How To Mold Long Hair For A Quick Weave

For many women, installing a hair weave seems like a long and tedious process. Normally you can stay in the hair salon for up to 4 hours or more for the right result. Of course, they have a solution for that! The quick weave!

The fast weave may have a bad reputation, but if done properly, it can be a great hairstyle that you can create in a short time. 

Today I’m going to tell you all about what a quick weave is, how to maintain it well, and how to shape long hair for a quick weaving.

What Is A Quick Weave and what is so great about it?

A quick weave is a weaving method where the hair wefts are glued directly to a protective weave cap. You probably have seen it somewhere in the salon where you saw people with some sort of stocking cap over their head and a hairdresser wh was busy putting hair wefts on it.

This protective cap that they place on your head is placed before the bonding process. The good thing about this is that you can do this at home or at the salon!

Good to know is the fact that you can also use the hardening gel to hold down the hair instead of braiding your hair. After the hair is held down by the hardening gel or when you braided it, the protective cap is placed over your hair. This provides coverage from the glue and after that, the hair extensions are glued to the cap and cut.

What’s so great about the quick weave?

Good question! These quick weaves have grown quite a bit in popularity because they are the cheaper and faster option to the sew-in-weave. But there are a number of other things that make it great. I’ll list them below for you.


As I said above, quick weaves are a quicker and cheaper option to the sew-in-weaves. Where quick weaves cost you $60 to $150 (depends on if you do it at home or at the salon), the sew-in-weaves can cost you around $250. 

Less time

Quick weaves are normally done in about 1.5 hours. That is half the time you need in comparison to the sew-in. A great option if you don’t have that much time for it, or if you just want a quick solution. 

Lower barrier of entry

You can do this at home and the things you need are readily available at your local beauty supply store or online (and also for good prices which makes the “cost” section even better). You can experiment with your hair for little money and that is what makes it great!

Low maintenance

Apart from the daily wrapping method when you’re going to sleep, there isn’t anything that takes a lot of time for you to take care of your quick weave. A huge plus for people who don’t want to put in hours of work every day.

What is the Molding Technique For A Quick Weave?

The molding technique comes down to making sure that the hair is flat. You need to create a flat and hard surface so that you prevent the hair from being touched by the glue. As I said earlier, to get this done you can either use a molding gel or you can braid the hair in to start the molding process. For the molding technique you need a couple of things that I’ll list for you below:

  • Rattail comb
  • Ampro Gel
  • Wrap strips
  • Gorilla Snot
  • stocking caps
  • Spritz
  • Robert Diamond Bond Protective Shield
  • scissors
  • Bonding hair glue (White or Black)

how to mold long hair for a quick weave

Now that you know which things you need, it is time to look at how we should mold long hair for a quick weave! For short hair, this is an easy thing to do, for long hair however you have two options. You can braid your hair or you can put your hair in a ponytail. Today I’m going to explain both of the techniques to you so that you always know what to do!

First I’ll explain the step by step process of molding your hair with braids.

Step 1

Wash and condition your hair. This way it is clean and all the build-up is out of your hair. Some hairdressers even like to trim the hair of the client to get an even better start.

Step 2

Remove any leave out hair. You can braid it away from the hair the is gelled down, but you have to make sure that you put it away.

Step 3

Now you can dry the hair so that it is ready to be braided.

Step 4

Now you can start braiding the hair. Braid your hair so that the braids are small and flat. It is better to take your time on this step. Never hurry if you want good results.

Step 5

After you’ve braided your hair down, you can place the Ampro Gel I talked earlier about on the braids so that the mold can begin.

Step 6

Now that you’ve completed the previous steps, it is time to place the wrap strips on the braids.

Step 7

Now it is time to place the stocking cap on your hair. Some people prefer to so that it is really tight ut that is up to you. There’s no difference in results if you go for one or for two.

Step 8

Let your hair dry! You can put yourself under a dryer until your hair is completely dried!

Now you did all things you had to do to make a quick weave with braids. Now we are going to explorer how to do it with a ponytail.

First: Repeat steps one and two from the previous section. Those are exactly the same.

Step 3

Now we’re going a different route. Comb your hair back as if you were doing your hair in a ponytail.

Step 4

Now that your hair is combed back and in a ponytail, you should take the remaining of the hair and fold it up. After that, you can gel it down.

Step 5

Repeat steps 5 through 8 of the step by step section we talked about earlier.

Step 6

Now that the hair is dry you can remove the stocking cap from your head.

Step 7

Now you can start with placing the hair extensions on your head!

Step 8

After you’ve put in all the extensions it is time to unravel all the leave out we talked about earlier. After you’ve done this it is time to start styling your hair.

How to maintain a Quick Weave for long hair?

I said it in the intro section. The quick weave is simple and there is not high maintenance. You should wash and comb it, but that is not different than what you would do normally.

Now you might wonder what you need to do when you go to bed… Unfortunately, there’s not a one-size-fits-all answer for this, but hopefully, I can give you some pointers. How you do your hair when you go to bed all depends on what style of quick weave you have.

Short and straight style

You can choose to wrap up your hair and tie it tight. That should be enough.

Short curls

If you have a whole head full of short curls, you’re better off with a satin sleeping cap.

Long straight hair

The fun thing that you can do with long straight hair is to braid it. If you let it sit overnight it forms waves in the morning!

The choice is up to you. Just keep in mind that you take good care of it and you’ll be fine.


Now you know how to mold long hair for a quick weave! Not only that, you know much more, you know how you should mold your long hair, you know how to sleep with your quick weave and you know why it grows in popularity! With a quick weave, you have many options on how to style it so keep experimenting. That way you’ll find something that fits you, and if you take good care of it, it stays with you for a long time.


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