I Saw My Girlfriend Without Makeup. What Now?

I Saw My Girlfriend Without Makeup

In today’s world, women are learning advanced makeup techniques much earlier in their lives than ever before. With the abundance of pro tutorials and techniques readily available on Instagram and other social media sites, women will often be seen wearing wigs, eye contacts or even prosthetics. This can dramatically change the way they look while out in public.

In the dating scene, a woman’s partner will most likely see her with a full face of makeup before they see her bare face. This can result in a variety of feelings and may be difficult to overcome. It’s important to be open and honest with your communication when discussing your feelings about your partner’s makeup.

Here are a few tips to have in your back pocket when starting a discussion with your girlfriend about what you like and don’t like about her makeup style.

I saw my girlfriend without makeup, what do I do?

Start by taking a few calming breaths. It was going to happen one day, and it’s good it happened now before your girlfriend became your wife. She may look very different from what you’re used to, but that is still your girlfriend, and you still care for her deeply. She’s spent a lot of time and money learning and buying the makeup necessary for her look. Keep that in mind before you bring anything up to her.

It’s also essential you determine how you feel about her makeup use. Does she wear too much for your tastes? Do you like her eye shadow but not her blush? Does she look better with makeup on than without it? Compare her full makeup look to her bare face. This may take a little while, but don’t act any differently. Take mental notes on what you like and don’t like, being as concise and detailed as possible.

What do I do if I find her better looking without makeup?

It’s important to recognize and keep in mind the dedication a woman must have to learn and maintain her makeup skills. She may be wearing makeup because she likes to or because she feels it’s necessary in today’s society. Determining why she wears makeup is a good start in preparing the discussion. Ask her about the brands she uses and why she uses them. Ask her about the colors, palettes, and brushes she uses. Gain a familiarity with her preferences in makeup to better understand why and how she uses them.

Once you know what she likes and why, start gently bringing up some of the makeup she wears that you don’t like. Are there any alternatives to that makeup, something more natural or invisible to the naked eye? Does she go for bolder looks and you like something softer? It may be difficult to convince your girlfriend to completely drop her use of makeup, but you can start small by changing the boldness and vibrancy of her look.

Constantly reassure her that she looks amazing without makeup. Compliment different parts of her genuinely that she may feel doubts about. With gentle, consistent reassurance and discussion concerning her brands and color use, your girlfriend can start to cut back on makeup and feel more confident in her bare skin.

What do I do if I find my girlfriend better looking with makeup?

A woman who uses makeup is going to wear it most of the time she leaves the house. This includes for nights out on the town, movies, work, and any semi-formal situation. Putting a full face of makeup on in the morning takes quite a bit of time, so she isn’t going to take it off immediately unless she’s done going out for the day. To maximize how long she keeps her makeup on, plan nights out and events she has to dress up for. Book a table at a fancy restaurant, and ask her to get as dolled up as she can. Compliment her constantly throughout the night.

Similar to the situation of not liking your girlfriend wearing makeup, learn what she uses on herself. Be aware and knowledgeable of the brands and colors you enjoy seeing the most. Pay extra attention when she wears what you like, and compliment her genuinely each time you see it.

To have any significant impact on what your girlfriend chooses to put on, you need to be patient and consistent. Compliments, knowledge and awareness are your friends and will show her you’re dedicated to something that could be really important to her. Be mindful and respectful of why she uses makeup and why she chooses the looks she wears. All of this is important in understanding your girlfriend.

How to talk about makeup with my girlfriend?

Whether you feel your girlfriend wears too much or too little makeup, it’s important to know how to talk to her generally about makeup. There are a few important aspects of the makeup world that are essential to understand.

Makeup is incredibly expensive, no matter the brand or quality. Most everything your girlfriend uses will expire and need to be replaced. It may look like a confusing jumble of jars and bottles on the bathroom counter, but your girlfriend has a routine and knows where everything goes, both on her face and in her cabinets. It’s a serious investment to wear a full face of makeup, both in money and in time.

Her makeup routine is not the same as her skincare routine. Makeup colors the skin with fanciful pigments and powders. Skincare refers to the cleansing of oils and dirt from her skin, which is necessary to stay healthy and vibrant. When you’re able to recognize which aspects of your girlfriend’s makeup routine you dislike, you can begin planning your course of action.

It can be difficult to bring up makeup in a gentle way without hurting anyone’s feelings. When starting a discussion about this topic, always be empathetic and open to differing opinions. At the end of the day, your girlfriend chooses what she does and doesn’t want to wear. While this also applies to her use of makeup, never give up on positive reinforcement concerning the changes you want to see.

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