Is It Necessary to Apply Primer Before Makeup?

Makeup has become popular among different people. Both genders apply makeup to look attractive in crowds. Therefore, there has been a way people apply makeup, and different approaches are taken. If you love makeup, you know the struggle you have to go through to make everything look well put together.

If you are not careful, you end up either looking caked or like you have not done anything to your face. Combining different products requires skill and often a procedure to ensure that you get everything right. One of the products that people have conflicted views on has to be the primer.

Other than using the primer, the other question is how to use it – should one use it before or after applying foundation. The other issue is what applicators should be used for primers and the quantity needed. All these questions can be conflicting for a new makeup user, and often, it might discourage them from using makeup altogether. Here are some of the things you need to know about primer and its use.

Is It Necessary to Apply Primer Before Makeup?

Primer is essential for your makeup routine. It is recommended to apply it just before you apply your foundation but after our skincare routine. According to Allure magazine, primer can be used to hydrate your skin, reduce pores’ appearance, and make it look even.

It offers an excellent base for your foundation and eye shadow as well. Primer will not only offer a great base for your makeup, but it also ensures that your skin is hydrated if it is too dry or feels matte if it is oily. All these might seem like minor details, but they go a long way in ensuring your makeup looks put together at the end of the day.

Why Is It Necessary to Apply Primer Before Makeup?

Primer serves many purposes on your skin and for your whole makeup look. You should apply primer to your skin before you go on with makeup because it ensures that your makeup can stay on for longer. It is also vital that you use primer because it closes up any pores that might make your face look rugged after you do your makeup.

Based on the primer you have, it can also be helpful when you need to eliminate any redness on your face. The redness might still show even after applying your foundation. Some primers help to brighten your skin. In doing so, it greatly affects the amount of product you will use on your skin.

Why Not Apply Primer After I’ve Done My Makeup?

Even though people apply primer after their makeup, it is meant to be a pre-base product. The role of the primer is to prep your skin for makeup application. Putting after all your makeup might not do much since that is not the purpose of the primer. If you want to apply prime after your makeup, ensure it is the right brand for that kind of application.

What Happens if I Don’t Use a Primer Before Makeup?

No rule says you have to use a primer before you do your makeup. The only thing you can rely on is the results you get from using primer. If you look a bit patchy after doing your makeup, that means you need primer. The other benefit that comes with using a primer is that you will not clog up your pores with your makeup.

If you feel like the primer you are using makes no difference, you should try a different brand. Once you get a primer that works for you, you will notice the difference in your final makeup look.

Is It Necessary to Apply a Primer Before the Foundation?

You often apply makeup and realize that you need to keep touching it up after a little while. The reason for this might be that you did not use your primer first. Applying the primer will ensure everything looks put together. It also takes care of the areas on your face where you might want a bit of a glow or reduce the shine when you apply the makeup.

Should I Use a Primer Before or After Moisturizer?

People ask at what stage in their makeup application process, should the primer come in. Other times, the issue is whether primer comes before or after moisturizer. Some people are not sure whether primer is necessary when one has already used moisturizer.

The answer to this is, primer and moisturizer are all necessary. Since the moisturizer comes in with your skincare routine, you should use the primer after the moisturizer.

Even though some primers moisturize the skin, they do not do this as efficiently as a moisturizer. If you are stuck in a loop and do not know whether the two are necessary, pay attention to your skin. If you are feeling a bit oily, then you can skip on the moisturizer. The only thing you need to remember is not to skip on the primer.

Even though many people make the makeup application process looks complicated, the truth is far from it. You can get a good face of makeup as long as you have the right products. When it comes to primer, the one thing you should remember to do is use it sparingly.

Leave it on your skin for a while before you apply the rest of the makeup. If you have oily skin, then just a pea-sized amount will work for you. You might need a little bit more if you have dry skin. Just ensure that the amount you use does not go beyond two pea-sized amounts.

Another thing you should do is use the tips of your fingers or a beauty blender to apply the primer. Once you are done with the primer, you can move on to the next step of your makeup and create the look that you want.

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