How to Make BB Cream Not Look Cakey?

How to Make BB Cream Not Look Cakey

Your BB cream–beauty balm or blemish balm–should not look cakey or patchy. In this article, we answer how to make BB cream not look cakey. Both men and women use BB creams to perfect the skin. They’re also great for busy multitaskers who want to add a light wash of color with their moisturizers.

No one wants to look cakey, patchy, crepe-y, or powdery. In this article, we discuss how to apply BB cream to avoid a cakey or patchy appearance.

How to Make BB Cream NOT Look Cakey

There are some reasons your BB cream might look cakey:

• You bought the wrong BB cream for your skin type.

• You have combination skin and you bought a clay-based BB cream that’s made for oily, blemish-prone skin.

• You may have chosen a rich and thicker BB formula for dry skin. Instead of melting flawlessly into your skin, it looks patchy.

• Your skin changes with the seasons and you’re wearing a richer BB cream in the summer.

• Your slightly sunburned facial skin is peeling and your BB cream looks cakey. Exfoliate or prep so that your skin doesn’t look cakey or patch.

In any of these scenarios, learning how to apply BB cream so that it doesn’t look cakey is good to know.

How to Apply BB Cream So That It Doesn’t Look Cakey

Let’s start with the basics of how to apply BB cream so that it doesn’t look cakey. If you’re like most people, you probably use your fingers, not tools, to apply BB cream. It’s the simplest method.

1. Balmier BB creams benefit from the warmth of your hands. The heat of your hands and fingers melts the product and it’s easy to maneuver.

However, using your fingers to apply BB cream might produce a less than flawless result than using a brush or sponge application.

2. Don’t use too much BB cream. Start with a small amount, about the size of a coin, on the back of your hand. If you squeeze too much from the tube, you might be tempted to use all of it on your face–and that can lead to a cakey finish.

3. Dot equal amounts of the BB product on your chin, cheeks, forehead, and nose. Use your middle finger to dab the BB cream onto your skin. Don’t streak or smear the BB cream in large splotches. Use small amounts of the product sparingly. Apply a thin layer of BB cream to avoid a weighted down, heavy, or cakey look.

4. Gently pat the BB cream on the skin. Apply the BB cream using a circle, up-down motion. Gentle pressure at this stage evenly spreads the BB cream without irritating the skin. Start at the top of your face, at the forehead, then apply BB cream to the nose and chin. Finish the application of BB cream to your cheeks.

5. Once you get the hang of the application technique, you won’t need to dab and pat as much. Blend the BB cream application, starting at the forehead to the nose and chin, and finish with the cheeks. Blend a small amount of product using gentle outward strokes.

6. Add extra BB cream to blur skin imperfections. Allow the first thin application of BB cream to fully dry. Add extra coverage by applying a second thin layer where it’s needed.

Using a sponge can help you achieve the perfect BB cream application that doesn’t look cakey. Consider a sponge application if you have oily skin. A brush may be less effective in achieving an even BB cream application.

1. Start by spraying facial mist or toner into a clean makeup sponge. This step makes it easier to apply BB cream. Even oily skin needs moisture, and a makeup sponge may have a slightly drying effect. A moisturizing facial mist helps prevent this.

2. Add a tiny amount, about the size of a coin, to the back of the hand. Again, using smaller amounts of BB cream is best.

3. Place equal amounts of BB cream on your forehead, nose, cheeks, and chin. Use your fingers, not the sponge, to apply the dots. Never apply BB cream in large streaks or splotches. Use small amounts of BB cream to create a thin layer of even color. Your skin won’t look heavy or cakey!

4. Now, smooth the BB cream with the sponge. Rub the product into the skin using outward strokes. Don’t use too much force. Do use just enough to spread the BB cream from your forehead to the center of the face. Finish the BB cream application on your cheeks.

5. Gently apply the BB cream around the eyes as the last step. Since the skin around your eyes is thin and delicate, use a light touch.

You can also use a makeup brush to help make BB cream not look cakey. Using a brush may work well for those with dry skin. It’s particularly effective when your BB cream has a liquid consistency. As above, it’s not usually the best method for applying thicker, balmier BB creams.

People with dry skin or sensitive skin report that using a makeup brush causes less irritation. Fingers or makeup sponges may cause already dry skin to feel drier.

