How To Use Silicon Mix On Natural Hair (Step By Step Guide)

Silicon mix on natural hair is good for your hair.

Okay, maybe a weird start, but everyone sometimes has nothing to do in the shower. You just enjoy the hot water, the tranquility, and maybe the music.

Yes, I’m one of those people who put on music when I’m taking a shower! Relaxing with your favorite songs is nice.

Anyway, I think everyone recognizes it, you just stand under the hot water and grab a bottle of shampoo or conditioner and start reading. So that’s what I did!

When I went through the list of ingredients, I found that several bottles had silicone in them as well. I had never noticed this before! I decided to take a look after the shower. This appears to be in every product from conditioners to hairsprays. 

Silicones are synthetic polymers that have a hydrophobic effect. This means nothing more and nothing less than that it helps to maintain moisture by placing an unbreakable layer over your hair.

I also saw that there was something called silicone mix! So I immediately wondered how this worked and how you would use silicon mix on your hair.

So, I researched exactly what it was and how you would use silicon mix on your natural hair! Read all I found about that below!

How to use silicone mix on natural hair?  Silicone mix on natural hair makes your hair healthier, more elastic, easier to move, and therefore easier to style. It does this by reintroducing nutrients and hydration when you have dry hair and hair that resists what you’d like to do with it.

How do you use a silicone mix for hair?

Let’s go a little deeper into what silicons are, what a silicone mix does, and how it works in the hair.

As I said before, silicone helps to retain moisture and create an unbreakable layer on your hair. For example, they are used in shampoos, conditioners, and many other styling products. It’s used so often (also in other beauty products) because it leaves the complexion soft and smooth. 

What do silicones do in your hair?

I’ve mentioned it above. Silicone provides a thin layer of waterproof coating around your hair cuticle.

This ensures that your hair doesn’t dry out and stays hydrated from the inside out. The beauty of silicone is that it also prevents humidity from the outside and prevents your hair from frizz.

A silicone blend is a product with silicone in it that is specially made to nourish your hair, keep it healthy, and make styling easier.

How to use a silicone mix on natural hair?

Using a silicone mix on your hair goes in 5 steps. Before you start I want to tell you that for it to have a really good effect, it is also important that you treat your hair very well before you put in the silicone mix. This ensures that the nutrients you put in with the hair care are retained and absorbed by using the silicone mix on your hair.

Ok, here are the 5 steps to get the mix into your hair.

Step 1: Cleaning your hair

At first, it is important that you clean your hair. Often the conditioners, grease, pomades, other styling products, and even shampoo leave residue on our hair. This ensures that the deep hair care you need cannot be done optimally. This can be counteracted by cleaning your hair properly!

The best way to do this is by dividing your hair into 4 sections and washing each segment separately with a shampoo of which you know that it leaves almost no residue at all.

Step 2: Rinse the hair

After you’ve put the shampoo in your hair, you can rinse it out. Do this longer than you would normally do so that you can be sure that all the shampoo and everything that is still in your hair is out again. You can do this effectively by opening and washing section by section.

Step 3: Put multivitamins in your hair

Now you need to bring the vitamins we were talking about earlier into your hair. You can do this with a multivitamin treatment. Again, it is important that you approach it section by section. Bring the section by section generously into the hair. 

Step 4: You can now put the silicone mix into your hair!

Don’t rub the silicone mix directly into your hair! First, let your hair absorb the vitamins for 2 minutes. Give it time to penetrate the hair.

When you’ve done that, it’s time to apply the silicone blend into your hair. I’m assuming you’ve adhered to the different (preferably 4) hair sections you’ve already formed with the shampoo. Apply the silicone blend section by section along the entire length of the hair. If you’ve done that with 1 section you can move on to the next section. Use only a small amount of the silicone mix. Because of the vitamin treatment, there is not so much more needed!

Once you’ve had all the sections you can comb each section and massage the silicone mix again. 

Once you’ve done all that, cover your hair with a plastic cap for about 15 minutes. This is done without applying heat. If you do want to use heat, it is better to cover your hair for a maximum of 10 minutes.

Then it’s time for the last step!

Step 5: Rinse again

After you have let it soak in for 15 minutes you can start rinsing out your hair! I would say, enjoy your wonderfully nourished hair! 

For the best results, it is convenient to do this treatment weekly. It will make your hair healthier, stronger, and even easier to style!

How long can you leave silicon mix in your hair?

As I said above, you can leave the mix in the hair for about 15 minutes before you have to rinse it out.

Now there are people who do it just a little bit differently and still get great results.

For example, there is a lady on a hair care forum who says she uses 20 minutes herself. So she lets the mix work in for 20 minutes and does this under a dryer. Then she rinses it out. This seems to help her a lot!

Another one says she leaves the mix on for 20 to 25 minutes (without heat) and then rinses it out. She also has beautiful results. She does add that deep conditioning is important. So it’s all about taking good care of your hair!

There is even a woman who uses it for 30 minutes and still gets good results.

Personally, I would say that it is important that you experiment with it. First, try standard as explained above in the 5 steps. If you do 20 minutes next time, you can compare the results. Are the 15 minutes enough? Nice! If not, 20 minutes is better. Nobody is the same, which is why experimenting might be useful.

Is silicon used for natural hair?

Silicon mix is definitely used for natural hair! If you suffer from stiff, frizzy hair that is also difficult to model, using a silicone mix is a good option!

You certainly can’t do anything wrong with it. Give it a try and see for yourself what beautiful results you can achieve!

What silicones are bad for your hair?

My first thought was that silicones were bad for your hair, but that doesn’t seem to be true at all, at least not the right silicones. There are also silicones that are “bad” for your hair. Silicones like:

dimethiconol, dimethicone, stearyl dimethicone, cetyl dimethicone, cetearyl methicone, cyclomethicone, trimethylsilylamodimethicone, amodimethicone, and cyclopentasiloxane.

These are “bad” silicones because they are not water-soluble. What I mean with that is that you cannot rinse out the above silicons. So over time, this will leave a coat on your hair that leaves your roots feeling greasy. That’s exactly what you don’t want!

So, if you stay clear of the “bad” silicons you should be fine!

Final thoughts

I hope you now know a lot more about what silicon mix is, how to use it, and what it does for your hair. It can work wonders if you use it right and follow the steps outlined in this article.

You’ve also learned to stay away from the bad silicones, so next time you step into the shower and start reading, you know which things to look for! Between you and me, it wasn’t the first time I read the bottles in the shower and it certainly won’t be my last time!

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