How to use BB cream daily?

BB cream, which is blemish cream or beauty cream, is a skincare product that can reduce the time spent on the makeup and beauty routine. It is easy to use and has the benefits of multiple products in one.

It has a color that provides a tint to the skin and covers up blemishes. It also contains an SPF product that protects the skin and moisturizer, which increases the suppleness and softness of the skin. It also has a primer which causes it to last long on the skin.

Choosing The Best BB Cream

Choosing the best BB cream for daily use for my skin type, the desired result, such as a fresh look and skin shade, is important. The ingredients used are also necessary.

  1. Skin Type

There are four common types of skin: combination skin, oily, dry, and normal skin.

  • Combination skin

This kind of skin has dry areas and oily or normal skin areas in the T-zone, the nose, forehead, and chin. To choose BB cream for combination skin, look out for those that will not increase oil on the skin and dry out the normal or dry skin areas.

Look out for creams that will be lightweight and water-based formula; they will not trap oil in the skin and absorb it. Also, look out for hyaluronic-based creams as this will attract and retain moisture in the skin, creams that absorb the oil in the skin without causing dryness, and antioxidants for a brightening effect.

Choose a blemish balm cream designed for combination skin as it will absorb the oil in the T-zone without drying out the other areas. A good product is the Dr. Jart BB Dis-A-Pore Beauty Balm SPF 30, which will provide sufficient moisturization, coverage, and SPF protection.

  • Oily skin

The best kind of beauty balm cream is oil-free and water-based. It will not increase the amount of oil in the skin and will not trap oil in the skin.

It will also have enough moisturizing abilities, have adequate SPF protection, and have non-comedogenic primers because this will not cause breakouts. One of the best is the Garnier SkinActive BB Cream Oil-Free Face Moisturizer, as it will provide all these benefits.

  • Dry skin

The BB creams that are best for dry skin are those that have humectants as these pull moistures from the environment and hydrate the skin, such as hyaluronic acid and glycerine.

Look out for a cream that locks in hydration with ingredients such as butter like shea and cocoa, ceramides, and petrolatum. Also, use BB creams with ingredients that moisturize the skin for a creamer look and feel.

  • Normal skin

This kind of skin type will work well with most BB creams as the skin does not need any special considerations. However, ensure that it provides SPF protection, moisturizing, primer, and coverage.

  1. Skin Shade

There are different types of skin shades ranging from fair to dark brown. Because BB cream covers up blemishes, the product I choose must provide the kind of coverage that I am looking to achieve.

When I choose a lighter shade or a darker one, then it does not look natural. The signs that I am wearing the wrong shade of BB cream are that my face will be a different shade than my neck or decolletage area. There will also be an obvious division between the face and the jawline.

The BB cream does not disappear on my skin and appears to sit on the skin, which is another sign that it is the wrong skin shade of cream. When I use a beauty balm cream that is too light, I will look like I have another layer of skin on my natural skin. To choose the right shade of BB cream, test against the jawline, and it should disappear after a short while.

It will also help pick the right SPF protector for my skin. Fair skin requires higher SPF as it requires more protection from the sun’s rays. Darker skin absorbs the sun rays and will work with an SPF protection of between fifteen to forty-five, sufficiently protecting the skin.

Applying BB Cream for Daily Use

  1. Prepare The Skin

It cleanses the skin to remove any dirt, oil, and sweat. Clean skin will give a smooth surface to apply the cream without leaving patches and uneven areas. It will also stop breakouts because the pores are not blocked with dirt and too much sebum.

After cleansing the skin, then moisturize with an appropriate skin moisturizer. An oil-based moisturizer is best for dry skin while using a water-based moisturizer is for oily skin. Ensure to wait for the moisturizer to dry before applying the BB Cream.

  1. Applying BB Cream

To apply beauty balm cream, apply using a makeup brush, makeup sponge, or fingers.

  • Applying With a Brush

To apply the cream using a brush, put small dollops of cream all over the face. Use small amounts to begin. Use a clean makeup brush to ensure even coverage throughout the face. Use small light strokes in circles to spread the cream throughout the face evenly.

A dense brush will create more coverage as it allows for thick layering of the cream on the face. Finish off with a fluffy brush to have a more finished look. Use the fluffy brush in light strokes to blend all the areas on the face and ensure that the BB cream is evenly coating the face.

  • Applying Using a Sponge

To apply BB cream using a sponge, apply dollops of BB cream and then blend using a damp sponge. Use light dabs in a circular motion to evenly cover the surface of the skin.

The sponge should be damp to ensure that the coverage is even; a dry sponge will have clumps of cream in some areas.

  • Applying With Fingers

Using fingers is similar to using a brush and sponge but using light strokes while dabbing the skin. Ensure that the fingers are clean with no other product for better results. Using fingers is best for beginners as the control is better, and they warm up the cream making it blend into the skin more easily. Blend with a damp makeup sponge or fluffy makeup brush to ensure that the coverage is even.

  1. Layering

If the coverage is too light and does not adequately cover the skin blemishes or give the desired finish, add enough cream to provide the coverage desired. It is easier to add the cream to the selected areas rather than reduce what is too much.

  1. Using Concealer

If areas need more coverage, such as under the eyes, where there are acne blemishes or scarring, use a concealer stick and apply them on those areas and then blend with a fluffy makeup brush or a damp makeup sponge.

  1. Using Setting Spray

After the BB cream and the concealer are dry, use a setting spray to ensure that the cream lasts for a whole day. For natural looks, this is not necessary.

For a more made-up and finished look, setting spray can be used over the entire face or setting powder in the areas that have concealer. It will keep it on for a long time.

Things To Note When Applying BB Cream for Daily Use

  • Use an SPF moisturizer for very fair skin or when there is a need for more protection from the sun, for example, on beach days. When using a sunscreen lotion, apply it after the moisturizer and before the BB cream.
  • Cleanse the brushes and makeup sponges at least once a week to ensure better results when applying and blending the blemish balm cream.
  • BB cream has a primer in it, and there is no need to have a primer in addition to the cream. However, for the cream to provide coverage for a long time, it may be better to use a primer to keep on even coverage for the whole day.

Cleansing the BB Cream

To cleanse beauty balm cream, the process is like any other makeup product. For dry skin, use micellar water as it has an oil base. It works to draw the cream, dirt, and excess oil from the skin. The oil base will not dry out the skin but will leave it a little moisturized.

For oily skin, cleanse the skin twice to get rid of excessive sebum, which causes blockage of the pores leading to breakouts. For combination skin, look for cleansing products that will cater to this skin type. The best cleansers have a light foam base or are gel-like since they will not strip the dry areas but cleanse the oily regions appropriately.

When cleansing the BB cream, take cotton wool or makeup removing napkins and wipe the face clean. Ensure that all the cream is off. Use as much as needed to ensure that the face is completely free from all makeup. Tone and moisturize to ensure that the skin is healthy. Correctly caring for your skin with an effective daily routine will keep your skin healthy.

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