1. Squeeze a small amount of BB cream into your hand. Remember, use less product to achieve a smooth and not cakey application.

2. Dab equal amounts of product on the face at the forehead, nose, chin, and cheeks.

3. Smooth the product into the skin with the brush using firm outward motions to apply the BB cream. Since brushstrokes are a softer, gentler way to apply BB cream, you may use a little pressure to thinly spread the product.

4. Start at the forehead, then brush the cream to the top and sides. Blend the cream on the nose and chin, then finish the application at your checks.

5. Use the brush to blend well to create a flawless BB cream application. No cakey-ness here!

Why Your BB Cream Might Look Cakey

If your BB cream looks cakey, you may be using the wrong BB cream or using it in the wrong amounts. You might be pairing a perfectly great BB cream with incompatible products.

You need some tricks about how to apply BB cream so that it doesn’t look cakey. While that may seem easier said than done, it’s possible to fix a cakey application or avoid it in the first place. You use BB cream to save time in your beauty routine, so you don’t have time to wipe off cakey makeup to start all over!

Tip #1. Blend, blend, blend. If your BB cream looks cakey after application, you might not have finished blending. Use a damp makeup sponge to gently dab your BB cream in the skin. Do this again and again for about three minutes, or until the application is liquefied and set. Blending eliminates any patchiness and ensures evenness, without the cake!

Tip #2. Treat Your Eyes. You started using a super-hydrating BB cream to make your skin look luscious. Good for you! The only thing is, your under-eye concealer looks cakey or chalky in comparison. If you need under-eye coverage, here’s what to do. After cleansing your face, use a toner with squalene or another emollient to hydrate the fine lines around your eyes. Don’t mist toner on your face with this trick. Instead, spray a small amount onto a clean sponge. Lightly tap off any excess, then press the emollient product over the cakey concealer. Voila! Now your eyes look as smooth and dewy as the rest of your face!

Tatcha Luminous Dewy Skin Mist and Biossance Squalane + Hyaluronic Toning Mist are two great products for you.

Tip #3. Use Setting Spray. Most BB creams melt in your fingertips but maybe yours looks cakey because it didn’t liquefy of you used too much. When you’ve finished applying your BB cream, try a bit of makeup setting spray. It’s like magic. You can melt all of the BB product into your skin. A spritz of setting spray locks the BB cream and any other makeup into place and removes patchiness to leave a natural finish.

Urban Decay All-Nighter Setting Spray and Morph Continuous Setting Mist are great to have on hand!

BB Creams to Perfect Your Skin

Finding the best BB cream may be a journey. BB cream formulas vary in color, finish, and coverage, just like foundation formulas. Unlike your foundation product, which typically provides coverage a color, BB cream does more. It adds skincare extras, e.g. sun protection and hydration. If you’re looking for beautiful skin that looks radiant, moist, and natural, BB cream offers sheer hydration.

It’s also easily applied. Because you won’t necessarily require makeup sponges or brushes to apply BB cream (unless you want to), you won’t need as much time or attention to make your skin look wonderful.

Let’s face it. There are also some days when you don’t want to apply full-face makeup application:

• If you’re planning a day outdoors and don’t want your makeup to look cakey, it’s BB cream to the rescue.

• Maybe you want to give skin a rest, a chance to breathe, on your day off. BB cream’s moisturizing benefits work for you now.

• Perhaps you’ve got a Zoom call late in the day or early evening? BB cream is easily maneuverable, with or without a mirror.

BB cream is one of the best ways to make the most of your natural beauty as you protect your skin from aging UVA and UVB rays. Since it’s a lightweight option, BB cream shouldn’t look cakey or dry on the skin.

What BB Creams Do for the Skin

Today’s BB creams have evolved. You might choose to apply BB cream after a facial treatment if your med spa says it’s okay. But you’re more likely to reach for BB cream because it streamlines your beauty routine.

Consider your beauty regimen. Do you apply a separate moisturizer, add sheer sunscreen, then apply a foundation to color and even out skin tone?

BB cream’s appeal is that it simplifies many steps into one. Your BB cream doesn’t need to stop there: select a BB cream formula with bonus ingredients that suit your skin type. BB finish options bound, too. If you don’t want a moist or dewy look, choose a matte BB cream formula. Try different BB formulas to match the day and mood.

