Is It Weird to Not Wear Makeup? (It Could Be)

As you might know, the previous couple of articles all had to do with makeup and how it affects people. In the articles, I write about if it is weird for guys to wear makeup, why it is not the best move to ask a random girl to start wearing makeup, and that kind of thing.

And today I want to talk about wearing makeup and if it is weird for a woman not to wear it. Hence the question: is it weird to not wear makeup?

I want to write about this subject because a couple of nights ago I talked to a friend of mine who recently stopped wearing makeup. She felt insecure about it because there weren’t many times where she would leave the house without makeup. Although it made her insecure, she said that it also gave her a feeling of power because she could be he true self. 

Today I want to talk about whether or not it is weird to not wear makeup and why maybe you too should leave the makeup for a while.

Now, don’t worry… I’m still a makeup and beauty addict and love all aspects of it, but sometimes I like to shine a little light on some other worldview.

So, is it weird to not wear makeup?

We can attack this question from 2 points of view:

1 – Yourself: would you find it weird?

2 – Would society think it would be weird?

Let’s start with number one and work our way up to number 2.

Would you find it weird to not wear makeup, yourself?

Let me give you a little backstory of the friend I talked with.

My friend is 23 years old and is, as you read, currently not wearing makeup. Just because she didn’t want to anymore.

She started doing makeup when she was about 12 years old and from then on there was never a day that she would not wear makeup. So from early on, she would wear makeup on school days and even now she would wear makeup to her work.

But, a couple of months ago she just got fed up with it. She didn’t like it anymore. She didn’t like to go through the whole routine (of about 30 minutes) to make herself “ready” for work. She wanted to take the mask off, look herself in the face, and show the world who she truly is.

Was it weird for her? She told me that the first couple of weeks were very weird and society treated her differently. She noticed that when she wore a full face of makeup, people would talk to her more, she would receive more compliments, got hit on more… There were times, she told me, women would pick a fight with her just because he was looking at her. Since she is now not wearing makeup anymore, the stuff that I just described happens a lot less often. She blends into the crowd.

As she said, the first few weeks were weird because she wasn’t used to this, but now the blending in is heaven’s gift. She loves it. She has accepted herself and she finds power in being her true self. Also, she finds that laying in bed for 30 minutes extra each day is a huge plus, haha!

Would society think it would be weird?

I think weird isn’t the right way to call it. As you’ve read above, the world treated her differently when she wore makeup all the time.

So, I don’t think that weird would be the right way to describe it. I would rather ask the question if society would treat you differently whether you wear makeup or not.

And this is the case. The above things were not the only things she noticed when she stopped wearing makeup. Below is a small list of other things she noticed that were different than before.

1 – Nightclubs

Normally, when she wanted to go out, she could walk up to the front of almost every nightclub waiting line and get in. These nightclubs want pretty girls inside and she is a bombshell when she wears makeup (without it she is still very cute, though!)

When she stopped wearing makeup, she found that this wasn’t the case anymore. Sure, she sometimes would be let in, but often she would have to pick the last spot in the waiting line now that she looked “only normal”.

2 – Fewer job offerings

Another interesting thing she found is that when she had to go in for a job interview, she would get more offers when she wore makeup than when she wasn’t wearing makeup. Now, I don’t want to say that men treat you badly when you don’t look damn near perfect, but I just want to say that it makes a difference. If you walk in dolled up many people will find you attractive and this just makes the odds of getting the job higher. When you do not wear makeup, they are (her words), looking more at your qualifications. She found this because she would get more job-related questions when she wasn’t dolled up.

Now again, this is her words and not the best experiment, but her findings are interesting nevertheless.

For me, all the above things are eye-openers. I never thought wearing or not wearing makeup would be this different.

But, is it weird to not wear makeup?

I think it all depends on what you want. As my friend said: the first few weeks were weird but after that, she would feel empowered!

I think what I’m trying to say is this: You should wear makeup as long as you like it. It is your face and you can do with it what you want. If you don’t like what makeup does to your face, and if you don’t feel comfortable wearing it anymore or you just aren’t enjoying the process, maybe it is time to evaluate whether or not you should take a break!

(And between you and me, All the extra time I could lay in bed would be an absolute win!)

Now, if you love the process, enjoy your time applying your routine, then by all means continue! You should do what makes you feel great. There is no need to worry! Just do you and everything will be fine!

Will society treat you a little differently? Maybe yes, maybe no. We can’t draw conclusions based on just this one case, so you should see for yourself. But so what if society would treat you slightly differently? The fact that you can honestly be yourself with all your qualities and all your shortcomings gives more power to you!

Would I be willing to try it?

Maybe! At the moment, I love wearing and experimenting with makeup. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have started this blog and write a lot about it. I like all aspects of it.

But, when the time comes that the above isn’t the case anymore, I will probably try going without makeup. Sure! It would be a fun experiment I think. I could learn from myself and all that society has to offer.


Would it be weird to not wear makeup at all? No. It wouldn’t be weird to not wear makeup anymore. At least that is my personal opinion and you should see it for yourself. Maybe the beginning would be weird, but there is a lot to learn when you go without for a while. You learn about yourself and your insecurities from which you can grow, and you learn from society and what the impact is of using certain cosmetics!

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