Do You Use Concealer With BB Cream?

Learn how and if you can use BB cream together with concealer

While BB cream has gained plenty of interest in the recent past, people often ask the difference between the cream and concealer because they seem to have the same function. Many people are also curious to know if it is overkill to use the two products together or whether one can work in the place … Read more

Can I Use BB Cream With Sunscreen?

Can you use sunscreen with BB cream?

Have you ever been asked which beauty product you’d take if you were stuck on a desert island and could only bring one thing? While lots of people give the most basic reply of wanting their lipstick or mascara, the truth is that the best thing you could bring is a quality BB cream. BB … Read more

Do I Need A Moisturizer With BB Cream?

Do I Need A Moisturizer With BB Cream

Are you looking to minimize the number of skincare products that adorn your morning regimen? Perhaps you should consider giving BB cream a thought. BB cream, also known as beauty balm or blemish balm, is a cosmetic product that brings various skin benefits such as anti-aging effects, hydration, and SPF protection. Your skin will thank … Read more