Part of the delight of wearing BB cream involves trying different types. You’ll probably need a little trial-and-error to identify the best BB cream for your skin type and color. Since there are so many delightful beauty balms on the market, try several to find the one you can’t live without.

Keep a tube of BB cream at your makeup table at home and another in your bag!
If your skin is oily or you’re prone to breakouts, select an oil-free matte BB formula. If you have normal to dry skin, you’ll probably enjoy a hydrating BB cream. Regardless of the formula, a light coverage priming and correcting BB cream that works with your skin type is a game-changer.

How to Match BB Cream to Your Skin Type

Match BB creams to your skin type. Your skin may be soil, normal, or dry, or a combination of types.

If you have sensitive skin, select a BB cream with natural ingredients and fewer chemicals.

Normal skin often benefits from a moisturizing BB cream to make the skin look smoother.

If you’re searching for a product that makes your skin tone look even or balanced, try a skin-whitening formula.

Dry skin probably won’t benefit from a thick BB cream formula. Look for a liquid consistency: thicker formulas may promote more dryness.

How to Choose a BB Cream

Most BB creams offer a spectrum of benefits. Consider the properties of each BB cream, such as moisturizing, priming, skin-whitening, tinting, refracting light (radiance), anti-aging, enriching (with vitamins, herbs, and extracts), and tinting (color).

Select BB creams made by reputable manufacturers. Do research about the manufacturer if you’re unfamiliar with the name of the company.

Read user reviews about BB creams. Regardless of the cosmetic manufacturer’s reputation, user reviews are one of the best ways to identify BB creams for your skin tone and type. Remember, the same product can perform differently. The condition of your skin may affect whether the BB cream looks sheer or cakey.

BB Creams Shouldn’t Look Cakey or Patchy

If your BB cream looks cakey or doesn’t provide even coverage, you might not have blended it well into your skin.

If you used a brush, e.g. a foundation or Kabuki, or you applied the BB cream with a damp triangle or beauty sponge, try warming the BB cream in your fingers. Apply it directly from fingers to skin. Blend well.

It’s also possible that the current BB cream formula is too heavy or the wrong shade for your skin. Do check the color in bright like to ensure even and flawless application.

BB Cream to Match Your Skin Tone

It’s not always easy to perfectly match your skin tone. Consider the range of shades you have to choose from!

Select a BB cream that best matches your skin tone. Compare your facial skin tone with that of your neck. Don’t test the BB cream shade on your hands. The skin color of your hands is usually different than that of your facial skin. If you plan to wear BB cream on your hands, arms, or body, match the shade of your skin to the BB cream.

Best BB Creams for a Flawless Look

The skin of all ages can benefit from beauty blemish balm BB creams. Whether you want to hydrate skin for a day or an evening out, some BB creams treat the skin with fine line fillers and brightening ingredients. Use BB creams on your face, hands, arms, or décolleté area. Your skin will appear plumper and more evenly toned.

The skin on your hands can give away your age. If you’re looking for instantly smoother skin, BB creams are your best friend.

Body skin benefits from BB creams and lotions in the same way as facial skin. These products hydrate and brighten age spots in an instant.

Some favorite BB creams to consider include:

Erborian BB Cream/Tinted Moisturizer. This mattifying cream is easily applied and worn on hot and humid days. It supplies up to medium coverage and can be worn beneath the foundation.

MDSolarScience MD Crème Mineral BB. This vitamin-infused creamy formula includes skin-brightening green tea and niacinamide.

Tarte’’s Amazonian Clay BB is formulated for oily skin. It’s also vegan and completely cruelty-free. Clay absorbs oil throughout the day. Sodium hyaluronate (a cousin of hyaluronic acid) keeps your skin looking fresh and not cakey.

Request a BB Cream Sample

Try the BB cream formula out before you buy when possible. Ask for a sample of the BB cream formula or purchase a sample or trial size online. Check your look throughout the day in both natural and office/artificial light.

Where you are can greatly affect how your BB cream looks. If you test a BB cream at the cosmetics counter, you may notice a subtle or dramatic difference in color outdoors.

Wear the BB cream for at least a few hours in various settings before you buy the BB cream product.

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