What Happens If You Put Bleach On Pink Hair?

Do you know what happens when you put bleach on pink hair?

Some women risk it, others prefer to leave it to someone else. Of course, I am talking about the pink coloring of your hair. Although it looks great on many women, it takes a lot of work to maintain the hair.

But suppose you’ve had these fantastic pink locks for some time now and you want to get rid of them… What do you do then? Can you just bleach it, or does something go wrong?

The question “what happens if you put bleach on pink hair” was mailed to me by a reader and I thought it was a good question.

When I went on the internet I found lots of girls freaking out about the faded pink color in their hair because they did something to it, I found also lots of girls who had questions about whether or not they could put bleach on their pink hair or what else they had to do.

So that’s why I decided to not only help the girl who messaged me, but also the people who are desperately looking for the answer!

So… Here we go!

What will happen if I try to bleach my pink hair?

What will happen to your hair depends on what shade of pink you have now and whether your natural hair color is blonde or more brownish of color. To give you some pointers about what happens when you try to bleach pink hair, and how to combat fading pink color in your blonde hair, I put some more information below.

If you have blonde hair
If you want to bleach your pink hair and go to blonde (your natural color), it mostly depends on the level of developer you use. 

Some people report that with 40 volume developer they got the pink out and go to blonde without any trace of the pink. But this also depends on the hair dye that you use.

However, getting the pink out of your hair on the first try is most of the time, not something that happens.

To get the pink out of your hair you need 4 things and I’ll lay them out for you.

  • Clarifying shampoo
  • Bleach
  • A green toner
  • Green shampoo

To find the exact steps you need to take to get the pink out of your hair, you should read this article (get the pink out of your hair).

If you have darker hair
If you want to take your pink hair out and go for brown hair or something that is close to your natural hair color which is in the brown realm, you don’t need to bleach it as much as you do with blonde hair. You can actually go in with hair dye, and make your hair look normal again.

Here are a few steps you can take to go from pink to brown:

What you need:
Hair dye
10 volume developer
1 cups to mix in

Get the color hair dye that you want. If you do not what color you want, great! If not, you can always ask for advice from someone working in a local shop that sells hair dye. Or, if you really want to, you can go ask for advice from your hairdresser.

10 volume developer
You need a 10 volume developer. This is a standard oxidizing level for permanent and no-lift hair color. This will help in opening the hair cuticle so that the hair dye will go in.

Extra tip – You can also buy multiple colors and test them on some strands of your hair. This way you know which color to use!

Mix it all
Mix the hair dye and the 10 volume developer in the cup until everything is mixed nicely!
The mixing ratio is usually something like 1:1, 1:1,5, or 1:2 (for an extra-strong lightening effect).
So in this case you can best use 1 part hair dye and one part developer (1:1).

Detangle your hair
A small step but it can be handy to brush your hair if it is tangled. Make sure that everything is detangled so that you can evenly distribute the hair dye in later steps.

Divide your hair
Divide your hair into sections and begin with the back of your hair all the way to the top. Make sure that you’ve got everything covered after you’re done!

Let it sit for 30 minutes
After you’ve put all the hair dye in your hair, it is time to let the hair dye do its magic. Set a timer for 30 minutes and go watch a series on Netflix or something!

**30 minutes in an indication… Please check the box of your hair dye to see how long you should leave in the hair dye!

Rinse it all out
Now that everything had time to set in, it is time to rinse your hair and see the results!

If you’re interested in more detailed steps about hair coloring, how much times it takes, and how long the color will last, you should read this article: 

(How much time does it take to dye your hair)

How do you fix bleached pink hair?

If you’re a blonde and you want to fix your bleached pink hair, there are some steps you should take. 

Some people think that if you just bleach your pink hair, you will go automatically to blonde and everything is fine after the first try. But most of the time this is not the case. Most of the time you are left with some fading pink hair color and I understand that you want to get rid of it.

You can do this easily by following a couple of steps that I set out for you earlier in this article. 

If you don’t want to scroll up again (which I can imagine) I have an article for you. Specially made for blondes!

Check it out: Get rid of your pink hair after you’ve bleached it in 4 steps.

Getting rid of pink-colored hair in a salon

The above solutions are all tailored to the people who want to bleach their hair at home or want to dye their color back to a normal color at home. Now, this doesn’t mean that there aren’t any other solutions…

If you think that you won’t be able to do the above things to restore your hair color, or you don’t feel confident enough that you would do all the steps correctly, I would advise you to go to a salon.

I know that doing it at home is a cheaper option, and if you know what you’re doing, please by all means do it. But if you are not certain that you can do it and you want the best results, you should probably go to a salon. The professionals there know what they are doing and can even instruct you about how you can do this at home the next time!

Final thoughts

Hopefully, by now you know what happens if you put bleach in your pink hair! You can follow the 4 steps of getting rid of your pink-colored hair if you’re a blonde, and you know how to dye over your hair if you want to go back to a brown or darker color.

Keep in mind that all the things set out above are not something to do in a hurry. It is better to take your time, read up on what you need to know, and then go do it than to just wing it. You want good results not “meh” results and fix them later on. Make it great the first time!

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