How To Remove Great Lengths Hair Extensions At Home?

How To Remove Great Lengths Hair Extensions At Home

Do you ever see people walking around with beautiful hair extensions that look just like the real thing?

So do I! Yesterday I saw a woman walking with beautiful extensions in her hair and I couldn’t resist asking her how she had done this and which hair extensions she had used. 

So, as directly as I am, I step up to this woman and ask her my questions. You can imagine how surprised this woman looked when I asked her this. But she was not only surprised, but she was also very happy that someone noticed it! With great pleasure, she told me about her Great Lengths hair extensions. She had them put in a certain hair salon. She thanked me for the compliments I gave and so she went her way again. With beautiful hair.

This not only left me inspired to do this one day… My head also started thinking about how to get the hair extensions out of your head now that Covid is not going to let us go anywhere anymore! So, today’s article is about how to remove great lengths of hair extensions at home.

I’ve also put the other questions in my head on paper so you’ll probably read the most common questions here!

So, how to remove Great Lengths hair extensions at home? Removing Great Lengths hair extensions takes 3 steps. First, you will need to use a remover gel where the hair glue is located. This is made to break down the compound that bonds the strands to your hair. Next, you should use hair extension glue removal pliers. With these pliers, you can put force on the gel until the gel has broken down the bonds. The lasts step consists of sliding the hair extensions right off with little to no effort.

How Do I remove my Great Lengths hair extensions?

The easiest way is the way I described it above. Now, this all sounds very easy, but it can still be a bit tricky. I will go through the steps below again with a little more description.

Step 1: apply the Great Lengths hair removal gel on the bonds of the hair extensions. This will break down the compound that bonds the strands of your natural hair. You should know that the gel is 100% safe and that it can not damage your hair. After that, you can let it settle in for a couple of minutes.

Step 2: Grab the Great Lengths removal pliers and start putting pressure on the bonds. With these special pliers you won’t break or damage any hair but just break the bonds. You don’t have to use substantial pressure. Some easy pressure will suffice to break the bonds with your natural hair. 

step 3: Slide your hair extensions off at the base. You should do this with little to no effort.

Now all this can be difficult if you’re trying to do it on your own. Therefore it can be handy to let someone help you.

Now you know how to safely remove the hair extensions from your hair! But I can imagine that you also have questions about the Great Lengths hair extensions while they are in your hair. This is why below I have set out the most asked (and my own) questions so that I can help you best!

How long do Great Lengths last?

I had this question right in my head and often found it on the internet. Logical of course, because if you want to start Great Lengths hair extensions, it’s good to know how long they will last. In general Great Lengths hair extensions last six to 8 weeks. 

If you take good care of them of course. If you take good care of them, it is also possible to re-apply them in your hair about 3 times. This means that if you take good care of your hair extensions they will last three times as long as the 6 to 8 weeks described above!

How are Great Length hair extensions applied?

Usually, the classic way of applying these hair extensions is used. This is also called the “OG” application method. This technique was developed in the ’90s and is actually the safest and widely used way of applying Great Lengths hair extensions. But how do they do this exactly?

In the first instance, small quarter-inch square sections of your natural hair are selected. After that, the pre-bonded hair extensions of equal density are applied (they are doing this strand by strand). Then the Great Lengths hair extensions are rolled around your natural hair just below the root. This way they are comfortable for you to wear and they are safe to go to the full range of motion which is of course what you want. 

Normally an application treatment looks like this: They start off with washing your hair a couple of times with the Great Lengths Clean Removal Shampoo. Then they blow dry your hair. After that, they start the application process as I described above for you. After all that is done, they give you the beautiful haircut you’ve always dreamed about! 

You can see exactly how they do it in the video below!

How much do great lengths extensions cost?

How much Great Lengths hair extensions cost depends on the length and the desired volume. But often these hair extensions start at $1000 and go up from there. If you want to know an exact estimate you should consider talking to the salon where you want to get your hair extensions. They can look at the state of your natural hair and you can talk with them about the result you want to achieve. This way you’ll get the best estimate you can get.

Do Great Lengths hair extensions ruin your hair?

No, it will not. When the Great Lengths hair extensions are applied correctly, and you take good care of them, you’ll not in any way damage your hair. The application process will also not damage your hair. 

The thing that is crucial of course is the skill level of your hairstylist that is putting them in your hair. You have special Great Lengths Certified Stylists who can help you the best. You can use Google to find out where in your neighborhood you can find someone who is certified!

Where do Great Lengths extensions come from?

The company Great Lengths takes pride in its premium quality hair extensions. When I went to their website for information on this question I found the following:

They use only gently processed long-lasting traceable, soft Virgin Remy hair. The source 100% of the virgin Remy hair directly from donations made to Indian temples and are blended by hand. What I mean with that is that all their hair extensions are handmade and blended strand by strand. This all is made in Italy and it is all about empowering women. They want women to dream about beauty, confidence, health, and integrity.

If these are not the hair extensions you want on your hair, then what more do you want?! This sounds absolutely amazing!

Can you swim with Great Lengths hair extensions?

Now you might think that this is an odd question, but I wouldn’t have put it here if it wasn’t important! 

You might not know that bonded and tape-in extensions are most fragile when wet. This doesn’t rule out swimming! So, if you want to go swimming with your hair extensions it might be a good idea to use a swim cap. I know this might be not the most flattering thing to use, but chlorine can leave your hair extensions dry, discolored, and vulnerable to breakage. This is of course absolutely not what you want!

If you do not want to use a swim cap you really should take extra good care after swimming. You can do simple things like before you dive into salt or chlorinated water. You can soak your hair with fresh water and apply a great amount of conditioner to your hair. This gives your hair the chance to soak up the fresh water and this will prevent the chlorine or salt from absorbing in your hair deeply. This results in less damage to your hair!

You should also know that wearing your hair up or in a braid is essential when swimming. Free-flowing hair tangles more easily. 

Final thoughts

You not only learned how to remove Great Lengths hair extensions at home today, but hopefully, you learned a whole lot more! This was an article that gives a little insight into how my brain works. I see something I like, start thinking about it, and want answers to maybe even odd questions. This may sound weird, but I hope that despite that you secretly love all the answers you got today!

I hope by now that you know how to remove the Great Lengths hair extensions, how they apply them, and how you can take great care of them! If you have this kind of hair extensions and you want to tell me how you take care of them and how much you love them, you should! Just sent me an email and I will read it with a smile on my face!


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