What Does Concealer Creasing Mean And How To Stop It

What does concealer creasing mean and how to stop it

Makeup can literally transform a face. It’s fun to apply, and highlights already beautiful features; however, it can also be tricky to master, and even trickier to hide flaws. Veteran and rookie makeup wearers alike spend time tediously applying concealer for a variety of reasons: lightening under eye circles, covering blemishes, and concealing scars, wrinkles, … Read more

How to Clean Makeup Brushes (All You Need To Know)

How to clean makeup brushes

Pricey primers, flawless foundations, and high end highlighters. Brushing this, blending that, a little contour and spray to set. We carefully curate each and every product we use, right down to the collagen beads we stir into our morning smoothies. In this endless pursuit of porcelain perfection, the brushes we use take a backseat to … Read more