Is BB Cream Worth It? (Yes Definitely!)

BB cream is known as blemish balm. It is a make-up product with skincare benefits. Dr Christine Schrammek, a dermatologist, developed this balm in the 1950s. The main aim of this product was to help chemical peel patients conceal their mask blemishes. This article will discuss how this product is worth your time and money.

Is Blemish Balm (BB) Cream Worth Your attention?

BB cream is worth your attention because it is an all-in-one product for taking care of your skin. In a single bottle of this cream, you can get the benefits of many different make-up products. It combines several products that include moisturizers, concealers, foundation, primers, and skin treatment formulations.

In addition, BB cream can change the appearance of your skin and provide coverage. It has antioxidant products that play an excellent role in improving your skin elasticity and brightness. Some BB creams contain SPF. It is a product that plays a significant role in fighting early skin aging. Thus with BB cream, you dont have to use harmful synthetic anti-aging products.

Moreover, the vast range of creams to choose from gives you a chance to find the best suited for your skin color and type. Thus if you have oily, mature, or dry skin, you are guaranteed to find the product that will work perfectly on you.

What Are the Advantages of BB Cream

There are many benefits associated with the use of this product. When buying beauty products nowadays, you should look for the advantages you will derive from using the product. A good BB cream offers several benefits; some of them include the following.

Cover Skin Blemishes and Dark Spots

BB cream has been formulated to have a rich and soft texture. This characteristic ensures the product blend with your skin impeccably. In addition, the cream gives your skin a smooth base just like the foundations do but being lighter. Thus it can cover any blemish and dark spots on your skin while providing it with a natural look.

Moreover, apart from covering the blemishes, BB creams have soothing minerals essential in treating them. Its soft texture is advantageous to acne-prone skins. Applying this product to these skin types allows them to breathe typically.

Gives a One Tone and Light Skin

Minerals used in the production of this product give your skin a natural radiance and a glowing appearance. Furthermore, its coverage is natural and dewy, thus not cakey like many beauty products. Application of the cream is easy, and you can do it with your fingers; you dont necessarily need to use make-up brushes.

In addition, if you have oily skin, BB creams have oil control ingredients. These ingredients mattify your skin, giving you a smooth finishing touch. They also have a uniform skin tone and a natural glow throughout the day.

Mosterizes the Skin

All BB creams are equipped with potent moisturizing ingredients that provide your skin with the required hydration for 24 hours. Adding this product into your daily skincare routine ensures your skin stays soft all the time. This smooth appearance slows the signs of early aging. In addition, it provides you put on your other make-up products with ease.

When choosing a good BB cream, you should always look for the cream types with marine minerals such as Maris Sal and Laminaria Japonica. These minerals exfoliate dead skin, thus detoxifying your skin. Removal of toxins from your skin gives you a smooth and glowing look.

In- Built Sun Protection Formulation

BB creams have in-built sunscreen, unlike many cosmetic products. It thus gives you the confidence to stay in a sunny place without getting awful looking sunburns. In addition to the protection it offers to your skin, it also saves your time and money.

In many instances, you may be forced to buy your make-up products and sunscreen. In addition, while leaving your house, it would take you a short period to apply on your make-up in the morning. You also dont need to buy many different products. BB cream serves the purpose of many other beauty products.

When to Use BB Cream

We have seen the advantages of using BB cream. There are also a variety of choices to choose from depending on your preferences. Below are some of the occasions where you can use BB cream.

When Traveling

You may have found yourself in a dilemma when traveling on what beauty products to carry in your carry-on make-up bag. But BB cream is worth your attention as a traveling make-up product. It has multiple ingredients and benefits, and thus you can have ample space in your bag when you carry it.

When in a Hurry

There are times when you are out of time, and you cant apply all make-up you want. Typically you may wish to use different make-up products such as foundation, concealer, and primer. However, this may take most of your time. BB cream has been formulated to address most of your needs, and thus you dont have to use all these products. This significantly cuts the length of your beauty routine.

When You Want to Give Your Skin a Break From Heavy Make-up

There comes a time when you may want to apply light beauty products. Most products used are cakey, and your skin may not breathe well. BB cream is the best product to try out if you want a break from these products but want some coverage.

When Going Out or to the Beach

When going to the beach with your friends, you may want to take some photos and look attractive. BB cream will give your skin the required hydration and radiant glow throughout the day. Moreover, due to its in-built sunscreen, you wont need to worry about sunburns.

When You Have Blemishes or A lot of Redness

BB creams have been formulated to have unconventional color tones. These colors are significant, especially when you need to correct your skin tone, especially if you have blemishes. These creams help to neutralize your skin and restore your skin color.

Best Way to Use BB Cream

Most people like to use this product as an all-in-one product for their daily beauty routine. However, others use it as an initial product and apply a heavier foundation on top of it. A pea-size cream is enough to neutralize your skin tone and give you that desired radiant glow if you have normal skin.

However, if your skin has blemishes, pimples, and acne scars, you can use BB cream as a skin-enhancing primer. This way, it will conceal all of these imperfections and smoothen your complexion giving you that desired appearance.

Step-by-Step Application of BB Cream

When applying BB cream, you should follow specific steps to get the best results. Below are guidelines on how to use this beauty cream.

Prepare Your Skin

It would be best if you first prepared your face before applying any make-up product to it. Before applying BB cream, you should first choose a gentle cleanser. It is crucial to ensure the cleaner you have used supports your skin type. If you have dry skin, there are cream cleansers specifically designed to address this type of skin. It helps hydrate your skin while cleansing it.

However, if you have oily skin, you should use gel or foam to cleanse it. These products clean traces of dirt and oil on your skin without much irritation. There are cleansing products specifically designed for combination skin. If you have this type of skin, its advisable to look for these cleansers.

Choose the Best BB Cream for Your Skin

As we have seen, BB creams are not made equal. They are made in different formulations to address different types of skin. It is thus important to first understand your skin type because this will enable you chose the best product to use.

If you have oily skin, there are BB creams out there with oil-controlling properties. Moreover, if you have dry skin, you should not worry because products address this skin type. It is thus essential to put these things into consideration when choosing the best product to use.

Apply BB Cream Alone or Before Conventional Foundation

BB creams have been formulated to serve the purposes of many different beauty products. You can use this product alone, and it will give your skin the desired appearance and protection. The best way for application is using hands. Use your fingers to apply the cream onto your skin, starting with areas with many blemishes or redness.

Furthermore, there are other options to use BB cream with your foundation to give your skin that extra coverage. You should apply this product before any other make-up products. After applying, give it some time to set and dry, then you apply foundation on it. Using BB cream with other products means you will use less cream and still get the same amount of coverage.

Use concealers For Hyper Pigmented Areas

There are some instances when you need to use concealer together with BB cream. Whenever you have hyperpigmentation, dark under-eye dark spots, or a lot of redness, BB cream may not make them disappear. Thus it would be best if you used concealers in addition to this product.

Moreover, if you know you will spend more time in the sun, it is advisable to use additional SPF products. It will ensure that you get extra coverage from UV rays, which may affect your skin drastically.

Finally, BB cream has been formulated to replace the many make-up products used in daily beauty routines. In addition to giving you a good appearance, it has ingredients to take care of your skin. This product is worth your attention whenever you are looking for beauty products to use on your skin.

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