I Don’t Know What To Do With My Hair (11 Tips Included!)

Help! I don't know what to do with my hair and I need some tips!

We all go through phases in our life where we don’t know what to do with our hair anymore. We’ve find it silly, ugly, lazy, or are just not fond of it anymore.

This happens to me and I know this happens to you sometimes. We just get bored with our hair and don’t know how to wear our hair anymore! But what to do about it?

Waking up with a hairstylist beside my bed every morning would be a dream come true, but this just isn’t how my life is like at the moment. Is your life any different?

I just assume it is not and that’s why I have answered the statement “I don’t know what to do with my hair” for you! 

Below you’ll find 25 ideas on how to go about styling hair when you just don’t know what to do anymore.

There are styles for every woman below so take your time and browse them all. Maybe you’ll get ideas and just use them as inspiration. That can be really helpful!

I don’t know what to do with my hair

I know, I know! So let’s dive in and find a style for your hair that makes you wake up happy in the morning! Ready?

Tip #1: Hairpins can be your friend

Hairpins can be of great use when you don’t know what to do with your hair. You can use it. Take the bobby pin for example. You can part a section of your hair with a comb and separate the parted section by lifting it with your fingers. Pinch the parted section where you want to slide in the bobby pin and then put the bobby pin in your hair so that it holds the parted section in its place!

This way you can pin your hair back!

You can repeat the above steps but instead of just parting the hair you want to pint back, you can also twist your hair with your fingers and then put a bobby pin in. This will give you a cute and easy look!

I know that you can come up with a lot more ways to use bobby pins in your hair!

Tip #2 – The ponytail

For some women, it is something they hate, and for others, it is something so convenient that they don’t think of it!

Comb all of your hair back and grab it at the back of your head. and put on an elastic band. Make it tight so that you get a nice ponytail.

Do you want it to look professionally done? Grab a small sliver of hair and wrap it around the base of your ponytail so you cover the elastic band. Coat it with hairspray, make sure it is stuck in place with a hairpin (yes, here they are again!), and enjoy your new ponytail!

Tip #3 – Grab a curling iron

Have you ever played around with a curling iron… No? Grab a curling iron and go to town on your hair! Wrap your hair around a curling iron and make beautiful waves in your hair!

You can make all kinds of curls and waves! Wrap it loosely, tightly, or any way you want, and see what you can create in just 15 minutes. It often isn’t about making it complicated. It is about being creative and make the best out of what you have!

Tip #4 – Try a new product

This can be anything. The important part is that you start experimenting. If you usually wear your hair straight, try to mess with some wax or molding clay to give your hair a boost in a way that you just could not imagine. 

If you normally have hair without any volume, it might be a great idea to play around with volumizing spray or sea salt spray to give your hair some volume and see what you can create!

Tip #5 – Dye your hair!

I know that I often talk about how hair dye is a chemical process and that it can damage your hair… But I also know how much fun it can be if you dye your hair properly and take the precautions needed to keep your hair safe and healthy. 

You can do it yourself (read about it here) or you can do it at a salon. Just choose a color and go with it. 

Have you ever seen a woman walk past you and thought about how jealous you were about her hair coloring? Go for that color and see how you look with it!

Tip #6 – Get a fringe

This can be lots of fun! I say this from personal experience from me and my friends. It is great to experiment with your hair, and getting a fringe is lots of fun. You can do a soft sweep side fringe, a full fringe, or a straight fringe. It can not only change your whole look but also your outlook on life. Happy hair is happy her ;).

Tip #7 – Put your hair up!

Updo’s are a great way of finding a new look for your hair! Go on youtube and search for some new and easy updo’s. I know it can be daunting to try something on your own but I know you can do it! I’m not as coordinated as other people and I can also do it so don’t let negative self-talk get the better of you. You can do this! Want some help you want to know what videos are great to try? Below are 2 videos of great updo’s that I personally like!

Tip #8 – Do what makes you feel good

I know this sounds cheesy but it really is the way to go. Ask yourself: “what makes me feel good about my hair”. If you like clips, then great. Do you like headbands, brightly colored hairstyles, or bob lines? Then just go for that and try it! There’s no harm in trying. I know there’s a chance that it isn’t what you had expected, but it can also be great and both ways you learn something from it. 

Tip #9 – Do a fishtail braid!

This is a classic! It looks amazing when done properly and you can enjoy yourself in the process. Don’t know how to do this on your own? I’m here to help. Start with your hair tied in a low ponytail to keep it tight while you’re are braiding your hair. When you’re done braiding you remove the hair tie at the base.  

So you want a more messy fishtail braid? Use your fingers to mess it up a bit.

After that, you use a hair tie at the end of your braided hair to keep your braided hair intact. 

Tip #10 – Beach waves with a flat iron

You can use all sorts of techniques and devices to make your hair look great and a flat-iron is one of them! Want to create beach waves in your hair? Hold the flat-iron horizontally and clamp down on a small portion of your hair. You can do this best near the roots of your hair. Flick your wrist op and downward as you move down the section of hair to create the waves that you like!

Tip #11 – Side-swept look

Do you always wear your hair straight down? then using a side-swept look will be amazing for you because you can give your whole face another look! How to do it?

Grab your comb and line your side parts up with the arch of the eyebrow. Drag the comb back to create a nice straight part and gently comb the hair over the top. 

Once you have your part, you need to make sure that your hair stays put in place. To make sure this happens you can use a french braid across the side and down the back on the short side of the hair.

Do you need more steps or want to see how it is done? Below is a video that will make it really easy for you to do this! Have fun and make sure to send me some photo’s after you’re done!

Final Thoughts

I hope that these tips do something for you! I hope they have inspired you to go and experiment with your hair. There are lots of things that you can do (as you see when you read the tips. So saying “I don’t know what to do with my hair” isn’t necessary anymore! You can go off and find something that you like. The only thing it takes is a bit of self-realization that you know you can do it! If you want to ye your hair green then please by all means do that! Don’t let society, your friends, parents or someone tell you what to do. If you like it then go for it!


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