Can You Use Concealer as Foundation?

Can you use concealer as foundation

An age old question with the power to divide makeup bags the world over- can you use concealer as foundation? An expertly blended line has been drawn, and artists on both sides of the brush are weighing in. Foundation advocates, like reformed concealerist Michelle Villett of the Skin Care Edit suggests, “The right foundation will … Read more

How to Clean Makeup Brushes (All You Need To Know)

How to clean makeup brushes

Pricey primers, flawless foundations, and high end highlighters. Brushing this, blending that, a little contour and spray to set. We carefully curate each and every product we use, right down to the collagen beads we stir into our morning smoothies. In this endless pursuit of porcelain perfection, the brushes we use take a backseat to … Read more