Is BB Cream Waterproof?

Is BB Cream Waterproof

BB Cream is a holy grail beauty item for any health and beauty enthusiast. Formally known as, ‘beauty balm cream’, this lightweight multi-tasking essential is perfect for daily use. Along with several other nourishing ingredients, most beauty balms include some kind of sun protectant factor for daily defense against sun damage.

Similar to a moisturizer, most beauty balms on the market are tinted. BB Cream provides your skin with lightweight moisture and sheer color and coverage. This beauty item most often feels like a soothing lotion on the face.

The combination of moisturizing and skin-nourishing ingredients helps keep your skin looking fresh and beautiful. While this everyday facial treatment is fantastic to support daily makeup wear and skin conditioning, we’ve done a little research to find the answer to the following question: Is BB Cream waterproof?

The short answer is sometimes, yes, it is. There are so many BB Creams out on the market right now and if you want to find one that is specifically made to endure sweat or swimming or outdoor water activities, waterproof bb cream is definitely an option. If you are on the hunt for a waterproof BB Cream, please read on to educate yourself on the variety of products that can help boost your daily morning routine to benefit your sweet smiling face.

BB Cream History

According to our research on Wikipedia, “What became BB cream was originally formulated in the 1960s in Germany by dermatologist Dr. Christine Schrammek to protect her patient’s skin after facial peels and surgery”. CC Cream is a very similar product, however, color correcting cream was designed later in time and its main point of differentiation from BB Cream is color.

While BB cream is very light in color transparency, CC cream is one step closer to the foundation and often features a thicker consistency and medium color coverage. Many foundations available today contain extra moisturizers or serums within the ingredient list. The main point of differentiation between these products is the color coverage element.

Amongst the variety of priming face products and cosmetic labels available in stores and online today, it is the ratio of skin conditioning treatments to pigmented ingredients that dictate the price, quality and name of the product you’ll bring home to help create a clean facial canvas.

BB Cream Costs and Benefits

BB Creams range in price depending on the amount and quality of combined ingredients. The price point ranges from drugstore to high-end bb cream brands. The benefits also range from minimal color coverage to buildable coverage and a range of sunscreen factors. Within different BB Cream concoctions, a plethora of skin conditioning treatments are available for you to dive in and research as you refine the best qualities that you are looking for in the product.

Is BB Cream Waterproof? These are, for sure. We think that the following three BB Creams are noteworthy:

5-in-1 Miracle Skin Perfector BB Cream Oily/Combo Skin
Waterproof BB Cream By Garnier SkinCare
This SkinActive BB Cream is excellent for daily use. With a thick, buildable coverage, this product is a fantastic treatment to use on your face right after your cleansing routine is complete. This BB Cream acts as a great first step in makeup application because it will soothe the first layer of your face with nurturing ingredients that will provide a smooth base for makeup application.

This daily treatment combines an oil-absorbing mineral called, ‘perlite’ with a natural color tint and a touch of hydration. Featuring broad-spectrum sun protectant factor 20, it controls shine from excessive oil production on the face. Used daily, this cream also minimizes pores and evens out skin tones. The touch of moisturizers makes for a unique texture when emulsified and it both hydrates and protects your skin with a smooth layer of nourishment.

This waterproof BB Cream instantly tones with antioxidants and tinted mineral pigments. Available for oily/combination skin and anti-aging skin, it was developed to help improve your skin’s healthy look over time. The oil-free formula controls shine, evens skin tone, hydrates and helps prevent sunburn. A little goes a long way with this thick and nourishing treatment. Cleanse with soap to remove, once applied.

Aqua Petit Jelly BB Cream
Waterproof BB Cream by Holika Holika
This BB cream is a very different solution to creating the illusion of perfected skin. Water is the first and most abundant ingredient in this waterproof BB Cream. It contains eighty percent mint water and sunscreen (SPF 20). The texture of the beauty balm is very airy and fluffy. This light-textured quality of the daily skin protector is what sets it apart from the others.

Often used in cosplay for the angelic-looking sheer makeup base that it creates, this BB Cream can also be used to treat the under-eye area with sheer and glory coverage while providing nutrients to the eye area at the same time. When you apply this product, you could use your fingertips to buff the product in, however, we recommend that you use a damp sponge to help create the illusion of perfectly bright and light skin. If you use this BB Cream all over the entire face, it could be necessary to keep contouring tools nearby because once massaged into your skin, the product will create a uniform and glow.

Known for its gentle light color with buildable lightweight texture, this product comes in a beautiful glass jar with a dipping stick for you to use so as to scoop the product out for application. You can put the soft whipped product onto your hand or makeup brush to apply with ease. Take note that the color is very present in this product so a little goes a long way. The product will last throughout the day, has a very long shelf life, and requires soap for removal.

Waterproof BB Cream: Pros and Cons

BB Cream sounds like a dream come true product for new users. Take note, however, that there are a few pros and cons about using BB Cream that might be beneficial to you before you take the leap to adjust your beauty routine.

• Fantastic priming step for makeup application
• Skin conditioning ingredients combined with light coverage
• Continued use will improve skin over time

• Thick consistency can create “cakey” makeup looks. Care is required toward the amount of product used with makeup
• The product needs to be removed daily. Too much use without resigning with soap can clog pores
• Make sure you get the right BB Cream for your skin type; oily skin might require less product

Make BB Cream Part of Your Daily Beauty Routine

In conclusion, BB Cream is an excellent must-have for any beauty routine. You could use it as a makeup base because it sets your skin to a beautiful, nourished blank canvas. If you take time each day to create space for skin nourishment after you cleanse, adding this product to your routine will only make you even more beautiful one day at a time.

Worn alone, this product is a great solution for a natural makeup look because you don’t really need any foundation after you use it. Because the use of BB Cream only has benefits for your epidermis, we recommend investing in this product so as to treat yourself!

Take some time to get to know the product by testing it out in your daily routine as soon as possible. Please don’t forget to read on about more skin solutions to help you beautify the way you present yourself one day at a time!

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