How to Keep BB Cream on All Day?

How to Keep BB Cream on All Day

How To Keep BB Cream On All Day? BB cream is the perfect skincare product for a flawless complexion. The cream makes the face look well finished, smoothes out the facial complexion while looking natural. When looking for light makeup coverage, this is the best product.

Because it is a light skincare beauty product, you may be wondering, how long does BB cream provide coverage throughout the day. If the coverage is fading before the day is over, you may need to use tips and additional products to have a lasting effect.

Factors That Affect the Length Of Time BB Cream Lasts

Different factors will cause BB cream to last on the face for longer or shorter periods. However, it is important to know that beauty balm cream does not provide all-day coverage because it is a product that gets absorbed rather than providing cover to the skin surface as the foundation does.

These factors are:

  • The brand of BB cream determines how long it will last. Some brands last longer than others. For longer coverage time, look for brands that indicate that they stay all day. These products will be creamier for a longer staying effect.
  • Normal skin type will keep the cream on the longest, while dry skin will keep the cream on for the shortest time. To keep the cream on longer for dry skin, use a moisturizer in addition to the blemish balm cream. This is because dry skin will flake off, which causes some of the coverage to be lost.
  • The environment will affect how long the cream lasts. On hot days, sweating can cause it to melt off, which makes it last a shorter time than colder months.

Why BB Cream Does Not Last A Whole Day

The formulation of blemish balm cream is to protect the skin as it covers blemishes. The moisturizing properties keep the skin hydrated to remain supple and smooth, while SPF provides a coating that protects from the sun’s UV rays. The primer creates a smoothening effect on the skin surface while the color evens the blemishes and other uneven skin tone areas.

All the ingredients in the cream will slowly absorb into the skin after application to provide moisture and SPF protection. As the day wears on, the cream gets more absorbed, which causes it to reduce the amount of coverage the cream provides to the face.

It is essential to choose a long-lasting cream as it will have slower absorption or provide better coverage to last longer. The manufacturer will indicate whether it is a long-lasting formula.

The sheer coverage may not last a whole day as the absorption process will increase over time. However, when I use it with primer and setting powder, the coverage will last all day.

There are ways to make beauty balm cream last longer. One of them is to use the appropriate type for the different skin types.

For dry skin, moisture-intense BB creams will help them provide coverage for longer, while for oily skin types, a cream with a mattifying effect will last longer and not sweat off as quickly, which will provide coverage for longer.

Ways To Put On BB Cream TO Make It Last Longer

The steps I use to make it last longer are:

  1. Moisturize

I start by cleansing my face because clean skin absorbs skincare and beauty products better. I then moisturize to ensure that it is well hydrated and the surface is smooth. I make sure that the moisturizer is dry not to create uneven surfaces in the damp spots.

For different types of skin, use the right moisturizer to get the intended skin base for the cream. Dry skin must be well moisturized so that the cream does not fade off. Oily skin must have a water-based moisturizer so that the cream does not slip off because of excess oil.

  1. Use A Setting Powder

Then I apply a setting powder. I use a very fine and loose powder. I lightly dust it all over my face using a fluffy brush as it will help to leave a light layer. A dense brush will layer the powder thickly, and I do not want a caked look.

After the powder has set, I apply my BB cream, but I use it less than I usually would because the setting powder already adds a layer to my face and provides some coverage.

For oily skin, a mattifying powder will help tone down the oiliness of the skin. For dry skin, moisturizing before using powder will help keep the skin hydrated.

I apply the cream with a dense brush to cover my skin evenly and thoroughly. Then I blend using a sponge. The sponge presses the makeup into the face and creates a compact surface which makes it last longer.

This even coverage will make it last longer because it ensures no areas with fewer amounts of cream. Sometimes, I opt to use my fingers as they will provide the same even coverage as a dense brush.

As an alternative to using a powder, I use a primer. It causes the cream to last longer on my face because it provides an additional ‘anchoring’ surface for the cream. BB creams have their primer in them, but the extra layer will make it last all day.

  1. Use Setting Spray

I then use a setting spray on the BB cream. To get a natural look, I dust a little powder on the T zone area, which tends to be the oiliest. I use the powder on my forehead, the nose bridge, and the chin areas.

I use a damp sponge to create a less cakey look by dabbing the powder in small circles. I repeat this motion until the powder is fully blended evenly throughout the oilier areas. Then I use a setting spray on top of my whole face to seal it all in, making it last longer.

  1. Using Blotting Paper

I use blotting papers on my face to get rid of excess oil as the day goes on, especially during warm months as I will sweat more.

