Is It Necessary to Apply Primer Before Makeup?

Is It Necessary to Apply Primer Before Makeup

Makeup has become popular among different people. Both genders apply makeup to look attractive in crowds. Therefore, there has been a way people apply makeup, and different approaches are taken. If you love makeup, you know the struggle you have to go through to make everything look well put together. If you are not careful, … Read more

Do You Need to Remove BB Cream From Your Face?

Do You Need to Remove BB Cream From Your Face

Undoubtedly, BB creams have become pervasive in the makeup industry. Perhaps, you’ve used them already, either as foundations or primers or both. And you’ve probably experienced their selling points, such as brightening your skin. Conversely, you might have experienced some undesirable results and probably started to question the effectiveness of your current product. If that’s … Read more

Can Makeup Primer Cause Breakouts?

Can Makeup Primer Cause Breakouts

A makeup primer is a preparatory product that improves the skin’s surface before applying another cosmetic. Simply put, a makeup primer creates a clean, smooth canvas for the rest of your products. However, whether one needs a primer, which one to use, and does it cause breakouts are all still questions asked, even though it’s … Read more