How to Style Your Curly Hair Without a Part?

How to Style Your Curly Hair Without a Part

Are you tired of styling your curly hair with a part? Well, the good news is you can do away with parting. While styling your hair with a part is most common, it is not usually the best hairstyle depending on the type of face you have. Middle parts especially call attention to any uneven parts of the face and can also exaggerate the shape of a long face. On the other hand, side parts can accentuate the forehead and make it look uneven.

This only goes to show that parting doesn’t work for everybody. If you’re looking to know how to style curly hair without a part, read on to find just how.

How to style your curly hair without a part?

Many people struggle to style their hair without a part because hair tends to be divided or fall to one side. This can be pretty frustrating if you are set on styling your hair without a part. The good news is your hair will take any shape you train it to take. You can achieve this by air-drying and combing it to take the desired shape. You can then apply some salt spray, mousse, wax, or gel to ensure it maintains the shape.

For a more specific technique to achieve the no part hairstyle trend – do the following:

1. First, wash your hair and let it dry. For better results and the desired effect, use an air dryer. If you want to get more volume in your curls, apply a root volumizing spray foam and a boar bristle brush or large comb to not destroy the curls. You can then place large rollers where you commonly part your hair or have a natural part. Let it sit for a few hours, and you will have achieved a no-part curly hairstyle.

2. You can also use hairpins to achieve a no-part curly hairstyle with the help of hairpins. This mainly goes to people who have a more natural and distinct parting. Notice where your hair naturally parts, put your fingers in a claw-like shape, and grab some hair on both sides of the parting. Take a hairpin – preferably the same color as your hair and then weave it in and out of the hair. Repeat this until there is no visible parting.

3. Another more straightforward technique for your everyday casual look, if you do not want a part in your curls, is to use a Denman brush or a boar bristle brush to brush your hair to the back while it is wet. Rake in moose in the direction that you want to style your hair. You can use hair clips to hold back your hair and keep it from flowing back while drying. When the hair is dry, apply more moose or hairspray to maintain the shape you styled it in and prevent it from parting.

Should curly hair have a part?

While parting is a great way to switch up your look and change your hairstyle without necessarily changing your entire look, curly hair does not always have to have a part. However, most people have natural hair parting. When you comb your hair, you may notice that it falls to a particular side. It can be in the middle or side.

To find out where your natural hair parting is, it is best first to wet your hair then comb it back – away from your face. Nudge or push your hair forward a little using your hand. Your hair should split to one side, and that is where your natural parting is.

How to get rid of a Natural Hair Parting

Natural parting in hair can be a little frustrating, especially when you want to switch up the look. You can always get rid of your natural hair parting by following these simple steps;

  • Start by washing your hair, or at least the hair should be damp. Wet hair is much easier to manipulate and style to the desired shape.
  • Focus on changing up the part. Comb your hair properly, take a blow dryer and comb the hair in an unnatural direction. By unnatural, I mean the direction opposite to what the hair naturally takes. You can either brush it all to the front, side or back. It is best to try all the different directions.
  • Once you are done, you will notice that the natural hair part is gone. It is as simple as that. The basic is to comb and blow-dry your hair in an unnatural direction. Once you switch it up, the natural parting will disappear.

No-Part Hair Trend: Essential Tips on Different ways to Rock a No-part Hairstyle.

The fashionable craze that is a No-part hairstyle is taking over the fashion industry, and more and more celebrities are taking up this trend. If you follow supermodel Gigi Hadid, you have noticed her rocking this hairstyle in major red carpet events and even runways. Many people have fallen in love with this trend, and it Is for a reason. Let us discover the many reasons why this trend is perfect for you and the different ways you can wear this hairstyle.

Why are No-Part Hairstyles good for you?

No-Part hairstyles are slowly making a comeback from the 70s and are now showing up on glossy magazine pages, glamorous photo shoots, runways, and red-carpet events. Top hairstylists and designers are incorporating no-part hairstyles more and more and giving them a more fashionable edge.

Here are several reasons why you should try the No-part hairstyle:

  • No-part hair can quickly go with any outfit. Depending on the look you are going for, a no-part hairstyle can effortlessly complete the look. It is chic, trendy, laid-back, high-fashion, and casual. You can wear it with an evening gown, a chic sporty look, or with a pantsuit.
  • If you want to draw attention to your face, it is the perfect hairstyle for you. It also saves the natural harmony and proportions of the face. You can easily avoid your forehead looking uneven by having a No-part hairstyle.
  • No-part hairstyles work for all textures and hair lengths. It does not matter the type of hair you have or how short or long your hair is – you can still rock a No-part hairstyle.

Arbiters of high fashion such as Markus Lupfer, Paco Rabanne, and Missoni are among the trendsetters who have taken up this hair trend. More designers prefer their models to showcase their designs in wet, slicked-back looks with no part because this hairstyle focuses more on the model’s face and attire.

No-part hairstyles do not take away from how good the model looks or how fashionable they have won. This is why more designers are incorporating this trend into their shows.

What are the different types of No-part Hairstyles?

Depending on the look you are going for, there are many types of no-part hairstyles you can choose from. Here are a few no-part hairstyles for any occasion;

1. Casual Sleek Cheek

This is an everyday no-part hairstyle to achieve that casual yet sleek look. It is pretty easy to accomplish as you simply brush your hair to the back and apply some moose to keep it from parting. You can pair this style with massive or loop earrings or look fashionable in layered winter outfits.

2. Party- No Part Option

Are you thinking of going to a party? If you want to have that wow-effect, this no-part hairstyle may just be perfect for you. After brushing your hair back, apply some glitter to the roots or temporary color spray. Accentuate the color or glitter to your outfit or makeup, and you’ll be dazzling!

3. Romantic Partless Mood

Now, this is the iconic Marylin Monroe hairstyle. This hairstyle speaks of elegance, confidence, sophistication and embodies feminity. After all, Marilyn Monroe was not a beauty icon for nothing.

4. Extra Volume

We have all seen Hollywood stars with voluminous curly hairs with no parting, especially in movies. Well, you can also achieve this look. All you need is large hair rollers, texturizing spray, and a blow dryer. Roll your hair with the large rollers and let it sit for a few hours. If you have thick hair, the better and more voluminous the results.

5. Seasalt –Sparyed No-Part Hair

If your goal is to get curls in beach waves, this is the perfect hairstyle for you. Using the sea salt texturizing spray will give you effortless beach waves. This hairstyle is becoming increasingly popular among beauty bloggers, supermodels, and celebrities.


The No-part hairstyle is a trend that has made it back to the 21st Century. While most people have a natural part to their hair, you can get rid of it if you choose to. This article gives you detailed techniques to get rid of natural hair partying.

No-part hair does not have to be boring; there are many elegant, elaborate, and glamourous no-part hairstyles that many beauty bloggers, supermodels, and celebrities have taken a liking to. You can never go wrong with a no-part hairstyle – Give it a try!

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