Is It Okay To Wear Lipstick Without Eye Makeup?

Irrespective of age, everybody loves to be admired and complimented. This is why you take time to do your makeup before leaving your home. A well-done makeup will help you amplify your beauty, and you will likely turn heads everywhere you go. There are also days that you aren’t going anywhere or just feel like going minimalist on your makeup.

This can be because doing complete makeup right can be tedious, and you likely want to avoid the hassle. Despite this, makeup experts advise that you at least try to put on some lipstick and eye makeup at such times. What if you don’t want to do eye makeup? Is it okay to wear lipstick without eye makeup?

Can you wear lipstick without eye makeup?

Yes, you can wear lipstick without eye makeup. The reality is that more women today are looking to adopt a more straightforward makeup routine. Surprisingly, over the last couple of years, this movement has gained the support of some top-class beauty and fashion influencers. This has pushed the trend to gain momentum as a chic look for those looking to stand out with the least effort.

Maybe you are thinking that doing lipstick without eye makeup will make you look less attractive. This is not true, and here’s what some of the most amazing beauty and fashion influencers have to say about pulling off lipstick with no eye makeup.

  • Julia Salvia advises that you be confident as wear lipstick with no eye makeup
  • Heidi Guttenberg says that she adores the look because it’s elegant, stylish, and fashionable while still being simple
  • Miranda Mendelson points out that having lipstick with no eye makeup is great if you are looking to make your lips the center of attention

How to wear lipstick without eye makeup

The truth is that wearing lipstick without eye makeup is much easier than you think. Here’s how to go about it.

a) Be confident: – Having confidence is a requirement whether you are wearing full makeup or going for lipstick without eye makeup. This is because, if you have that feeling of uncertainty about how you will be looking, you will be excessively aware of the way others are staring at you.

You are likely to interpret their gazes as despise even when they are awed by how amazing you look. When you are in this state of low confidence, nothing you do to your face will ever feel right. When you get confident, even a half-hearted attempt to wear lipstick without eye makeup will have you glowing with elegance wherever you go.

b) Start with a lip liner: – You are better off starting with a lip liner when going for lipstick without eye makeup. You should to the outline with the lip liner then fill it in with lipstick. It’s best to use a lip liner that matches the color of the lipstick you are planning to wear. The lip liner will help make your lips more luscious and shape them more precisely. Try to make sure that your application is crisp and clean.

c) Apply lipstick: – Once you are done applying the lip liner, go on and apply lipstick. Makeup gurus have divided opinions on whether you should go for bold or subtle lipstick. Some advocate that you wear subtle lipstick, especially if you want less attention on your lips.

On the other hand, those advocating for bold lipstick say its best as it will draw all the attention to your lips, and people will less likely notice you don’t have eye makeup. By the time they see you have no eye makeup, they would have already formed a positive opinion about how you look. It’s for you to decide whether to go for bold or subtle lipstick, depending on what you want to achieve.

If you are planning to be wearing lipstick with no eye makeup often, it might be a good idea to have both options at hand. This will give you the ability to mix things up depending on how you are feeling.

Tips and tricks to pull it off

Here are some tips and tricks that you should consider to best pull off that almost natural look wearing lipstick with no eye makeup.

Trim your eyebrows to perfection

Just because you are not doing any eye makeup doesn’t mean that you have to leave your eyebrows unattended. Moreover, as you have no eye makeup, your eyebrows will also get some attention. For these reasons, you should take the time to trim your eyebrows to perfection. Trim them to a design that compliments the shape of your face.

Whiten your teeth

Now that your lips have most of the attention on your face, you can take this to another level by whitening your teeth. This will give you a brighter smile to help you look super-attractive. Try using whitening toothpaste to achieve this effect. If this doesn’t work, you might need to get professional whitening services. Remember to use whitening toothpaste moderately as it can be harsh to the well-being of your teeth.

Wear amazing hair

If you wear beat-up hair, it won’t do any good to your lipstick with no eye makeup look. This is because you will appear like someone who didn’t have enough time to prepare before leaving the house than someone pulling a minimalist makeup look.

Take the time to style your hair amazingly. This doesn’t mean that you have to spend lots of money styling your hair. A simple hairstyle with natural colors and well put together will work just as fine. You can also try to wear shades of lipstick that compliment your hair color.

Get enough sleep

Failing to get enough sleep would mean that your eyes will look reddish and tired throughout the day. This is not a good look for your eyes when you are wearing lipstick and no eye makeup. This is because your sleepy eyes might attract unwanted attention and ruin your whole minimalist makeup look.

It’s recommended that you get 7 to 9 hours of sleep before doing lipstick with no eye makeup. Having enough sleep means that your eyes will be white and sparkling through the day; thus, making your face look much brighter. In such a case, it’s likely that when someone looks at your face, they will notice how glowing your eyes are and not think about you not having eye makeup.

Accessorize with clear eyeglasses

When wearing lipstick without eye makeup, you also have the option of accessorizing with clear eyeglasses. Clear glasses will add a classier touch to your no eye makeup endeavor. This is because you will still look elegant without trying to hide that you have no eye makeup.

Fortunately, there are endless designs of clear eyeglasses for you to try. If you want to add some sophistication to your minimalist makeup crusade, you can try clear eyeglasses with frames that compliment your lipstick.

Time to try a new look

Now that you know how to pull off lipstick with no eye makeup successfully, it’s time that you go for it. As with everything else that you might be trying for the first time, this look might not work out as expected the first few times, and you might feel quite shy.

However, with a few more attempts, you will get more confident and less worried about what others say, and you will get the hang of how to do it with perfection.

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