Applying BB Cream For All Day Coverage Without Patches Or A Cakey Look

Beauty balm creams are lightweight, and because of that, if incorrectly used with setting powder or primer, they can create patches. These patches will result in uneven areas or a cakey look that is unsightly.

To prevent that from happening, here are a few tips on applying the cream for even coverage.

  1. After moisturizing and putting on the setting powder, place a small dollop of cream on your face using your fingers. Start with small amounts. Increase the cream if the coverage is insufficient. It is easier to add rather than reduce the amount of cream.
  2. Use a damp beauty sponge to ensure complete blending of the cream. The damp sponge helps the powder and the cream blend perfectly. Use small circular motions while blending instead of long strokes, resulting in more even coverage. The damp sponge will also help lift excess cream and powder and set it firmly into the skin.
  3. Use dabbing motions rather than dragging it across the skin. This motion will diffuse the color evenly throughout the skin and will prevent patches and a cakey look.
  4. Use a setting spray to finish off as it makes the Blemish balm cream last longer. A setting spray is preferable to a setting powder as it will give a more even finish.

Tips On BB Cream Re-application

Reapplying the cream is always an option if I don’t want to use a setting powder or adding a primer. This is the process to reapply the BB cream when it is faded.

  1. In the T Zone, use blotting paper to remove excess oil. Use a light dabbing motion so as not to lift any more cream from my face.

For dry skin, add minimal amounts of moisturizer where the skin looks dry or flaky. This will create a base for the BB cream to go on.

  1. After the moisturizer is dry, put small dollops of BB cream on the areas that have faded and blend by dabbing in small circular motions. Once the faded regions are fully covered, use the same sponge to go over the whole face to create an even look and blend the older and new makeup.
  2. If I am using a setting spray, I will apply it then. If not, I will let the cream dry and touch up any even spots.

Expired BB Cream

It is important to check the expiry date of the BB cream to ensure that the product is still good to use. Blemish balm creams are water-based products, and when they expire, they may create an environment for bacteria to grow and thrive. These bacteria can cause breakouts and other skin infections.

Signs that BB cream has expired include a different scent than what it typically smells. The product will look different with the consistency more watery because when bacteria begin to grow in the cream, they will break down the structure of the cream.

If you cannot see the expiry date on the cream or packaging, then a good rule to use is not to use creams for more than one year after purchase and opening them. A year’s use is the safest window period for using blemish balm creams that are still fresh enough.

What To Look Out For When Choosing BB Cream

The ingredients in the BB cream will indicate what benefits they provide. The creams with humectants like glycerine and hyaluronic acid retain the moisture in the skin and keep it hydrated.

Zinc oxide and titanium oxide are SPF protectors, providing a barrier for the skin to protect it from the sun. Moisturizers such as ceramides are great for hydrating the skin, similar to the humectants, while antioxidants protect the skin.

Skin firming ingredients will help the skin look smoother and polished, which provides primer quality. With these ingredients, the skin will benefit from the cream throughout the day.

Based on what my skin needs, I choose ingredients that will cater to it. For instance, dry skin will work best with BB creams with plenty of humectants and moisturizers. For oily skin, creams with a matte finish and water-based formulation will provide coverage without the extra shine.

Preferably, don’t use heavily fragranced creams. The additional chemicals can irritate the skin and they do not provide any benefits to the skin.

Choosing The Right Shade Of BB Cream

Because BB cream is a coverage product, it has a color element. Choosing the right shade of cream is important to ensure that the skin tone is even without looking unnatural. The correct shade will help the cream stay on longer the whole day as it blends naturally into the skin.

It is important to know the skin color and the skin undertone to pick out the right shade of cream. Skin tones are defined by the way the skin absorbs or reflects the sun.

  • Light skin will burn quickly when exposed to the sun and does not tan.
  • Fair skin will burn quickly but will
  • Medium skin will sometimes burn when exposed to the sun for long periods and will tan moderately.
  • Deep or dark skin will rarely burn and tan easily.

The skin will have either cool, warm, and neutral undertones, and the correct undertone is determined by looking at the veins on the wrist. Cool undertones are depicted by bluish veins, while pinkish or orange veins will show warm undertones.

If you cannot tell what the skin’s undertone is, to be on the safe side, choose a BB cream with a neutral shade with the tone for the right skin shade.

It is better to test the blemish balm cream before purchasing to get the right shade. The best place to test is on the jawline instead of the wrist since the wrist may be a different shade compared to the face. An indicator that the cream is the right shade is if it disappears into the skin. If it sits on the skin and is visible, that is not the correct shade.

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