How to Loosen Tight Curls Permanently?

How to Loosen Tight Curls Permanently

Do your tight curls irritate you on a daily basis? Does setting your hair feel as though it takes an eternity? Have you missed some fashionable hairstyles because of the stiff curls? This article is set to answer these questions by providing numerous solutions that will undoubtedly lead to loosening tight curls permanently.

Curls give your hairdo more volume and movement. If you have natural curls, there are various methods to style them in a light and airy fashion. However, curly hair is notoriously susceptible to tangling and scrunching, so getting there may be challenging.

Extending your hair and loosening up the curls make it easier to change your hairstyle into a sleek and glamorous one.

Loosen Tight Curls Permanently

When you are ready to loosen up your curls, there are a variety of options you can follow. Some of these approaches need tools, while others necessitate the use of chemicals. In addition, natural substances might be used. However, the efficacy of each strategy will be different.

Some of you may want to use tools rather than saturate your hair with chemicals. Perhaps you lack the patience to work with natural components. Tools are the best solution for you in such circumstances.

Methods of Loosening Curls Using Tools

Heat Training

To modify and relax your natural curl pattern, you may use a flat iron, pressing comb, or blow-dryer. In tightly bound curls, this results in single-strand knots with increased length and a shiny appearance.

To maintain your hair healthy and shining:
• Start by setting your flat iron or blow-dryer to the lowest heat setting available.
• Spray your hair with a heat shield.
• Look for moisture-sealing natural-hair products.
• Section your hair into convenient portions using clips and combs.
• Go carefully and firmly through each part of your hair with your flatiron or blow-dryer, straightening threads.
• Twist your curls back into their natural pattern once your flat-ironed hair has lost its structure.

Heat your iron to 300 degrees Fahrenheit and let it cool for 90 seconds. After that, straighten your hair using a straightening iron every day for the next two months. You may need to straighten your hair twice a day if you have a 4d curl pattern.

It is imperative to avoid heat damage to your hair by using a heat protectant before drying or using the heat to style. According to professionals, all kinds of hair, no matter the texture—curly, kinky, wavy, coily, or straight is vulnerable to heat damage.

Plaiting and Banding

This is an alternative to heating your hair or soaking it in chemicals. Plaiting or banding is a method with a long history of women using it to stretch their curls.

This method follows the process below:
• Begin with freshly washing your hair, applying moisturizer, and sectioning it into smaller strands.
• Use a ponytail band and wrap it around each strand, wrapping it from top to bottom. It should be wrapped tightly and covered, ultimately pushing downwards.


This procedure does not require the use of any hair products and takes just a few minutes to complete. A loose braid relaxes up your curls without causing any harm to them. You may wake up with the exact style you desire by braiding your hair before going to bed at night.

Braiding process:
• Ensure you have a hair elastic at hand.
• Wash your hair and leave it moist but not wet.
• Divide your hair into three parts and braid them freely from your ears to the end.
• Go to bed with your hair secured with an elastic band.
• When you get out of bed, release the elastic and shake your hair to remove the braid.


Relaxers are among the most popular solutions for ladies with curly hair. Relaxers are cream-based treatments that chemically alter the structure of hair follicles to help relax curls. Sodium hydroxide and calcium hydroxide are two of the most active chemicals.

Although it is said to be quite successful in stretching out frizzy hair, some women may be allergic to the substances found in many relaxer treatments. Excessively dry hair is another problem. Many practitioners will test a few hair strands to see whether they suit this procedure before proceeding.

How to Loosen Hair Curls Using Chemicals?

1. Conditioner

The most pleasing thing you can do for your hair is moisturize it. Because thorough conditioning gives you a lustrous, smooth appearance. There is, however, a catch. Reverse the order of shampooing and conditioning.

Before shampooing, apply conditioner to your hair. Shampoo should be used three times each week. After this is done, your hair will be detangled, twist-free, and non-stiff.

2. Tenderizers

Tenderizers are chemical solutions that work in a similar fashion as relaxers. It is their job to make the hair soft so it becomes more manageable. It’s possible to untangle any frizz, twists, or even big knots.

Tenderizer should be used in the same way as hair cream. The use of a tenderizer may take up to two months to relax your curls to the desired taste.

3. Baking Soda

Detangling your hair with baking soda is widely practiced. It is most advantageous for curls that are too tight. However, it will also cause your hair to dry out in the long run.

Here’s how to put baking soda to good use:
• Wash your hair with a gentle shampoo.
• The 12-cup conditioner is then poured into a small basin.
• Measure three tablespoons of honey with 1/4 cup of baking soda.
• Combine the ingredients in a large mixing bowl.
• Wait two hours with your head wrapped over your shoulders.
• Then, using regular water, rinse your hair.

How to Relax Curls Naturally?

There are several natural methods to relax curls. The following list can help you achieve a somewhat looser curl pattern without the health hazards and hair damage linked with chemical remedies.

Of course, an organic relaxer isn’t as potent as a chemical hair treatment, and it will take time and many applications to see effects, but it will nourish your hair and give you silky, effective hair to be pleased with!

Take a look at the natural methods for relaxing curls below if you want to learn how to relax curls organically while also learning a few effective deep conditioning remedies.

1. Coconut Milk and Honey Mask

The combination of coconut milk and honey sounds tasty. It is a nourishing natural relaxer that you need to try out to soften your hair and loosen the curls. You will need to apply it once or twice a week until the desired effect is realized.

With the rampant studies happening, the uses of coconut have been revised to include recommendations as a healthy diet and a natural beauty product.

Coconut milk is a hair product that maintains hair health and helps to loosen curls in a friendly and calm manner. Most beauty professionals mix coconut milk with honey and other ingredients to form a paste.

After cleansing your hair with shampoo and conditioner, let it sit for at least 30 minutes. Then, if necessary, rinse it with cold water before washing it again.

These substances are effective moisturizers that may help your curls bounce back and decrease frizz. Apply this treatment once a week at the very least. Moisturizing your hair will result in soft hair that lasts longer.

2. Panthenol

Panthenol is a natural approach to relaxing curls and is healthy for both skin and hair. The most significant part is that the treatment is reversible, so you can get your tight curls back anytime you want.

This ubiquitous component in many hair care cosmetics coats your strands with a softer texture, resulting in loosened curls. The disadvantage is that your hair may get drier, so a shampoo and conditioner treatment should be performed beforehand. But don’t panic; most women say that after the hair has been treated with a clarifying shampoo, the dryness fades away, and the original curls reappear.


When loosening hair curls, use any of the methods highlighted above while taking necessary precautions. It is essential to understand the type of hair one has since this knowledge will be instrumental in choosing the suitable method and tools.

You can use heavy styling products such as pomades and cremes instead of gels and mousses. The heavy styling products successfully pull down hair causing the curls to relax. However, this method is only effective if used daily.

Permanent curl loosening is most successful when you apply a chemical relaxer. Chemical hair relaxer kits can be bought from a drug store or a cosmetics store. It is imperative to hire a stylist to apply it for you if you are not experienced to avoid causing damage to your hair.

The thought of permanently freeing your curls is appealing, but one has to be careful to avoid permanent damage such as hair loss, brittleness, breaking, and hair thinning. Always contact your local hairdresser to determine the right chemical relaxer for your hair.

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