after a couple of weeks… But really “training” it to always be the exact haircut you want is not an option.

I’m sorry to shatter your dream. But just put in the effort and make your hair nice with the method stated in the section above.

How to make a pixie cut lay flat?

That what this article is all about! As I described earlier in this post, there are 3 (among others) techniques to getting your pixie cut side hair to lay flat.

Method 1
Use a foaming gel, a comb, and wrapping paper to get your pixie cut lay flat. First, comb everything on the side down, then go in with the foaming pomade. Really go from the edges to the back of your hair. Go in with a normal hairbrush after that and wrap it up with some wrapping paper. To see the full method I recommend you scroll up to see method 1.

Method 2
This is the easier one. Grab some hairspray and spray it on your already combed down short sides. After you’ve sprayed it on you can go in with your hair and grind in the hairspray deeply while putting every hair you find down. To find more about this method you can scroll up.

Method 3
If you have a little longer hair with a pixie cut, You should really look at method 3. It tells you how you can tame your pixie cut with nothing more than a blow dryer, a concentrator, and a round hairbrush. Want to know how? Scroll to the top of this page. 

With these 3 methods, I’m sure you can get your short hair pixie cut to lay down.

Final thoughts

I hope that you found the answer to the question: how to get short hair to lay down. You found 3 methods that you can use and experiment with! Use the method with foaming pomade, the method with only hairspray and hands, or a blow dryer and rounded brush! 

It all depends on what kind of hairstyle you have exactly. Just find out by watching the videos and reading the guidelines. I know for sure that after you did that, you certainly know with which method you can tame your short hair and laying it down.

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